Welcome to my blog. Preparing for the last Cardboard Hurrah

Monday, January 28, 2019


Well, the time has come.  The final mega break packages made it to the post office today.

Today is the last blog post I will be making.  It's also the end of my active trading career.  I will be on twitter and I will still be collecting just in a much more subdued manner with a much smaller subject base. Only going to be pursuing a couple of pcs-Willingham 1/1s, Mike Wilks jersey cards, Steve Woodard and Gary Redus certified autos, and certified pro wrestling auto cards.

Maybe down the line some of my trading buddies may see a surprise package from good ole jbf- ya never know.  I want to thank everyone for the support and interaction over the years.  Wish you all the best in your collecting journey!  Please hit the lights on your way out.



  1. Ah man...going the way of Napkin Door! See you around, brother.

  2. Classy exit man... you will be missed

  3. hate to see you go but sounds like you have a great focused plan. Thanks for your generosity and good luck on your collecting journey as well!

  4. I've enjoyed your posts and your collecting enthusiasm, not to mention trading over the years. If you do decide to come back, hopefully most of us will still be here!

  5. May the road rise to meet you! Thanks again for the cards!

  6. words cannot express my gratitude to you. All the best and keep in touch!

  7. I’ll catch you over on Twitter. Thanks for all the trades Wes. One of the all time great.

  8. Won't forget you. Thanks for all the trades over the years. I'll send you some stuff from time to time as I get it.Take care my friend.

  9. You're one of the greats. Thanks for all you've done!

  10. Thanks for the great blog and ending giveaway. Best of luck in all your future endeavours.

  11. Could totally hear Semisonic in the background as I read this post. Thanks for all of the wonderful generosity you spread throughout the blogosphere. I still remember the original "Pay it Forward" package you sent my way with the only request being that I send paid it back to another blogger. I thought that was such a cool thing. Any Redus or Woodard autographs I get will be sent your way. Take care buddy!

  12. Best wishes! I'm sure I'll be in contact with you now and then, so I won't say goodbye.

  13. "Maybe down the line some of my trading buddies may see a surprise package from good ole jbf- ya never know"

    Only if it's a bombing on Bob Walk The Plank. Those made for the best posts.

    Cya around, ya crazy man. Maybe I will actually mail the small group of cards I have for you on my desk someday. :(

  14. That mega break was a blaze of glory, man. Blaze of glory.

  15. I just may have to drive up to AL to meet the legend. 8 hr drive maybe?

    I'll see you on the twitters my friend!!

  16. many thanks Wes. Enjoy yourself.

  17. https://royalsandrandoms.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-hazel-green-hit-hero.html
    All this meant more to me than you know. Thank you.

  18. It's been more than fun! Thanks for everything!

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