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Sunday, January 26, 2014

putting some bricks in the mail

I stopped by the local post office today and dropped off three small flat rate bricks for 29841, 40475, & 91320. keep your eyes peeled! happy Sunday!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The results of the highly unscientific 2013 jbf junk BLOG OF THE YEAR poll are in.  As I have said before, this is really an exercise in shedding light and recognition on all of the great blogs.  With that being said...here are the results:

3rd Runner Up-Play at the Plate

2nd Runner Up-Chronicles of Fuji

1st Runner Up-Dime Boxes

Your winner and 3 Time, 3 Time, 3 Time Champion-Night Owl Cards
The masses have spoken and the message is still clear.  Night Owl is Epic.  If you don't follow-you should.

Congratulations to all that were nominated!!!

I will keep all parties involved in mind and get some cards out to each of the folks that placed as well as some nominators and randoms!

Thanks for voting and reading!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Send me your Willinghams!

Just did a quick check on the Josh Willingham Binder and I'm up to 119 unique Willinghammer's!  Who has more?!  I would like to get over the 200 mark this year!

Don't forget to cast your vote for 2013 blog of the year.  Voting is open for two more days!

Monday, January 13, 2014

1979 Topps Winner Plus a Tip of the Hat to PTOWN TOM

After 3 spins in the randomizer, we have a winner...
Crappy scan but the winner is Nachos Grande!  I believe I have your addy but shoot me a note if you would please.

On to another topic....2013 Blog of the Year voting is open and voting has been brisk.  Voting will remain open until the 19th.

Now a tip of the hat to my good blogging buddy Tom from PTown.  I have a large post from Tom still left to document but for today I'd like to share a PWE.  A single card PWE-one of my 1969 Topps Set Needs!  Thanks a ton Tom!  Tom's note gave me an idea.  I'm dangerous with an idea.
1 Card is definitely better than no Cards!  Thanks Tom for the 69 and the idea which has given me an idea!   Mooooooooo hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Let the herd trimming begin-1979 Topps

I spoke prior to the new year about the importance of trimming the herd.  Today that process begins.  You will see below a group of 283 1979 Topps Cards.  Some dupes. Some condition sensitive but free nonetheless.  Want a brick of 1979 Topps Baseball?  Then leave a comment between now and 5PM Central time tomorrow.  Randomizer will select a winner. Good Luck!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

2013 Blog of the Year Voting Open.......NOW

You may now cast your lot for 2013 Blog of the Year.  The poll is being conducted on survey monkey.  Votes will be accepted until Feb 19th at 5PM Central Time


COMC Binge yields PC Whale

I made a small splash on COMC over the holidays.  Picked up a few for my 69 set and more importantly a gem for my Willinghammer PC!

 A pile for the binder!
 Storming Norman! Al Oliver Rookie!
A couple of Leaders cards!
 Couldn't pass up Bravos Autos for less than a buck!

Been looking for a Josh Willingham whale for a while.  I've bid on some and lost but finally found this one in the wild for a fair price on COMC!
 If you have other Willingham 1/1's laying around feel free to send them my way lol.

Don't forget today is the 5PM deadline to get your submissions in for 2013 Best Blog Poll.  I will try and have the poll up tomorrow!

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Pair from the Backstop

Many thanks today to Marcus from Backstopcards.  He provided a couple of Padres that will be joining my 69 binder!
Tomorrow is the final day to make nominations for the BLOG OF THE YEAR POLL!  The poll will be posted on Sunday!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Speed of a Stallion

As if I need a new collection,  I have decided to collect Mini Helmets for display in my man cave!  The logical place to start was with the teams of Birmingham AL since it's the closest city that has had some form of professional football.  Let's start with one of the funnest ones-my first-Birmingham Stallions USFL  Mini Helmet. 

I still have to pick up the Americans, The Vulcans, The Steeldogs, The Fire, The Barracudas, The Fire, and The Thunderbolts.  Maybe that's all of them?

Thanks for stopping by!  There are still two days to nominate someone for 2013 Blog of the Year!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Cardinal Treat from Uncle Tiny

Uncle Tiny always finds some of the most unique items of my very unique tastes.  This beauty arrived on my doorstep a while back!  A true Cardinals Treasure-an Autographed Helmet Bank!-Thank you Tiny!

Thanks for reading!  Please don't forget to enter your nominations for 2013 Blog of the Year!  Nominations are open until 1/11/14.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Treaties with Tom

P Town Tom dropped a couple of air bombs on me over the holidays.  He says the Baby Kraken is coming...long story lol.  Tom is one of the best out there and I've made a few drops on him over the last year!  We have become the best of blogging buddies!  Check out these goodies that Tom sent my way!
 Always glad to receive anything of the Willinghammer!
 Vintage Braves make me giddy.
Earl Torgeson.  Not sure of the origin of this awesome piece!  Looks like a post card? Maybe?  Tell us it's story if you know!

Tom-Thank you again my friend!  It's always a pleasure to hear from you!

Don't forget to cast your lot for the 2013 Blog of the Year.  Nominations open until 1/11/13!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Recovering from the Bama Sting

Just when my pride was starting to heal from the Iron Bowl Debacle-In comes the Sugar Bowl.  Down goes Bama again.  Anyway, today I'm going to share an item that I was lucky enough to snag over the holidays-and it's not BAMA.
Had a great opportunity through work to have a ball signed by Georgia legend Vince Dooley!
He inscribed it GO Dawgs!  Not a Georgia Fan but a college football fan so I was honored to get this ball signed!

Don't forget to nominate your favorite blog!  Nominations are open until 1/11!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I like balls

Today I want to show off something that I received over the holiday from my good friend Uncle Tiny from CCW.
Still not sure???
Better? Worse?
The case is magnificent.  The next image may clear this up for any that are still unclear.
Dodger Collectors Begin Drooling Now!  Thank you Uncle Tiny for adding to my growing signed ball collection!

The nominations are still open for 2013 Blog of the Year!  Just visit my post from yesterday to share your pick!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Blog of the Year-Nominations are now open

Welcome to the 3rd Annual JBFJ Blog of the Year Poll!

This is really an exercise in highlighting all the great blogs out there and giving folks an opportunity to give a nod to their favorites.

2012-Blog of the Year-Night Owl Cards
Runner Up-$30 a Week Habit
Runner Up-Dime Boxes

2011-Blog of the Year-Night Owl Cards
Runner Up-Wrigley Wax
Runner Up-Daily Dimwit

Here are just a couple of rules.

Each reader may nominate one blog-it cannot be there own, it cannot be jbf's junk, you cannot nominate someone that nominated you, you cannot nominate someone that has already been nominated.

Nominations will be accepted until January 11th at 5PM Central.

The poll will be posted on or about January 12th! Voting will run until January 19th at 5PM Central.

I will do my best to deliver on the following:

The Winning blog will receive a nice prize.
Blogs 2 and 3 will also receive a prize.
 The person that first nominated the first place winner will win a prize.
One random person that nominates someone will win a prize.