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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Draft Party Guest List is unveiled

We had 32 entrants for this shindig.  I typed them into randomizer and let them spin several times.  The very crappy scan below unveils the Top 10 who will be participating.

Many thanks to all that entered.  Congrats to Daily Dimwit, Big Bern 28, Iron Dequoit36, John Hazen, Matt Scott, Jedi Jeff, Napkin Doon, Nick, Sportscard Collector, and Lost Collector.
I will be posting a draft order later this weekend and we will get it goin!
Good Luck to Everyone!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The War with Walk Continues-A Loss

Any significant war is comprised of many battles.  Each warring faction generally scores victories until victor prevails.  I am at war with the "Great Scott".  He is also known as Matthew from the acclaimed Bob Walk the Plank Blog. I arrived home today after being snowbound at work for a day and a half to find that Matt had scored a victory in our war.  I never had a chance.

 I knew I was in trouble...
 Matt starts with a couple of jabs of Chippah
 A straight right now that's ticket
 Matt is hitting below the belt-He knows I have a soft spot for Les Expos
 4 More Body Blows
 Matt knows I'm working hard on this autograph project.  The Expos scout is a Haymaker
 Multiple Body Blows
 Again to the body...
 The body
 and now the Head
 This Zenith signature is super cool. I'm feeling woozy
 I took a try at Matt's contest and was a winner.  He slipped a roll of nickles in his glove with these prizes
 That is a beautiful 3 Sig starring the Willinghammer!
 Six Swatches!!! What???
 Man Ram, Miggy, and Pat
 OMG it's the Hammer!!
 Still on dream street- "Great Scott" delivers the knockdown punch! 
No big deal!  I get Phil Niekro 1 of 1 jersey cards every other day...Sheesh What a friggin beauty!!!  I'm now feeling the cold canvas on my back and seeing stars in the lights.

I'm back on my feet for the standing eight count mainly to just say THANKS to Mr. Bob Walk himself!!  Thank you sir!  But like any true fighter I'm ready for another round!  You won the battle but the war continues and I got lots of tricks in my Hamburglar sack daddyo. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's time for some fun!

I just couldn't keep myself away from throwing a contest!  This one is going to be a ten person affair!

We are going to have a good old fashioned DRAFT PARTY
* Enter here by leaving a comment
*10 Folks will be selected to play-10 Folks will win
*Participants will be selected via randomizer
*We will be playing this secret santa/BIG FUN GAME STYLE
*As an homage to my favorite defunct blogger-I will offer my friend Napkin Doon a free entry into the contest if you will consider blogging about your winnings.
*There will be ten prizes. After the participants are selected we will pick a draft order
Entry one will pick their selction. Entry two will either steal or make another selection.
We will continue in this fashion.  Prizes can be stolen once and then they are out of play. We will play it out until everyone has a gem from Jaybarkerfan's Junk Pile
You have until Friday at 4PM CST to enter
Ready to provide the fun...All entrants come on in...NAPKIN DOON I'm looking at you

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tony L is truly Off Hiatus

It is frigid by Alabama standards but my mailbox is red hot.  Today it's sizzling courtesy of Tony L from the great Off Hiatus blog.  Check it out-Tony is helping me out with my Autograph project!

 Gobble Gobble it's Turkey(Red) Time!
 Shiny and bright!
 Garza is becoming well traveled but thankfully his auto is about to rest in my binder
 A shiny Yankee joins the fray

 A Willinghammer that I don't have!!!
 These are truly awesome!  I love the fan favorites autographs!
Many thanks to you Tony!  I will be hitting you back very soon!

On a side note-I will be making a contest announcement in my next post. You may want to stay tuned!(I know that staying away from elaborate contests was one of my goals with coming back BUT I just can't help myself)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fuji delivers a knockout blow

One of my favorite bloggers to read and follow is Mark from the Chronicles of Fuji.  He is also one of my favorite targets because he has such wide and varied cardboard interests.  Well, he layed the cardboard smackdown on me today!  Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

 Did Fuji know that I didn't have any 1984 Topps Traded Bravos??
 At first glance it's just a Topps Heritage Panel
 Upon further review, It's Fuji contributing to my 2015 Auto Project
 Mark knows that I love the Cards and this piece is PRIME
 This is the true knockout blow that Fuji sent my way!  What is inside? Internally I was hoping for Autos!?!
 The hope was in fact the reality!!  The following scans will detail 39 more autos that Fuji has delivered to me!
 Wasn't Ryan Anderson supposed to be a big deal??
 Loving that Fish
 That Stars auto rocks
 I've always like the Throwbacks auto!  The Janicki was from one of the first Auto sets put out there
 They just keep coming!
 USA Baby!
 Stars and Stripes
 Fuji finished me off with a Crimson Tide Alumni Upper Cut!!!!BOOOOOOOM

Mark-I owe you a true Domo Arigato on this one my friend!  It is going to be so much fun putting these into the autograph binder tonight.  I truly appreciate it but you know what this means!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bet these were more than a buck!

One of my good friends from North of the Border, Doug-from BuckStoreCards fame, sent me a bubbler this afternoon.  There were all kinds of goodies inside including Bama Alumni, Arizona Cardinals, and Bravos.  Time's a little tight today so just wanted to get the highlights shared this afternoon.

 A double PC Card.  A Bravo that is going to the Auto Binder
 Another double PC Hit that is proudly headed for the Auto Binder
Check out this beauty.  Glad to take on any Cardinal GU I can find!

Thanks for thinking of me Doug!  I have something I've been sitting on for a while that I hope to have in the mail for you soon.

Have a great evening guys and gals!