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Thursday, September 1, 2011

100th Post- The Draft Party Resumes- Round 4 #'d Card Round

Here we are at Post 100 and Round 4 of the Blog Draft Party. Here are your offerings for the #'d card round!  Don't forget the mystery pick for round 10 is hidden somewhere in these cards:

Chris Beanie Wells 2009 Topps Platinum Rookie Refractor 599/999

Ricky Davis 2006 Topps Chrome Black Refractor 111/399

Karl Malone 2002-2003 UD Ultimate Collection 332/750

Nick Touchstone 2005 Topps Update Gold 0585/2005

Allen Webster 2011 Bowman Green Rookie 162/450

Braves 2010 Topps Gold 1012/2010

Nick Price SP Authentic Salute to Champions 080/100

Caron Butler 2010-2011 Prestigious Pros Game Used Jersey 247/499

Jimmy Snuka 2010 WWE Platinum Green Refractor 366/499

Brett Favre 2008 Press Pass Legends Bronze Parallel 509/999

Here is the magical draft order:

Ryan G is on the clock!!


  1. Man I hope the randomizer is kinder to me in baseball rounds.

    That being said, I hope no one wants the Jimmy Snuka.

  2. Sorry, the Snuka's mine if it makes it all the way to 7.

  3. Oooh, goody! I get to pick! Let's do the Allen Webster for first pick.

    Further choices for my 2nd:
    1) Braves 2010 gold
    2) Nick Touchstone
    3) Caron Butler
    4) Brett Favre

  4. Ryan G scores Allen Webster with the #1 Pick.

    Fuji is on the clock!

  5. I'll just post mine ahead of time.

    1. Favre
    2. Butler
    3. Wells
    4. Malone
    5. Price

    Then whatever is numbered the lowest :P

  6. 1. Malone
    2. Price
    3. Butler
    4. Snuka

  7. Time has way past on Fuji. Morgan is on the clock!

  8. No more stinky basketball and football for me! And even better, it's a BRAVES card! 2010 Topps Gold, please!

  9. If Eric L takes Malone and Ryan G takes Touchstone then I take Favre at #6.

  10. Morgan takes the Braves Team Gold. Fuji can still pop back in at any time.

    Eric L takes the Karl Malone

    Ryan takes Nick Touchstone

    Hackenbush takes Favre

    Matt takes the Superfly

    Potch is on the clock and the card with the Bonus Pick is still out there....

  11. So far, I've gotten wrestling cards out of EVERY round, except for the basketball and football rounds, of course. Awesome draft party so far!

  12. Potch and Fuji can re enter the fray at any time.

    Sportscardblog.net takes the Caron Butler Jersey

    Hi flew is on the clock so its a free for all on the last 3 cards left. One of which has the bonus pick. So what's your poison gentlemen...


  13. Potch you got Beanie

    Fuji gets Ricky Davis by default and also by default...the highly coveted bonus pick in the final round.

    Tune in next time for the start of Round 5...

  14. Woohoo! Got my former UCONN player! PC card right there!