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Monday, January 28, 2013

Viva La Russia

Haven't checked out my stats in a while.  Upon inspection, the second most pageviews come from Russia!  Does this come from Russian robots that are scrolling sports  card blogs with junk in the title?  Do I actually have readers from Russia?

Twice as many pageviews come from Russian than Canada?!?  That kinda surprised me!  I desperately seek the adulation and readership from the great card blog readers of Canada! 

Back to topic though, thanks for reading Russia. Let me hear ya!


  1. In Soviet Russia, cardblog reads you!

  2. you need to start putting a LOT more hockey or soccer cards on here for that desperately wanted Canadian adulation.

    jus sayin'

  3. The saddest part about this is the pic of Nikolai Volkoff, a retired wrestler billed as hailing from Russia, but actually as American as apple pie. Originally from Baltimore.

  4. Maybe its just Matt from heartbreaking cards checking in from the Ukraine