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Saturday, February 7, 2015

When is an autograph a lie??

I made it up to the show in Murfreesboro, TN today.  It's a bi weekly show and I haven't been since probably September of last year.  Honestly, most of the vendors aren't for me.  It's a small show with like 20 tables-but they are just really tight and it's hard to have room to look at everything.  So over time I have found two or three vendors there that I really like and I come back for them.  One is an older gentleman who is always buying so he always has a new stock of jerseys and autos.  I spent some money with him but you won't see any of those unless they show up in your mailbox!!  I did visit my guy who has great vintage(usually too pricy for me) and also great autos.  I spied this one probably two years ago and couldn't make a deal.
I was surprised that this was still around(probably due to the price) but it was!  So here you have Gaylord-

It's true- I didn't attend Gaylord's 300th win but I didn't want this nice piece that proclaims the holder did attend.  We finally made an agreeable price and now Gaylord resides in my baseball room!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Cool item, congrats on the pickup!

  2. Thats awesome!

    (I have heard so much about this blog. Finally found you and adding you to my blog list)

  3. That old Seattle Mariners uniform Gaylord is wearing is sweeeeeet. Nice snag!

  4. That piece is awesome. I have a similar piece of memorabilia. It's a ticket stub from the Colorado Rockies/San Diego Padres game on October 7th, 2001. Rickey Henderson collected his 3,000th hit that day. The same day Tony Gwynn played his final MLB game. Guess what? I didn't actually attend that game... but it's still one of my favorite items in the collection.