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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trade bait draft 2 is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the Draft Order. Round 2 will start from the bottom to the top. No time limits to start but will impose if necessary.  Please provide me list via email at your earliest convenience so we can hammer this one out
 1. Dutch
2. Curtis
3. Josh
4. Robert
5. Brad
6. Matt
7. Kevin
8. Wicked
9. Kevin
10. Dan
11. Brian
12. Brad
13. Brian
14. Dutch
15. Wicked

Here are the 309 Cards Available in the Trade Bait Draft Round Deaux.  The vintage is various levels of crispy.  If you need help with a year on one of them let me know and I will look them up-just don't have time tonight, may try to fill that in later.  Sorry that some of the scans are dog awful. The camera I use is crap. If you need a single card scan, just let me know and I can probably get it for you!  Happy Drafting




  4. Zach Ryder Foil

  5. Triple H Platinum

  6. Brian Bliss Team Captain Foil

  7. Ascent of Man Ape

  8. Roy Williams Topps gold

  9. Carmelo Anthony Fleer

  10. Kenny Smith Topps Gold

  11. Kevin Johnson Supreme court

  12. John Carlson Chrome Rookie


  14. Terry Porter topps gold

  15. Chris Long Prime Time

  16. Ernie Wheelwright Spectrum rookie

  17. Lamar Woodley Bow Chrome Rookie

  18. Al Michaels
  19. Hester Dorsey Press Pass Blue



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A couple more this evening that are going into the Trade Bait Draft...7 Spots Left...1970 Reggie Jackson

Here a couple more for those of you who would like to take part in the trade bait draft.
 Suh and Maroney Graded 10 Rookies but more importantly...Mr October 1970 Topps SGC Graded 50
7 Spots Remain. 10 Paypal Gift if you would like to join in the fun.

Join my Trade Bait Draft. 8 Spots Remain...Here's another preview!

 The Tejada is #'d 17/25. The Schilling is #'d 012/100. The back has a jersey piece with a purple stripe.  A sweet Biggio GU.  A brand spanking new Gyspy Queen GU as well as a HOF Black Mini from Gypsy Queen
PSA Graded 73 Topps Thurman Munson

Still need some enticing? $10 too much to drop on a trade bait draft?  I still have 8 spots remaining and I want to fill them tonight. Here's some more cards I'm throwing in the pot. Yankee fans? Orioles fans? D backs fans? Astros fans?  I know a few of those!  Paypal gift for entry can be sent to lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vintage Previews from the Trade Bait Draft-8 Spots remaining-Only $10 Per

Here the vintage cards available plus a little more from my 2nd Trade Bait Draft!  Spots are only $10. Payment can be made paypal gift to lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com, Please join! And tell your friends!