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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Round 6 is Live The Baseball Round

The Baseball Round has arrived. Here are your selections:
Mark McGwire 1987 Donruss The Rookies(Matt #1)
Alex Rodriguez 1999 Fleer Mystique Foil 2185/2500(Hi Flew #2)
Aroldis Chapman 2011 A&G Highlight Sketches BHS-15(Eric L #3)
Cliff Lee 2003 Donruss Rated Rookie(Potch #4)
Josh Beckett 2000 UD Victory Rookie(Morgan #5)
Henry Rodriguez 96 Donruss Rocket Launchers 3608/5000(Ryan G #6)
Frank Robinson 06 A&G Mini(CCC #7)
Mickey Mantle 2011 Topps 60YOT-64(sportscardblog.net #8)

Orlando Mercado 1984 Topps(A horribly miscut 84 common, what else could you desire in life)
Josh Hamilton 2011 A&G Hometown Heroes HH50(Mr MVP)
Your magical draft order:


  1. Finally I'm not 10th...woohoo

    1. ARod
    2. Lee

    word verification: roidable

    They musta knew I was writing about ARod.

  2. Sixth pick in the sixth round, huh? Fun ensues!
    1. Rocket Rod
    2. Flaming Chapstick
    3. Stickey Mickey
    4. Let Me Be Frank
    5. Tobaccotown Hamilton
    6. Marky Mark

  3. 1. A-Rod
    2. Oh Henry
    3. Lee
    4. Beckett
    5. McGwire
    6. Frank Robinson
    7. Mick
    8. Chapman
    9. Hamilton
    10. Mercado

  4. Matt scores Big Mac

    Hiflew gets A Rod

    Eric L takes Chapman

    Potch is on the clock!

  5. I will take Cliff Lee, please. Thanks.

  6. Potch gets Cliff Lee

    Miss Morgan is on the clock

  7. CCC-You got The Frank and also THE BONUS PICK for this round Congratulations!

  8. Sportscardblog.net takes the Mantle by proxy. Hackenbush is on the clock

  9. I hope this isn't like Let's Make a Deal and there's a hundred dollar bill behind that Mercado because I'm taking the Hamilton.

  10. LOL, no but what a great idea, maybe with a dollar instead of a c note.

    Eric L is now the proud owner of Mr Mercado,