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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Card Papoy makes me smile

Kevin from the Card Papoy has swiftly gained a reputation as a great overseas trader with super cardboard.  He sent some my way again this week!  Big Help for the Auto Project!!!

 He started off with two Braves Relics that I didn't have!
 Loving the Maggette
 Boobie Gibson!
 Two of the cool Texas Western Sigs
 The Spencer Hawes will blind you!

 Those rated rookie signatures are awesome!

 He wrapped it up with the Bieb!
16 Cards for the Auto Project!!  Awesome!  I owe you an awesome package.  Coming soon to France-Thank you so much Kevin!


  1. Congrats on your awesome mail day!

  2. Like I said in my mail, those are really random, and there's nothing very exciting in there (besides trophy Biebs of course), but I enjoy finding those for you ! glad you like them