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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A COMC Spree

Occasionally I will drop a little cheddar over at the COMC.  Here are some that came my way.

 Didn't have the Diesel as a Cav and always looking to add Namath-even as a Ram.
 I loved Molly Holly.  Guess I still do.  If you're out there Molly holler at the jbf
 I love Kent Tekulve, especially glossy Kent
 Two nice box bottom Kents
 Ace Sanders is a great name.  Glad to add this one to the auto binders
 Add this one to the cards I never thought I'd have, especially not for under $4
 Look out Auto Binder
 You're being Willinghammered
 Can never add to many Joshes
Enjoy your retirement big guy.  I'll always be a fan!


  1. Nice pickups, JBF! I may have to drop some random stuff on you here soon...with no idea whether you'll like or need any of it....

  2. Holy crap - you actually shopped for yourself? :)

    1. I did but only because I was there shopping for others. #weaponsofcardboard

  3. That willingham collection is top notch!

  4. Nice stuff. I've got that Namath as a Ram also. Would love one with a color photo though.
    I Also dig the Willingham PC. Got to get me one of those A&G ones