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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Treaties with Tom

P Town Tom dropped a couple of air bombs on me over the holidays.  He says the Baby Kraken is coming...long story lol.  Tom is one of the best out there and I've made a few drops on him over the last year!  We have become the best of blogging buddies!  Check out these goodies that Tom sent my way!
 Always glad to receive anything of the Willinghammer!
 Vintage Braves make me giddy.
Earl Torgeson.  Not sure of the origin of this awesome piece!  Looks like a post card? Maybe?  Tell us it's story if you know!

Tom-Thank you again my friend!  It's always a pleasure to hear from you!

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  1. The Torgeson card is an "exhibit" card. It's hard to nail down the year on these guys: "The cause of the frustration is that Exhibit did not mark the cards with the year of production. They did give a clue to dating however, in that the post-war cards carried an identifying mark. “MADE IN USA” (all caps) was used from 1939 through 1950, “Made in USA” (upper and lower case) from 1951 through 1953, “PRINTED IN USA” (all caps) from 1954-1956 and “Printed In USA” (upper and lower case) after 1956. In the years before 1951 the “MADE IN USA” varied in size each year so that Exhibit fanatics can in fact close in on the year of issue of each card."

    Stolen from: http://www.net54baseball.com/showthread.php?t=115893&page=2

    Can't pass up vintage oddballs for a dollar! I'm glad you like the Earl card.

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