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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Final stages of Cardboard War

Again, let me say it was foolish to pick on a crafty opponent with access to so many jewels that I would desire.  I unleashed hell on Tony while he was busy preparing likewise hell for me.  One more blow has been promised by Tony and I too have one more shot to fire.  My opponent feels like he may be in the lead and he may be a point ahead on the scorecards but this fight will be decided in the final round.  That being said, how did I survive the next to last round??  One of the most unique and forceful mailings I've ever received and it's time for you to see it:

 Scratching my Expos itch with an 83 classic
 Had the Starting Lineup Game as a Kiddo-now lookie here
 Tony promised to make me feel like an All Star
 I may start calling Tony Mr. Atlanta
 Look at all these great ticket stubs
 Mad Dog
 A great SEC Media Guide
 Let's have a drink!  I've got coasters!
 I'm sure I can find a use for this Bravos duck tape
 Some more great reading material!
 Tony always has the oddballs
 A classic NFL Schedule
 The scientific guys can play dirty!  I will be saving this DVD for my Beach trip in August
 3 Great 3D Packs...Not sure how long I can wait to bust them
 A great Bravos team set!
 These didn't leave me puzzled.  I will probably assemble and frame these!
 Couldn't wait long!
 A Maverick
 Lesser known QB's including a super Danny White that lists him as a punter!
 Here we go with the Cardinal relics
 And some more
 a few more
 and more
 and finally a super shiny Williams
 The mascots were also prominently featured

 Love the masocts
 One of the best mascot cards ever. Strategy with Ichiro and the Moose
 Quite possibly my new favorite Mascot card Milwaukee Police Bernie Brewer!!!!!!
 Some Local "Homeboys"

 Mr. Key sure was a great hurler
 Still regret Kimbrell getting shipped out
 Drove past Mincher BlVD and the vacant Joe Davis Stadium today. SAD-Farewell Stars
 Welcome to the Goin North portion of our program
 Still hope to see the Expos return one day
 If they ever make it back I will get up there in year one!
 Big CAT!
 Mr. Marshall is not best known as an Expo
 Oh Mark May-Must be time for some SEC Bama Love
 The Grass Eater!
 The Man-Broadway Joe
 Mr Magadan Appears
 Bama relic time!
 And some more Trent
 Mark with a team he didn't get drafted by
 So Shiny
 Now is when it's about to get nuts
 That is SEVERAL HUNDRED BRAVOS that were packaged in absolutely devious fashioning
 Let's show some great ones-Mr. Spahn min puzzle!
 An absolutely stunning Vintage Brave
 Some great 85 Topps Traded Braves
 All Gattis rookies
 All in with Craiggers
 Got Wood
 If a handful of Forsters land on my stoop and no ones around do they make a sound
 A couple of Gaylords
 A few Niekros
 I've been Niekroed!!
 and Maxed Out----I'm starting to see a trend developing
 Some Cito Gastons
 and more Cito Gastons.
 Ok back to normal with just a few Biffs
 Ok a couple more
 Couple More
 Multiplying like Gremlins
 Oh Crap
 I've been Biffed!!!
 This is where Tony showed his force with 27 autographs to make him the top contributor to the 2015 Autograph Project-Let's check em out

 Love that Ginter!
 One of my faves as a lad-Mr. Lansford
 Not even No Name QBs will be excluded from this party
 a couple more
 and a couple more
 Cardinals are also represented

 The next few are TTM or in person- Hope to get the story on these one day

 A beautiful Tom
 A beautiful Doyle signature
 Ok let's wrap it up with some mascots
 What is going on???
 These aren't mascot minis!  They are mascots on steroids as you see they dwarf the Biffer!
 and they are all
 serially numbered
 Tony-If this isn't the coolest thing I've ever seen than I don't know what is!
 I'm at a loss for how often this set is!!
 How can I display these???
 I'm going to figure it out!!!

 I wanna trade jobs with this guy!!
 Mr. Bear! USA USA
 Oh Mr. Met!
 A Classic Phanatic
 Eat your heart out Great Scott

Tony. Wow...This was a blow but I still got one more Monster left in him...Time to Hulk UP
Only one more battle to go...My Monster will hit the mail on Wednesday...May the Best Man Win


  1. I LOVE that Ichiro with the Mariner Moose! I am trying to build that set(Topps Back to School) and thought it's only 8 cards, I've found it to be quite difficult. Incredible haul from Tony!

  2. Damn! This just kept going and going and going!

  3. The Matthews and the Bed Rocks were TTMs, though Bed Rock still lives in Fayette County (just south of town along I-85) and served on the Fayette County School Board for several years. I actually sort of know his brother Bob also. The Cerones I got in person back when Cerone played for the Brewers. The Alexander was another in person -- in 1988 when he was with the Tigers. The Paciorek I picked up at a 1987 game when he was closing out his career with the Texas Rangers.

    I am just glad that I'm keeping this close. Going into the war, I wasn't sure that I could!