Welcome to my blog. Preparing for the last Cardboard Hurrah

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Back to the pack stack

Congratulations to the winner of my last contest SportCardCollectors who won one of my mixed sport cubes.  The cubes are the way I have decided to spread out the remainder of collection that I am getting rid of.  These have some really nice stuff inside.
Now it's time to get back to adding to the AREA 40 pile.  I have some really nice ones to showcase this time.
 This is pretty much the holy grail of boxing boxes and I finally found a decent deal!
 Could have something amazing inside or not. Time will tell
 Some crazy patches in heads up plus a bobble in every box
 Longshot but Jeter cosigner was in these
 Found a good deal on a hobby world of sports to add to my earlier retail WOS box
 Embossed had the first Hogan relics and elusive WCW autos
Also the chance at pulling an auto here. Some of them are huge finds

Thanks for checking me out today.  I will pick a winner from all the commenters for this post and they will receive a baseball cube!  Have a great day.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

What is AREA 40

A few folks have asked for more information on what I'm doing here with the blog.  Essentially the gist is as follows. 

I've decided that I will be exiting the hobby soon and that will coincide with my birthday next May which will be my 40th.  Waxing and waning interest have led to much introspection. After deliberations I have decided that I will focus my free time and resources toward other avenues. 
I did think it would be nice to have one big last fun day with cards and go wild one last time.

So I decided I would spend most of this year and early next year creating a horde of boxes and packs for that one big hurrah next year.  Once I have had that fun a couple of things will be happening.  There will be a great contest to guess how many hits I got to pull.  But more importantly will be the giving away of the hits.  Financially it wont be feasible to give away all the base a d I have identified a source to donate all the base cards to for charity.  There will be an opportunity to claim teams prior to my break next May. I reserve the right to keep up to 10 cards from the total break. Only if it's something that really speaks to me will I keep anything as I've been diluting my PC in several ways recently.  There will be contests along the way as well as updates on what I've added to my "pack stack". I thank everyone for coming along on this farewell journey and look
forward to spreading the love next May as I say goodbye.  To end today here is a picture of my current vault. Top shelf is loose packs on the left and cases on the right. Shelf two is all boxes I've shared so far and shelf three are boxes I've yet to share on the blog.
Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day. Safety wishes for all my friends on the East Coast guys and gals.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pack stackin time

Congratulations to JediJeff who has won last weeks contest.  It's time to put some more boxes in the AREA 40 vault.

 Topps CC has been on my radar since day 1. I finally got it for a good deal. There are monsters here and horrible duds.
 1 pack shot with a guaranteed hit in Fanfare
 Good ole Topps blaster. Why not?
Got to sprinkle in some Hockey when I can.

This weeks comment to win prize is a little different. It's time to release the cubes. That's all I will share at this time.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Time to update the pack stack jack

It's been a while. First let's congratulate good pal AJ from the Lost Collector who is the winner of my last contest!

Now let's see some additions

 A Wally World exclusive is now exclusive to my stack of boxes
 Should be a fun old school break from Topps here
One of the harder to find cheap TNA boxes! Maybe I'll strike gold.

There are some big additions to the pile in the coming weeks. I hope you will stay tuned!

For those who like to play my contests leave me a comment and be entered to win....

Monday, August 13, 2018

A winner! And time to add to the AREA 40 STACK

Congratulations to Matt from Diamond Jesters who is the winner that gets the mystery.  Please shoot me your addy at Lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com when you have a moment.

Time to add some more fuel to the space ship!

 AREA 40 is going Big League!
 Surfs up dudes and dudettes
 This is where I get some Pie! I hope to add the original release before breaking time next May as well
Finallyanother boom or bust! From 2014 what goody awaits inside??

If you comment and win this week then you will receive two prizes
 Explore your evil side with your own lil Skelly
A nice graded rookie. I'm glad football is back.  Good luck everyone-I shall hope to see you back here next week!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Weekly Pack Stack Update

First let's begin with congrats to Adam Sanders who was the winner of last weeks prize-the mystery auto from Archives Signatures. I'm piling these up to make one po run so Tom and Adam are in my outgoing pile to go out probably next week!

Let's get to this weeks boxes I've added to the AREA 40 STACK!

 Maybe the cover boy will be my hit out of Spectrum? Nah probably wont be that lucky
 An in interesting product that I never got to bust in 1997 will make an appearance in 2019
 At the price I got these two boxes why not try to be elite?
A variety add for the stack.  Some WNBA will be a fun little break.

This week if you comment you will be entered for a prize of mystery.  I do mystery well.  Worth taking a shot! Good luck to everyone and thank you for stopping by!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Pack Stack Attack back from vacation!

First let me congratulate P town Tom who is the winner of my last contest.

I took a break last week from hording and rode five hours south during my vacation to see my great friend Nathan at his shop in Spanish Fort and do some breaking.  What ensued was ridiculous
 Yes I said ridiculous. One box of ginter yields a monster
 I have sent Mr Ohtani for encasement
 Pretty excited
 Also scored another amazing card. Showing it off here with my buddy Nathan!
 Vavavavooooooom King James
 It's a big dollar box but I took the chance and scored. These two cards are in my top 5 pulls all time!

But enough for breaking now let's get back to accumulating for my AREA 40 break next year
 You know I'll be hoping for a Tiger auto!
 Super cheap so why not take a journey to the center of earth?
I have broke these in the past so why not try some CFL?

For this weeks prize just leave a comment if you'd like to be entered to win something else I bought in South Alabama
This one just wasnt for me but it will be for the winner this week.  GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!