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Friday, March 27, 2015

Give Junkies a Chance!

We should all be more open hearted.  Let's give Junkies a chance!!  T.J. from the Junior Junkie dropped a great parcel into the  mailosphere which made its way to me!  Let's take a look at some great stuff

 Smoltzie and the Dawg
 Hope he plays as hard as his dad
 Toy Cannon Disk!  I'd never seen this one!
 Man I miss that guy
 This one was picked especially for me!  Great Choice!
 TJ is making a contribution to the autograph project!
 Shake your tail feathers
 The Stadium Club Autos are nice and clean
 Loving the shiny
 Walker was gritty. Always liked the way he played
 A very neat Ozuna
 Nice Auto and Jersey Combo Dual
 Now this one I really liked!  That's a fielding glove!  A great addition
I never would have thought a Junkie would have such nice things.  I appreciate this bundle T.J..  It was great!  Hit you back soon my friend

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tip of the Hat to the Underdog and Card Chop

Wanted to send a quick shout out to a couple of packages I received the last couple of days.

Up first is the re-emergent Underdog.  He has been dropping PWE's like a madman recently.  I need to get something headed his way this week.


Up next is Steve from the Card Chop.  He sent me a very nice selection of Bravos!
 Never saw this Smoltzie before!  I'm digging it
 Emerald Crime Dog
 Shiny Gold Vintage
 Some Bravos for the Auto Project!
 Lovin the Locke
A very nice Chris Martinez.  Really like this one.
Thank you very much for these nice cards!  I have to get some return fire headed ya'lls way.  Also wanted to update those still waiting on prizes from me:  I hope to have these out in Saturdays mail if all goes well! 
And on another front-if you've read this far.  #Warwithwalk is going strong.  Don't blink Great Scott because you just might be getting another cannonball in the very near future.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

#War with Walk-Bringing out the Big Guns

Great Scott struck back this week in our cardboard collision.  He is really pulling no punches at this point.  Look at this straight right hand from the Walkman.

 Matt started out with colors-First Gold
 Now Matt starts with the hits
 This Giles is beautiful in hand
 An Expos sighting
 Cardinals low #'d insanity
 Now Matt is back to bombarding me with Autos

 Wish Ervin would have stayed with the Bravos
 I love the Ginter Autos.  I need to locate some more
 That's one hell of a fancy CJ Wilson Auto
 A Beautiful Bravo Auto
 Up next is a jaw dropper-Check out Hermida and the Willinghammer-This one has company-MAJOR COMPANY
 Do you see what I see-O My BLEEP
 Super Low #'d Triple Auto featuring the Willinghammer and some guy named Miguel
Great Scott really popped me on this one.  The best auto that has ever been sent my way.  But as you already know-return fire is already on the way.#Warwithwalk #Warishell #Seven

And on a side note if your reading this PTown it's leprechauning time. 


Jim from the great GCRL blog really dropped a good one on me this week. He pretty much hit on all aspects of my collection!  Just check this super bubbler out:

 King of Swing
 From the days when 8650 was limited
 I kinda like the index card autos

 Shiny Bowman Sweetness
 I like the Scout Autos-
 Worked with the Big Unit
 Worked with Chippa
My first signacut!!  Love the Beebe! 

This was a great surprise Jim!!  Thank you sooo much-I will be hitting your mail box in the near future!