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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Deal or No Deal: A Deal is struck

Congratulations to Brad on a great game played.  Please email me your mailing addy at lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com.

I just wonder would you have swapped or rolled with your case if you hadn't accepted the offer?

Also, Congrats to Dhoff who has some nice choices for a runner up prize.  Let me know your selection and also your addy!

Thanks for reading and playing.  Hope this was fun!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Deal or No Deal- 3 Cases Remain, 1 is Revealed. 2 Remain

Brad has chosen to unveil case #4.  Let's see what's inside....

 Wow!  Awesome reveal for Brad.  Wonder what the Banker is thinking.


"Well played Brad.  Let's review your options.  You may keep your case.  You may swap for the remaining case or accept my offer.  You make the call."
 The two non chrome Howards
 The three refractor Howards.
 TTM Lonnie. Canvas Chase
 Howard Bat and Milestones
and the Roberts Ball.

"We will await your decision."

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Deal or No Deal-1 case Revealed

Let's get right to it.


Survival.  The jackpot is still out there.


"Well, Well, Well.  Here is my offer."

Chase Utley Captured on Canvas GU

Robin Roberts Baseball.

"Accept my offer or open another case- #4 or #8.  The decision is yours"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easy trade of the week

Let's get some tradin' going.

Who wants this:

  Easy trade terms.  Just send me something I might like.  I collect Atlanta Braves, Arizona Cardinals, Pre 1976 Baseball Vintage, Josh Willingham, University of Alabama Alumni, and mascot cards.

First one to pop with a comment will have this bad boy Gregorius headed their way.

Deal or No Deal-Three More Cases

As my granddaddy would have said-"This is getting down to the nit and the grit."

Spooky Erstad gone

Mets Auto Gone

Autographs off the board


"Hello Brad.  That round was very fortuitous for you.  The big pearl is still out there with only three cases remaining.  Accept my offer or open one more case."

Offer- A well loved Robin Roberts Autographed Ball

Remaining cases:

Deal or No Deal-The banker returns with four more cases

Time to see what is gone from Brad's potential prizes:

Just from a volume perspective this is a nice prize that's gone

Ouch....Little bit of a zinger on this pick

Goodbye Mr. Skaggs

Goldy flying the coop

"So you damaged yourself a little bit this round Brad.  The choice is yours but time is running out.  Accept my offer or continue and open 3 more cases."

Offer-4 Ryan Howard Moments and Milestones Cards- 2 are "'d to 459, 2 are refractors #'d to 149

Remaining cases:


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Deal or No Deal-Time to get back to it-4 More Cases Revealed

Let's see what comes off the board:

Hope you weren't looking for these two numbered cards:

Verlander Gone

Sweeney Gone

Silk smooth...Silky Gone


"Hello Brad.  This was nice round for you.  Odds are still in my favor."  "Below is my offer-If you don't accept then you will need to select four more cases to reveal."

Lonnie Smith TTM Rookie Cup Autograph

 Ryan Howard A&G Bat Card


Friday, May 9, 2014

Deal or No Deal-Time for the Next 5 Cases

Let's see what's coming off the board next.....

No mini Puig for you

Doubt this one breaks your heart.....

Bye Bye Prince

No Cooperstown Auto for you

You won't be able to search for 89 Michael Jack Schmidt's on my watch

Mixed results for you on this one Brad.  Let's see if the phone will ring----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Get out while you can.  Good cases are starting to drop.  My offer is the following Ryan Howard Moments and Milestones card #'d to 25.  If you don't accept you will need to select four more cases to reveal."


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Deal or No Deal-First Six Cases Revealed

It's time to reveal some cases

 Let's see what's inside #3

Team USA off the board!

 Hope you didn't want to get wood

You will not be getting bipped.

You're envelope is steroid free

Fake manuleather gone

Hope you weren't looking for Orioles

RING RING RING RING------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Ryan Howard 2007 Finest Ryan's Finest Moments Refractor RH-HR43 116/149

"IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT MY OFFER YOU WILL BE REVEALING 5 MORE CASES...........-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------