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Friday, January 4, 2013

Two Bobbles travel from Listia through the blog o sphere

A couple more bobble heads arrived at my door today. They bounced around on Listia and finally came up for bid from SpastikMooss and I arranged for them to arrive permanently in my bobble collection!
 Brandon Roy is a tough story. I hope one day he can return healthy. He's a great talent. Great bobble
Corey is so small but so cool.

Thanks for offering these up Mooss!  They will not be leaving anytime soon.  Anyone else have some bobbles you don't want???


  1. I have a handful of DBack Bobbleheads I can part with. Not sure who all I have extras of withough looking but I think I have: Young, Upton, Parra, Williams, maybe more.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks AJ! Great to see your name popping up again in posts and comments!

  3. Sweet stuff. Fellow bobblehead collector myself. Got a Kenji Johjima this week that I'll be posting on my blog either Sunday or Monday to show off.