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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flirting with 2011 Topps Football

I have said on numerous occasions that I was done with recall. I have been walking by and sneaking a peek everytime I have been in Wal Mart and Target of late. Look but don't touch. Looking never hurt right?  Well, today I succumbed to the pretty girl with the nice smile.  That pretty girl on this occasion is 2011 Topps Football.  Couldn't resist, and for once this pickup wasn't a shallow date that broke my heart.  No huge hits but picked up some pc cards so I'm ok.  We may even go out on another date someday soon.

1 Rack Pack
Jordan Shipley
Matthew Stafford
Mike Thomas
Lofa Tatupu
Austin Collie
St. Louis Rams
Philadelphia Eagles
Miles Austin
Davone Bess
Brent Grimes
Lance Moore
Michael Crabtree
Jason Snelling
Tony Moeaki
Antonio Gates
Mario Manningham
Mike Vick
Hines Ward
Felix Jones
David Garrard
Brandon Marshall
Jeremy Maclin
Donovan McNabb

Super Legends Giveaway Card

Which Yielded this:

Jeremy Kerley
Vincent Brown
JJ Watt
Delone Carter
Quinton Carter
Evan Royster
Stevan Ridley
Robert Quinn

Faces of the Franchise-Roddy White/Julio Jones(Bama PC)
Super Bowl Legends-Len Dawson
Game Day-Julio Jones(Bama PC)
Minis-Ryan Williams(Cardinals PC)

And a blaster:
John Kuhn
Carolina Panthers
Roy Williams
David Harris
Steve Smith
Washington Redskins
Matt Forte
Chris Johnson
Dallas Cowboys
Tom Brady
Anquan Boldin
NO Saints
NNamdi Asomugha
Brian Cushing
Todd Heap
Matt Hasselbeck
Desean Jackson
St Louis Rams
Antonio Brown
Kevin Kolb
Derrick Johnson
Austin Collie
Justin Smith
Jonathan Vilma
Vince Young
Jermaine Gresham
Greg Jennings
Antonio Gates
Tim Tebow
Sidney Rice
Reggie Wayne
Nick Collins
Tony Moeaki
Ryan Matthews
Paul Posluszny
Jay Ratliff
Jon Beason
NY Jets
Owen Daniels
Rashard Mendenhall
Jake Long
Josh Cribbs
Baltimore Ravens
Joe Flacco
Chicago Bears
Joseph Addai
Miami Dolphins
Chris Snee
Kevin Boss

Aldrick Robinson
Cameron Jordan
Colin Kaepernick(QB PC)
Kendall Hunter
Dion Lewis
Nathan Enderlee(QB PC)
Marcell Dareus(Bama PC)
JJ Watt
Curtis Brown
Denarius Moore
Titus Young
Rob Housler(Cardinals PC)
Von Miller
Mark Ingram(Bama PC)
Christian Ponder(QB PC)
Dontay Moch
Anthony Castonzo
Minis-Kenny Britt,Antonio Gates,Marcell Dareus(PC)
Face of the Franchise-Manning/Wayne,Bradford/Jackson,Freeman/Williams
Game Day-Dwayne Bowe,Mark Ingram(PC)
Topps Town-Hakeem Nicks,Jake Locker
Super Bowl Legends-Tom Brady,Eli Manning
Super Bowl Legends Giveaway Card
Jahri Evans Topps Gold 1828/2011
The Giveaway Card yielded this:
End Zone Icons Manupatch-Philip Rivers-Chargers

Not bad.  All would be available if you need them except the PC. I do hate that they didn't get a lot of the draft picks in their unis or players that moved in free agency but I'm sure they will catch them up in Series 2.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Round 3 of the 100th Blog Post Draft Party-The Football Round

Here we go with Round 3.  The Football Round-Here are the selections:
Brett Favre 2008 Topps Chrome Refractor TC22(MORGAN)
Chris "Beanie" Wells 2009 Topps Finest Rookie Refractor #68 175/429(CCC)
Bubba Smith 1976 Topps #377(MATT P)
Troy Aikman 2000 Donruss Preferred QBC Lettermen insert LM59 189/250(Hackenbush)
Emmitt Smith 2001 Score Numbers Game Insert NG-16 0201/1203(CCC)

Shaun Chapas 2011 Hit Autograph #A29(No idea on this guy but he does look like a Fullback)
Demeco Ryans 2007 Topps Chrome ROY White Refractor #TC160 319/869(More Shiny)
Matt Ryan 2008 SP Rookie Edition #143(Rookie of imho HOF QB-Lots of letters there)
Lawrence Taylor 07 Donruss Classics Saturday Stars Insert SS-20 0414/1000(What a monster)
La'Roi Glover 2002 Private Stock Jersey #38 189/194(Smallest jersey piece I've ever seen)

Here is the magical draft order:

Potch is on the clock!!
Matt found the bonus pick for this round!  Think like Forrest Gump and you too might find a bonus pick.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Round 2 of the 100th Blog Post Draft Party Begins Now

Here we go with Round 2- The Basketball Round. Same deal. 12 hours to make a pick after I put you on the clock. Here's another surprise-The final round will actually have 18 picks-not ten. Each round from here on out(2-9) will have a bonus pick for round 10 attached to a card. If you are lucky enough to select that card you will receive the bonus pick in the final round.  Here are the cards available for your consideration:

Marc Iavaroni 1989 Hoops #142

Larry Bird 06 Topps Own the Game OTG27

Brian Scalabrine 04-05 Hoops 100 Parallel #80 067/100

Here is your draft order for this round. Good Luck!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

100th Blog Post Draft Party Begins- GREAT NAMES ROUND

Greetings and welcome to the 2011 jaybarkerfan 100th Blog Post Draft Party. Each round will have a random draft order posted and a list of cards posted except for one round near the end which will be played under "mystery rules".  Each pick will have a time limit of 12 hours from when I put you on the clock.  If you miss your pick, the next drafter may jump up but you can jump back in as soon as you can get to a computer.

Round 1-Great Names Round
An appetizer before the main course. Some players just have Great Names or Nicknames-Neat Names-Awesome Names. This is a smattering of athletes that I have always thought had great names.

The cards available

Coco Crisp 2011 Topps Heritage #38(Makes me wanna pour a big bowl of milk and go crazy)

John Conner 2010 Topps Chrome #C96(The Terminator-awesome)

Ed "Too Tall" Jones 88 Topps #266(His name really needs no embellishment)

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd 90 Donruss #63(Love the Can)

Koko B Ware 1987 Topps Wrestling Stars #5(Bird, Bird, Bird)

Gorilla Monsoon 06 Turkey Red Legends TL6(A true wrestling legend)

Dick Trickle 1991 Maxx #66(O the fun I'm sure he's had with that name)

Spud Webb 96 SP #5(What a magical little fellow)

Uwe Blab 1990 Hoops  #264(Uwe Blab 'nuff said)

Spencer Dunkley 1993 Classic Draft #27(A big man named Dunkley-CLASSIC)

Potch-You are on the clock!  Good Luck

Monday, August 15, 2011

24 Hours Until the Party begins

Trading has ceased.  24 hours until the rumble begins. Great Names Round Debuts tomorrow night! Good Luck

Saturday, August 13, 2011

100th Blog Post Draft Party Surprise Begins Tonight!

Its only post 94, I know the party doesn't truly start till post 100.  There are still a few days to trade picks for those of you that were invited to my blog party. However, I promised a wrinkle, a swerve, a surprise(as the American Dream Dusty Rhodes would say "If you will") and here it comes. Well, actually, this is the first of a few wrinkles, swerves, surprises.  I promised it was gonna be a fun ride and it is gonna be epic!

Surprise 1:  The Draft Party actually contains twelve rounds not ten.  The two additional rounds are gonna be the first and the twelfth rounds. You can't trade picks for these two rounds. It will be 10 random cards in each. Randomizer three times will choose the order of draft.  In these two mini rounds you will only have 6 hours to make your selection. In the regular rounds you will have twelve.  If you miss your pick, you will be skipped, but can make a pick as soon as you can get to the blog post.

Let the journey begin!!!
Round 1-Surprise Round Draft Order

Brian Bosworth 88 Topps Rookie #144-ERIC L #1
Carl Yastrzemski 2008 Worlds Champions Mini #277POTCH#2
Frank Catalanotto 2008 Topps Gold #564 #238/2008-HIFLEW #3
Steve Taneyhill 96 Classic Draft Football #36-CCC #4
Ivan Calderon 1992 UD Team MVP Holograms #13-RYAN G #5
Cowboy Bob Orton 2010 WWE Topps Platinum XFractor #40-MATT P #6
Jeff Gordon 97 Fleer Ultra SHONEYS 4/16-FUJI #7
Dick Vitale 94 Classic Basketball #81-MORGAN #8

Here are the cards you may choose from:
Keith Gretzky 93 Classic Prospects Hockey #99(Haha not Wayne)
Cecil Collins 99 Prism Rookie(Nickname was the Diesel,what else does one need)

Hackenbush you are on the clock!

One of my biggest maildays ever courtesy of Brads55 CCW Brethren

A few days ago I had one of the manilla colored cards from the P.O.  Its one of those, we will try and deliver again tomorrow-they didn't lol and never do.  Anyways, I finally got to pick it up today and oh my gosh.  A medium flat rate box stuffed-absolutely stuffed with Braves and Expos.  2 Small Flat Rate Boxes sealed with Braves and 2 boxes with Expos. Also included was a fifth package with some Arizona Cardinals.

Gonna be hard to display all the loot but I will give it a good try.

Braves Booty
 Some super shiny #'d Braves
 These are all guys who I didn't have in the binder!
 More guys that were not in the binder including John Mizerock-who knew he was a Brave?
 More newbies-AWESOME
EXPOS booty
Expos I didn't have!
 My goodness at all the EXPOS

Brad, I can't say thank you enough!  I'm gonna be sorting this group and finding new gems for a long time!

Mailday from CCW Scavenger Hunt= Draft Party Prize Preview

Got a prize in the email from AC today for a contest I won at CCW.  This card is somewhat of a sneak peak as it will be included in the autograph round!
Karl Mecklenberg 2011 Press Pass Legends Saturday Signatures Snow Goose Inscription Autograph
Stay tuned real soon for surprise one regarding The 100th Blog Post Draft Party.  Real soon...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Invitations to the 100th Blog Post Draft Party

66 Total Entries. 100 Prizes to be given away. 10 are now set to party.  The tenth random yields the winners.  Top ten are invited to the draft party contest!

Here is random #8

Random #9

The Winning Ten!

Now the trading round begins...The draft will begin Tuesday night at 7PM Central approximately. Until 7PM on monday night you may trade any of your picks with anyone else in the draft for one of their picks in another round.  Work out your trades in this thread. Each player has one pick in each of the following rounds:

Thanks to everyone that entered. Everyone that pimped. Everyone that reads. Everyone that follows. Everyone that blogs. Much love to everyone. NOW lets have some fun!!

8 Hours left to enter into the 100th Blog Post Draft Party

10 Winners! 100 Prizes! Fellow Bloggers drunk from fun, singing Lady Gaga songs with lampshades on their heads!  Its gonna be a blast. There are 7 hours left to enter if you haven't already and 7 hours left to pimp it if you haven't already.  I will be running the random.orgs this evening and selecting the 10 very lucky winners.  Good luck to all!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mailday from The Lost Collector including 1969 Topps Set Tracker Update 5

Got a very nice surprise in the mail from the Lost Collector today.  MANY THANKS AJ!
He sent some Expos and Bravos my way:

He also sent me this phenomenal TTM he had of the Expos

He also contributed a new card to my 1969 Topps Set I'm building from scratch.
Mike Kekich-Pitcher-NY Yankees #262

Mail day from CTKENJR

Had a huge honkin' box in the mail from good CCW friend ctkenjr.  Ken and I have been swapping for years and he never fails to amaze!!!  Here is some of the loot:

Arizona Cardinals Inserts for the PC:
More Cardinals Inserts:
Some awesome Cardinals Hits-Including a very ill LFITZ Patch:
Some Jason Terry plunder:
Some Mavs-including a sweet DIRK:
A ton of Braves:

Ken also sent a ton of Cardinals which I'm gonna have a lot of fun sorting later on this week!  Thanks a million Ken. Its always appreciated.

And also later this week in approximately 48 hours, signups will end for my 100th Blog Post Draft Party.  If you haven't signed up or pimped-Trust me-you're gonna wish you had.  Good luck to all the entrants. Only ten can win but I appreciate everyone reading and following.