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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bonus Round is Live!!!SURPRISE!!!!

Here is another surprise for the players in my 100th blog post draft party.  The Bonus-Non Sports Round is Live!! Three of these cards also include a bonus pick in the mystery round!!

Here are your selections:

Susan B Anthony 2008 Mayo's Cut Plug

Pablo Picasso 2009 Historical Heroes

Robert Jarvik 2009 Mayo's Cut Plug

Thomas Edison 2008 Mayo's Cut Plug Mini

Glenn Becomes First Astronaut to Orbit Earth Flashbacks 2011 Topps Heritage

Duke Pao Kahanamoku 2006 Allen and Ginters

George Marshall 2007 Topps Distinguished Service

Ferris Wheel 2009 Mayo's Cut Plug Mini

Avery Jenkins 2010 Allen and Ginters

Tom Morello 2009 Rock Heroes

Here is your magical draft order-Now get to chasing those three Bonus Picks!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Round 8-The Autograph Round-LIVE!

The 100th Blog Post Draft Party is reaching its climax but the party is truly just starting as the best is coming.  Here are your selections for Round 8-The Autograph Round:

Jorge Campillo 2005 Just Minors Autograph Tacoma Rainiers
Alexandre Volchkov 1997 Scoreboard Autograph
Kelvin Cato 1997 Skybox Autograph Dallas Mavericks
Tony Brooks 1992 Courtside Draft Pix Autograph Notre Dame
Scott Elarton 1999 Skybox Autographics Autograph Houston Astros
Kevin Cameron 2008 UD All Rookie Team Autograph San Diego Padres
Marquis Daniels 2005-06 Sp Authentic Sensational Sigs Autograph Dallas Mavericks
Hermie Sadler 2008 Tristar TNA Cross the Line Autograph
Karl Mecklenburg 2011 Press Pass Legends Saturday Signatures "Snow Goose" Autograph
Kelly Johnson 2008 Sweet Spot Signatures Autograph 225/248 

Here is your all important draft order:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Round 7-Relic/GU Round-Let the true goodness begin

Two picks left in Round 6. We are gonna go ahead and roll into Round 7.  Now we are into the high cotton.  The Relic GU round begins-here are your selections:

Cam Ward 06-07 B.A.P. First Exposures White Swatch
Ty Conklin 05-06 UD Trilogy Honorary Swatches Dark Blue Swatch
Kurt Angle 03 Fleer Aggression Matitude Gray Ring Mat
Darius Watts 04 Finite Rookie Fabrics Blue Swatch
Rolando McClain 2011 Prestige Rookie Review Black Swatch
Gerald Wallace 2001 Sage Jersey Red Swatch 254/300
Michael Finley 00-01 Topps Reserve All Stars Blue Warm Up Swatch
Orel Hershiser 2004 Topps Grey Swatch
Barry Zito 08 UD Timeline Memorabilia Dark Green Swatch
Felix Hernandez 08 Goudey White Swatch

The All Important Draft Order...Don't forget the Bonus Pick
Hiflew is on the clock, Eric L is on deck...Enjoy the splendor-Sorry for the shiny happy scans, too much light in here tonight I guess.

Bobblehead Showcase II=JAWS

A while back I posted one of my few bobbleheads and talked about wanting to pursue more. I picked up a new one this week for free on listia.com.  Pretty neat for nothing

Ron Jaworski-Philadelphia Soul Part Owner
This is, I believe, my fifth bobblehead.  I will share more as time allows

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Team Lots for Shipping + $2

I have decided to clear out my baseball as I just don't have enough room. I'm offering team lots of the following teams for $2 +$5.15 for shipping in small flat rate USPS box. Please shoot me an email and tell me if you want to take these off my hands.  Each team listed should have between 200 and 300 cards.

Red Sox
Blue Jays
White Sox

Paypal preferred. Email is lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Round 6 is Live The Baseball Round

The Baseball Round has arrived. Here are your selections:
Mark McGwire 1987 Donruss The Rookies(Matt #1)
Alex Rodriguez 1999 Fleer Mystique Foil 2185/2500(Hi Flew #2)
Aroldis Chapman 2011 A&G Highlight Sketches BHS-15(Eric L #3)
Cliff Lee 2003 Donruss Rated Rookie(Potch #4)
Josh Beckett 2000 UD Victory Rookie(Morgan #5)
Henry Rodriguez 96 Donruss Rocket Launchers 3608/5000(Ryan G #6)
Frank Robinson 06 A&G Mini(CCC #7)
Mickey Mantle 2011 Topps 60YOT-64(sportscardblog.net #8)

Orlando Mercado 1984 Topps(A horribly miscut 84 common, what else could you desire in life)
Josh Hamilton 2011 A&G Hometown Heroes HH50(Mr MVP)
Your magical draft order:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Looking for some Paypal today

Need some paypal, no reasonable offer refused.

Ferguson Jenkins Uncirculated 2004 Topps Autograph
Kelly Johnson 2008 Sweet Spot Autograph
James Loney 2011 A&G Bat Card
Felix Hernandez 2008 Goudey Jersey
Barry Zito 2008 UD Timeline Jersey
Kevin Cameron 2008 All Rookie Team Autograph
Melkey Cabrera 2009 A&G Jersey
Ronnie Belliard 2005 Bowman Sterling Bat Card
Jordan Swaggerty 2008 UD USA Jersey
T.J. House 2008 UD USA Jersey

Philip Rivers 2011 Topps Manupatch

These are listed on another site as well so act fast. Lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Round 5 is LIVE-The Rookie Round

Don't forget the bonus pick is out there somewhere in these 10 cards. Here are your selections for this round:

Ivan Rodriguez 1993 Classic Best Rookie

Jim Thome 1993 Classic Best Rookie

Mark Teixeira 2003 UD Star Rookie

Rafael Nadal 2003 Net Pro Rookie

Larry Fitzgerald 2004 Topps Finest Rookie

Dirk Nowitski 99 Fleer Brilliants Rookie

Carmen Electra 2005 Topps Basketball Rookie

Jay Z 2005 Topps Basketball Rookie

Roy Halladay 1998 Topps Rookie

CC Sabathia 1999 Topps Finest Rookie

Here is your magical Draft Order:
Miss Morgan is on the clock.