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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kudos to Max, Underdog, and Uncle Tiny

Trying to get caught up with so I'm gonna do some combining today.  This will be especially necessary because I got quite a bit of mail today that I'm going to want to show off and I don't wanna create a backlog!

 Max was nice enough to send me this code card from Series One.  Sadly I wasn't a winner but I still appreciate the gift.  If you're looking for someone to dump these on-I guess I might be your guy.
 Next up are three 2015 Braves courtesy of the Underdog
 I'm saving up to send a return your way ZMan
 Up next is a slew of #'d cards from Uncle Tiny

 Leinart just didn't work out but he got some great cards.
 Brodie I thought was a sure thing in the NFL but it wasn't meant to be
 Matt Leinart on Fireeeeeee

 Now onto the Autograph Hoarding Portion of the Program
 2 very neat collegiate autos!
 Love this in person Toy Cannon
 A cool Hockey Auto
 Holy Moly-The Can't Miss Clowney.  His future is still be written but this is a cool add to the binder!
 This is the absolute stud of the day!  Bart Freakin Starr!!! I will be treasuring this one for a long time!

Many thanks to Tiny, Zman, and Max for the kind mail!


  1. Haaaaaaaaa,ummmmmmmmmmmm. I'm tell'n on you, gotta Gator in that collection.

  2. Some cool stuff. That Bart Starr is really cool!

  3. Nice haul of cards there, WesMan!

    Killer Barker, Clowney, and Starr, for sure!