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Friday, May 9, 2014

Deal or No Deal-Time for the Next 5 Cases

Let's see what's coming off the board next.....

No mini Puig for you

Doubt this one breaks your heart.....

Bye Bye Prince

No Cooperstown Auto for you

You won't be able to search for 89 Michael Jack Schmidt's on my watch

Mixed results for you on this one Brad.  Let's see if the phone will ring----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Get out while you can.  Good cases are starting to drop.  My offer is the following Ryan Howard Moments and Milestones card #'d to 25.  If you don't accept you will need to select four more cases to reveal."


1 comment:

  1. Very tempting.. I do love that card, have like 45 of them now.. the jackpot is still out there I have to go for it! Noooo deal!

    My next 4 cases are: 1, 15, 21, 24