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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Farewell for now

First let me say congratulations to Matt from Bob Walk the Plank who took down the World Cup of Trading in walk away fashion.  Mark and Douglas will also be receiving a package from me in the future.  Thanks to everyone that participated!

It is after great consideration that I have decided its a good time to step away from blogging.  My blog has been successful at being a "look at these cards" blog and a "giving stuff away" blog.
However, providing consistent and quality posts has been spotty at best.  Deadlines I have set forth and promised on the blog have often went by the wayside and that bothers me.

The best place for me is in the shadows as a mysterious robin hood esque card guy.  That's what I enjoy the most when getting the response from someone who had their day brightened by my efforts.

I will continue to follow the blogs and have no plans of ceasing my card giving but I plan to step away from the pressure of feeling like I'm not putting a good blog product out there for everyone to enjoy.

I did graduate from the school of never say never.  I don't anticipate a return anytime soon or perhaps ever but I won't complete shut that door.

The relief of just being a reader or commenter will be therapeutic for me I believe.

I have met some incredible folks through this blog and for that I'm mighty thankful!  I want to say Thank You to anyone that has ever read this blog, anyone that's every been patient with me, and everyone that makes up this community.  It is sincerely been a pleasure.

Until next time,


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mailbox alert

Keep your eyes peeled if this is your locale:


and a Monstrosity is headed to


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Arpsmith completes my quest!

Many thanks to Adam over at the Arpsmith blog for this magnificence that he sent my way!

 Look at those sparkly Bravos
 Love the Vintage!!
 Low Numbered Braves /25,/25,/29

 Gotta Love the Topps Relics and Autos!
 It's Cardinals Time!
 Awesome Autos!
 This is the one that sent me flipping.  The last card I needed for 69 Topps!!!!!

World Cup of Cardboard Trading 2014

All in all this event was a success!  Let's pick a winner who I will shower with spoils!

I will let the poll run until 10/13.  I will award the top three vote getters a prize.  If you need to refresh your memories on any of the selected participants-the write ups are just a few pages back.

Voting should take place here:

World Cup of Trading Voting

UCF Brett visits my mailbox

Many thanks to my CCW buddy Brett who dropped this off on me in the last week or so:

 Always loved the Bazooka relics!
 Man I wish Boldin was still in Arizona
 Some Willinghammers!
A Beautiful TTM

Thanks again Brett!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Walking the Plank once again

Matt from Bob Walk the Plank is quickly becoming one of my closest blogging buddies.  He hit me again this week.  I want to show off what he sent and say Thanks!  One of the best out there bar none!

 Numbered Chippas
 Love the look of this Furcal
 A Pair of Queens
 Love the mini and the Smoltzie
 Look at those duel Huddy's!  I miss that guy!
 This Klesko is off the charts
 Look at that Chip
 That bad boy is out of 10
Many thanks again my friend.  This is about to get epic!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Uncle Tiny Strikes Again

My mailbox got blowed up again today by a monster mailer from Uncle Tiny.  I will only share the choicest cuts from this selection.  Somethings I won't disclose because they are headed other directions.

 Oso Blanco Rc's!
 Numbered Bravos Legends
 On the comeback trail-ROLL TIDE
 2 Signed Bravos Balls with Coa's- Javy Lopez and Jose Oliva
 Mad Dog
 Even More Mad Dog

Uncle Tiny really knocked this one out of the park!  Thank you my friend!