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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Catching up with a great trade package!

Jared is one of my frequent swapping partners nowadays.  He always manages to send things I never see coming-like this whopper that invaded my mailbox recently!

 How much is a Dale Murphy coin worth?  I should try to pay at Burger King with Murph!  He's priceless to me
 I'm all in on these Bravo Chipz
 Some nice BAT Booklets
 Dueling Fielding Stances
 Big and Monster Murphs
 Godzilla sized Spahn!
 The Great One
 Not old enough to remember Joe as our skipper but everytime I see this I just smile
 A Big ole HOF stack
 2015 in the house!
 Blindingly shiny
 Nice Minis especially the Spahn
 Love the old Ziploc cards
 This is a super cool disk

 Now onto the goods JW sent for the 2015 Auto Project
 Love those Archives
 Super Braves for the Binder
 Fan Favorites are the Topps!
 This Gillick was a very nice surprise that I was very thankful Jared included!

Many thanks for an awesome package Jared!!  I will hitting you back soon!  Hard

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