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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A COMC Spree

Occasionally I will drop a little cheddar over at the COMC.  Here are some that came my way.

 Didn't have the Diesel as a Cav and always looking to add Namath-even as a Ram.
 I loved Molly Holly.  Guess I still do.  If you're out there Molly holler at the jbf
 I love Kent Tekulve, especially glossy Kent
 Two nice box bottom Kents
 Ace Sanders is a great name.  Glad to add this one to the auto binders
 Add this one to the cards I never thought I'd have, especially not for under $4
 Look out Auto Binder
 You're being Willinghammered
 Can never add to many Joshes
Enjoy your retirement big guy.  I'll always be a fan!


  1. Nice pickups, JBF! I may have to drop some random stuff on you here soon...with no idea whether you'll like or need any of it....

    1. That sounds great Tony. I'm digging the randomness

  2. Holy crap - you actually shopped for yourself? :)

    1. I did but only because I was there shopping for others. #weaponsofcardboard

  3. That willingham collection is top notch!

  4. Nice stuff. I've got that Namath as a Ram also. Would love one with a color photo though.
    I Also dig the Willingham PC. Got to get me one of those A&G ones