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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Flagship has arrived.

Everyone is buzzing in the blogosphere because the flagship has set sail.  I'm excited too, I just won't be sinking my small card budget into the rat race this year.  All that being said, there are Josh Willingham cards to be had in Series 1 including an SP. I want them and I want the parallels.  I wish everyone a blast in your 2013 Topps endeavors, please keep me in mind for your Willingham-mers!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Final Look at the JBF Oddball Draft-$6 Please take a slot or two

Here's a last look at what's gonna be available in my oddball tradebait draft. At $6 Per Slot you really can't go wrong. There will be over 300 cards to choose from.  Would like to close signups tomorrow evening and send out lists Friday morning. Join up if you would like to get in on the fun and snag a slot or two!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Viva La Russia

Haven't checked out my stats in a while.  Upon inspection, the second most pageviews come from Russia!  Does this come from Russian robots that are scrolling sports  card blogs with junk in the title?  Do I actually have readers from Russia?

Twice as many pageviews come from Russian than Canada?!?  That kinda surprised me!  I desperately seek the adulation and readership from the great card blog readers of Canada! 

Back to topic though, thanks for reading Russia. Let me hear ya!

JBF oddball Draft Teaser 4

Still plenty of slots available. $6 via paypal gift to lifebythedrop79@yahoo dot com.

Here are some more items that are in:
 Al Oliver Signed Baseball
 Some Bowman #'d
 Miscellaneous #'d
 Vernon Law Signed Postcard Size
 Couple of Jerseys/Couple of Autos
Signed HOF Yellow Postcard

Sunday, January 27, 2013

JBF OddballDraft Teaser #3

Here are more goodies that are available in my draft. Check it out and snag a spot or two.
 Some 2012 87 Minis
 2009 BlackParallels
 91 Panini Stickers/88 Topps British
 86 Sportsflix Rookies/86 Topps All Star Set
 2012 Topps Blue Parallels
 1990 Pacific Senior League Baseball
 92 and 93 Topps Gold
 More Blue Parallels
1992 Leaf Black Gold/86 Star Stickers/88 Star Stickers

Some clarification on how my trade bait drafts work

I have had some people with some interest that wanted a little clarification on how my trade bait draft will work.

There will be up to 20 slots available. Each slot gets you a pick in each round. There will be 15 rounds. So for each slot you take you will be able to pick fifteen cards.  At the beginning of the draft, there will be a draft order published and it will snake backward in the next round.

$6 a slot for some neat oddballs.  Shoot me an email if you need anymore information at lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com

Saturday, January 26, 2013

JBF Oddball Draft Preview 2

Plenty of slots still available at $6 per for my draft.  Here's some more sneak peeks.
 Post/Boardwalk and Baseball/Swell/KMart/Toysrus/CapnCrunch
 Topps Minis/A&G Mini/Bazooka/Toys RUS/ Goudey Mini
 Constitution Insert/1978 SSPC/Legends of the Game Inserts/Floating Fortress/Heritage Dynamic Duos Insert/Bowman Heritage Mini
Portraits of Penultimacy/Uninvited guest/Mysterious figures/Step Right Up/Animals in Peril

JBF Oddball and Insert Draft Preview 1

Time to start showing you some of the goodies in the oddball, insert, and parallel jbf draft.  Spots are $6 per. Payment can be sent to lifebythedrop79@yahoo dot com

Gonna be some neat stuff in this one:
 1991 Score Rookie Traded/1988 Topps Traded/1989 Score Rookie Traded
 1986 Topps Traded/1987 Fleer Update
 91 Leaf Gold Foil Rookies/1984 Topps All Star / 1986 Fleer Star Stickers
 87 Fleer Star Stickers/88 Fleer Hottest Stars/1986 Topps AllStar Set
 1982 OPC/1986 Fritsch Negro League Stars
 2009 Topps Black Parallels/1982 K Mart/1981 Cramer Baseball Legends/1988 Burger King Huntsville Stars team issue
 1982 Coke/1986 Quaker Oats/1997 Denny's
93 Gold Leaf Rookie/2010 TOG Insert/1995 Stadium Club Parallel/2008 A&G State Insert

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free Card Friday Winner and this week's contest!

Time for a winner and a new contest.

Congratulations to..................................................................

Night Owl

This week's contest is a little off the beaten path. You're entering for a lot of pop culturish UD Cards.Some neat stuff if you're into that.  Drop a comment if you're in!

Final JBF Trade Bait Draft(For a While) Signups Now Open-Oddball Draft

In packaging up the cards from this latest trade bait draft, I came to a couple of realizations.  A.  People don't want to spend a whole lot of money on these drafts.  B.  The Unique Stuff seems to do a whole lot better.

So I'm going to do one more draft for now, don't plan on another one in the forseeable future after this one.  Going to direct this one for the team collectors and oddball collectors.  Cost will be low at $6 per slot. The draft will contain a couple of gu and autos but the main direction is going to be inserts, parallels, oddballs, and mini's.  Going to offer up 300 cards in this one since it's kind of a going away party for the trade bait drafts.  I will start previews on Saturday but until then I will offer slots at $5 per to anyone that wants to go ahead and jump in the mix.  Payment should be made by paypal gift to lifebythedrop79@yahoo dot com

This one is going to be fun so help me fill it up!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Dimwit Loot

Sam over at the Daily Dimwit runs great group breaks!  I try to join whenever possible and recently did just that! Included in the break were Topps Chrome and Ovation. I hit some goodies on both of those offerings.  All are proudly going into the Bravos binder.

A sweet Smoltzie from Ovation #'d at 499.and a marvelous parallel refractor of Mike Minor #'d to only 99.

But here's the true gem!  Craigers!! My first Kimbrel Auto. Magnificent!
Awesome stuff Dimwit!  Thanks for the break and I'll see ya in March buddy!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mystery Free Card Friday Winner + a Single Card FCF

The mystery time has drawn to a close.  It's time to announce a winner and send the mystery on it's way to............

Fanofreds-Not sure if I have your address. Drop me a line buddy and be sure to share the mystery!

Onto this week,  a single card, Hope it's enjoyable this week! You know the rules.  Drop me a comment that you're in and do it by Thursday at 5PM.  Good Luck!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

PWE Bombs are exploding all over

My good buddy described my new pastime as random PWE bombs exploding all over the place. If I have your address and you haven't had a PWE visit yet...no worries you will.  But I'm still looking for more people that want to receive cards randomly in the mail.  Shoot me a line at lifebythedrop79@yahoo dot com and let's chat.

Don't stop believin' and hell reblog it.  Help me get more peeps in my rolodex of card giving.

A new Brave!

It's quite nice to have new readers and to start exploring their blogs.  One new player on the block is The Underdog Card Collector. He sent me some cards this week. Amongst that group was a Brave that I did not have in my anthology binder-quite a feat nowadays!  Thanks UCC! You should be receiving a small package, a larger package, and another small package from my junk very shortly. Check him out at http://theunderdogcardcollector.blogspot.com/

Awesome Auto Mail from UCF

UCF, my bro from over at ccw, popped up in my mail box yesterday with a sweet little package.  Two new Braves auto's join the fray!  Thanks Brett!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Post 300! Thank you!

I would like to spend post 300 by thanking everyone that reads or has read my blog!  It's really easy to get disinterested without readers and encouragement so I never would have made to 300 posts without the blogosphere.  Thank you and good evening!

Firming up a travel schedule

One of my internal goals this year is to hit more shows and LCS trade days. Planning is a part of this endeavor.  Time to start firming up a schedule

February 2 Murfreesboro, TN at the Ramada
February 9 Goodlettsville, TN at the Marriott Courtyard
March 2-Trade Day at LCS in Mobile

Goodbye new product, hello vintage!

See you on the road!

Great name...Great Card

I love the name. I love the card.  I need to find more. It's like a sickness.

I have Babittitus.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 Blog of the Year

This is the second year that I have asked readers of my blog to nominate and vote on a blog of the year.  It's really not an exercise in who is the best. To me personally, it's more about recognizing all of the greats that contribute to our blogging community.  The glory is in the nomination. The community is awesome and I'm proud to be a part of this distinguished group.  With all that being said, let's look at the greats this year.  A truly close vote!

The first Co-Runner Up is....
$30 a Week Habit
Robert is a great blogger period! Check out the great work here:  http://30aweekhabit.blogspot.com/

The second Co-Runner Up is...
Dime Boxes-The Low End Baseball Card Collector's Journey
Nick runs an absolutely awesome blog...nuff said.  Check him out here:  http://baseballdimebox.blogspot.com/

The 2012 Blog of the Year...

Night Owl Cards
A repeat win for Night Owl.  It is always an absolutely awesome read each and every time it pops up on the blog rolls.  Visit the great one here:  http://nightowlcards.blogspot.com/

I will be getting prizes out to the winners, nominators, and a random in the weeks to come.  In the meantime, congratulate these great bloggers.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free Card Friday Winner and this weeks contest

The entries are closed for Free card Friday last week and it's time to announce the winner....

Underdog Card Collector with a guess of 851!  The serial numbering on the Tejada was 0896/2007.

This week will remain shrouded in mystery.  I will reveal no details. Simply reply in the comments that you are in.  Entries will remain open until Wednesday afternoon 5PM>


The curious case of Kevin Brown. Maybe?

I recently came into possesion of a copy of this card. Not sure what to make of it. It's a funny mustache drawn on Kevin Brown. At least I think it's Kevin Brown, says so on the card. Wasn't there another Kevin Brown that got drafted by the Rangers around that time.  I'm confused. Anyway, cool card. Scan courtesy of COMC
Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gonna be a lot going on Friday. Tune in saturday

Gonna be a lot going on Friday.  Tune in Saturday for the Free Card Friday Winner Announcement, Free Card Friday for this week, and some other goodness.

In the meantime, still looking for people that want to experience the power of a single stamp.  If I don't have your address and choice of favorite team then you should hit me up at lifebythedrop79@yahoo dot com

Happy Trails!

Another great name courtesy of SpastikMooss

Listia got me another great name this Christmas. Courtesy again of SpastikMooss.  I may have to start a great names binder soon.

Blog of the Year-Hours are Waning!

Only a couple of hours to vote for the 2nd Annual JBF Blog of the Year Poll. Very close race.  Get out and rock the vote!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1964-Coins-Extra Crispy-Amazing

These beauties also came to roost over the holidays.  Simply awesome!!! Vintage is character. Creases tell a story .  In this case, rust tells the tale!  I love them. I think these came from Uncle Moe-if not I apologize. Now enjoy these awesome pieces.

Ed Mathews-You're never leaving my house bro!!

Happy Wednesday friends!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

85 Topps USA post that is not about Big Mac

I've always wanted this 85 Topps USA card. I got it in some of my Christmas swag!  Not McGwire!  Flavio! All Hail Flavio Alfaro-A great name indeed!  Hope you all have a Flavio kind of day!

JBF Trade Bait Draft Master List-Scans-Draft Order

Greetings everyone!  I will begin posting picks in a while. Here is the master list, pictures, and your draft order!

2.                  Bryant Johnson 03 Sage White Jersey Number 18/50
3.                  Olumide Oyedeji 00 Sage Auto 58/650
9.                  Quentin Richardson 05-06 Hardcourt White Swatch
10.              Michal Handzus 01 SP Tools White Swatch
11.              Austin Croshere Charlotte Series Auto 989/5000
13.              Quincy Poindexter 10 Panini Rated Rookie auto 050/999
45.              Ray Culp Red Sox 1970 Topps
46.              Dave Giusti Pirates 1970 Topps
47.              Alan Foster Dodgers 1970 Topps
48.              Billy Champion Phillies 1970 Topps
49.              Steve Huntz 1970 Topps
51.              Bob Johnson Pirates 1971 Topps
52.              1971 Second Series Checklist
53.              Larry Stahl Padres 1971 Topps
54.              Billy Conigliaro Red Sox 1971 Topps
55.              Floyd Wicker Brewers 1971 Topps
56.              Vince Colbert/John Lowenstein Indians Rookie Stars 1971 Topps
57.              Frank Tepedino Yankees 1971 Topps
58.              Dock Ellis Pirates 1972 Topps
59.              Bob Barton 1972 Topps In Action
62.              Dave Tomlin Padres 1975 Topps
63.              Gene Tenace A’s 1975 Topps
64.              Terry Forster 1976 Topps
65.              Pete Falcone Cardinals 1976 Topps Traded
66.              Ken Reitz Giants 1976 Topps Traded
67.              Ed Figueroa Yankees 1976 Topps Traded
68.              Giants Team Card 1977 Topps
69.              Ted Kubiak Padres 1977 Topps
70.              Dan Spillner Padres 1977 Topps
73.              Sparky Lyle 78 Topps Record breaker
74.              George foster Larry Hisle RBI Leaders 1978 Topps
77.              Edgar Renteria 09 Topps UH Gold 0985/2009
78.              Laynce Nix 09 Topps UH Gold 0417/2009
80.              Guillermo Quiroz 09 Topps UH Gold 1191/2009
81.              Mike Rivera 09 Topps UH Gold 1448/2009
82.              Hanley Ramirez 09 Piece of History Box Score Memories 048/149
83.              Josh Whitesell 09 Piece of History Rookie 131/299
88.              Quinton Mccracken 97 Fleer Ultra Platinum Medallion
89.              Aramis Ramirez sean Casey Alex Gonzalez 98 Topps Prospects
90.              Matt Joyce 2011 Topps Cognac
91.              Darwin Barney 2011 Finest Rookie
93.              Luis Gonzalez 07 A&G Mini
94.              Dave Concepcion 83 Topps All Star
95.              Josh Barfield 07 Fleer Rookie Sensation
96.              Don Newcombe 04 Fleer Greats
97.              Gary Hall Jr. 08 UD Sports Royalty
98.              Bob Horner 81 Donruss
101.          Alfonso Soriano 07 Topps Turkey Red
102.          Rick Sutcliffe 85 Topps all Star
103.          Lou Gehrig 2011 Topps 60
104.          Chipper Jones 2001 Bowman Chrome
105.          Pete Rose 89 Topps
106.          Rickey Henderson ron Leflore 81 Topps Stolen Base Leaders
107.          Dave Justice 91 ToysRus Rookies
110.          Will Clark 1994 Post
111.          Bernie Williams 2002 Post
112.          Ruben Sierra 1989 Hills
113.          Ray Lankford93 Hostess
114.          Montreal Expos Team Hologram Sticker
115.          Cal Ripken 98 Skybox Thunder
116.          Brooks Robinson 08 Goudey
117.          Brooks Robinson 2012 Topps 87 Mini
118.          Cal Ripken 91 OPC Premier
119.          Cal Ripken 1998 Topps
121.          Justin Morneau 2010 UD All World Die Cut
123.          Chipper Jones 2002 Donruss Elite
124.          Corey Thurman 02 Donruss Rated Rookie
125.          Kris Medlen 09 Topps Rookie
126.          Alex Rodriguez 07 Topps Hit Parade
127.          Mickey Mantle HR 374 Topps
128.          Golden Gate Bridge 09 UD Piece of History
129.          Alcides Escobar 09 UD Piece of History Rookie
130.          Empire State Building 09 UD Piece of History Historical Moments
131.          US Constitution 09 UD Piece of History Historical Moments
132.          Boris Yeltsin 09 UD
133.          Rafael Palmeiro 1991 Pepsi Superstars
134.          Alex Rodriguez 09 UD Piece of History
135.          Dan Quisenberry 84 Topps All star
137.          Darryl Strawberry 87 Donruss Highlights
138.          Lou Piniella 86 Topps traded
139.          Fernando Valenzuela 84 Topps
140.          Tommy John 83 Topps Super Veteran
141.          Gary Matthews John Denny 84 Topps Phillies Leaders
142.          Goose Gossage 86 Topps All Star Set
143.          Justin Verlander 07 Topps Generation Now
144.          Ryan Zimmerman 09 Icons Foil
145.          Tim Hudson 03 Opening Day Mini
146.          Jeff Fassero 98 Leaf Fractal Foundations 3011/3999
147.          Todd Greene Chris Widger 97 Leaf Limited Counterparts
148.          Brooks Robinson 01 UD Decade 70’s
149.          Edgar Martinez 99 Finest
150.          Halladay/Kennedy/Kershaw/Gallardo/Lee/greinke 12 Heritage Leaders
151.          Gary Sheffield 02 World Series Heroes
152.          Troy Tulowitski 2012 Topps 87 Mini
153.          Jake Peavy08 UD Masterpieces
154.          Babe Ruth 09 Topps Update Ring of Honor
155.          Mel Ott 09 Topps Update Ring of Honor
156.          Darin Erstad 09 Topps Update Ring of Honor
157.          Miguel Cabrera 2010 UD Biography
158.          Evan Longoria 2010 Topps Baseball Heroes 20th Anniversary
159.          Mark Teixeira 2010 UD Pure Heat Die Cut
160.          Russell martin 2010 UD All World Die Cut
161.          Joe Dimaggio Baseball Heroes 2010 UD
162.          Aaron Poreda 2010 Topps chrome Rookie refractor
164.          Mark McGwire 1987 Topps
165.          Sid Fernandez 1984 Donruss Rated Rookie
166.          Michael Bourne 07 A&G mini rookie
167.          Luke Hochevar 08 UD Masterpiece Rookie
168.          Tony Gwynn 08 UD Masterpiece
171.          Tim Raines/Rickey Henderson 1984 Topps Stolen Base Leaders
175.          Johnny Cueto 09 Topps Update Turkey Red Insert
176.          Rick Porcello 09 Topps Update Turkey Red Rookie Insert
179.          Elena Dementiava 07 Aces Insert
180.          Joe Sakic 2010 UD Sports Retrospectives
181.          Jerry West 92 UD Basketball Heroes
183.          Gary Payton 1990 Fleer Rookie
184.          Allen Iverson 1998 Finest Masters
185.          Marcus Camby 1996 Pacific Crown
186.          Corey Maggette 00-01 Ultra 2 Ball
188.          Chris Paul 09 Panini Sticker
189.          Steve Nash 96 Pacific Rookie PP35
191.          Santana Moss 06 Fleer Franchise
192.          Ronnie Brown 06 Fleer Franchise
194.          Randy Moss 06 Fleer Fantasy standouts
195.          Tiki Barber 06 Fleer Fantasy Standouts
196.          Reggie Bush 06 Fleer Fresh Faces
198.          Jerome Harrison 06 Fleer Futures Silver
199.          Antonio Cromartie 06 Fleer Futures Silver
200.          Tamba Hali 06 Fleer Futures Silver
201.          Jonathan Vilma 06 Fleer Seek and Destroy
203.          Mike Pawlawski 01 XFL Loaded Cannon

Draft Order:

1.  Buck Store Cards
2.  Greg
3.  Josh
4.  Kevin
5.  Buck Store Cards
6.  Fuji
7.  Mike
8.  Brian
9.  Adam