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Monday, February 4, 2013

Let's play a game!

So I decided to drop by the LCS today. Yes, I resisted 2013 Topps.  I don't go by there a lot just because I don't feel at home there and there are a few issues I've experienced over the years.  But anywho, I dropped by today for some supplies and ended up buying some cards as well.   So here's where the game comes in...

Guess how much I spent total including tax.  Closest without going over will win a prize that is disclosed in the post.

 This is the reason I dropped by in the first place.  A pair of teamsleeve bags and 16 550 Count Boxes
 Topps Pristine Encased Dan Haren  Refractor 182/499
 3 Topps Sterling #'d to 250
 A card I've always wanted for my PC
 A Four Color Patch that I just fell in like with immediately
 Paul Molitor Bat #'d to 100-This is what the winner will receive
 Some 69's I think I need. Didn't have my list with me so I hope no duplication
 Mainly bought the packs so I could resist 2013 Topps
 Maybe I will hit something nice
So put your thinking caps on.  How much did I spend.  You have until Thursday 5PM to guess.  Here's a hint.  I'm not sure I did all that good.


  1. I'll say you spent $45 total.


  2. $57.50. Some nice 69's there by the way Wes...

  3. I'm a huge fan of Topps Sterling and that Gehrig has been on my list.

    Nice Matthews pick up!

    I'm heading north of those already having responded with $121.

  4. 72.79 is my guess. I like the 69 perranoski.

  5. I am going over the century mark and saying $115.

  6. Not gonna guess, you've been too kind already.

    Just wanna say ... very nice choosing.

  7. One dollar!! love price is right rules!


    I also don't want to win, but compliment some of your choices. I hope you hit it big with those packs!