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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A single card from the Town of P+ Be a winner-Contest Inside

My good buddy Tom recently shook my foundation which really inspired some thought which I had already been pondering for a while. Scaling back, letting go, streamlining, less is more.

He followed that up by sending me a singular magnificent card:
Thanks for this beautiful Willinghammer!

Beginning today through next Saturday enter on this thread for a chance to win what I'm calling exodus box 1.  It is a large flat rate box filled with random goods that are just keeping me from my goal of perfect cardboard Zen.  Some of it maybe junk but I have some good junk. 

Enter in the comments and I will randomize for a winner next Sunday. Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Perspective from PTown

My good friend Tom from Waiting til Next Year sent me an astonishing package a few weeks back.  I refrained from sharing because I was a war and it needed to hold off till the end. In his mailing, Tom explored our past trading relationship and expressed some thanks for all our swaps.  He also explained that the massive mailings and monsters would take some of the fun out of the relaxation he garners from sorting and keeping up with his conquests.  I can totally respect that-in fact I have grown weary of trading at an insane level.  At times it has made me want to take a step away.  I'm going to take a little new perspective compliments of Tom on how I do things here at the JBF Junk.  No more insane mailings, no more $100 post office days.  I'm going to scale back my Braves collecting to just the anthology set and a series of binder guys but I'll share that another day.  I'm going to continue the autograph project through the end of the year just to see how many I can add in a years time.  These changes will become clearer with time but I realize we all have different ways of collecting and Tom has made me take another look at how I do things.  So let's see what Tom sent my way to put an exclamation point on some of the crazy mailings that have taken place between us.

 A whole binder full of stuff for me?!?
 Let the wowing begin
 Pretty much every sheet was filled with mostly Braves Autos
 There were other team Autos as well
 A lot of the Braves were autos of guys that I don't have in the anthology binder
 Do I add those to the autograph binder or
 the Braves Anthology binder??
 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
 Tom's generosity really blew me away
 Would like to know the story of how he got all these autos
 Just absolutely stunning

 Tom I can't say THANK YOU ENOUGH for this fantastic haul
 But he didn't stop there....another item I never thought I'd own..........
 SI 1, Yes the original in a bound book!!!!!! WOWWWWW
 Even the cards were still in there!
 That wasn't enough.  He added a auto of the cover boy and one of my new Braves Binder Guys!
Tom sent me 131 Autographs!!!! Yes 131.  I don't know where to start.  Normally I would start a plan of attack but I'm not going to do that-I'm just going to say Thanks!!  I will never bury you again my friend...only less-less is more-I'm learning!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Uncle Tiny drops bombs

I consider Kevin aka Uncle Tiny one of my best friends in the hobby.  I don't know where he keeps finding me all this good stuff but he does!

 Lets start this post with Mr. Stigman
 All in on Screech
 Oh I love my mascots
 Big changes coming in the way I collect Braves...more on that soon
 Great haul on Bravos
 Precious Metal Gems-dinged corner but I don't mind
 Some more numbered goodies
 Legendary Numbers
 Some fun with Relics
 My first coin card!
 A very limited Spangenberg kicks off the Auto contributions
 Direct from the U
 Silver comes off well on the helmet
 Letters always make me smile
 A pull out
 An auto from a product I'd never be able to afford
 Love this dual relic auto of Moya
 Now we are getting into the OMG Portion of the show---Cut Signature
 About as fancy a mascot card as you can find!
 A beautiful dual relic of a guy most love to hate
 And finally another installment of the cards I never thought I'd own----BOOM

Uncle Tiny you always do me right!! As always I thank you my brother.

In the next day or two I will share a mailday from my good blogging buddy PTown Tom that has had me thinking since the day I got the package.  Some change is coming in the world of JBF land.  Sometimes perspective is a great thing and so can change.