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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trade bait draft 2 is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the Draft Order. Round 2 will start from the bottom to the top. No time limits to start but will impose if necessary.  Please provide me list via email at your earliest convenience so we can hammer this one out
 1. Dutch
2. Curtis
3. Josh
4. Robert
5. Brad
6. Matt
7. Kevin
8. Wicked
9. Kevin
10. Dan
11. Brian
12. Brad
13. Brian
14. Dutch
15. Wicked

Here are the 309 Cards Available in the Trade Bait Draft Round Deaux.  The vintage is various levels of crispy.  If you need help with a year on one of them let me know and I will look them up-just don't have time tonight, may try to fill that in later.  Sorry that some of the scans are dog awful. The camera I use is crap. If you need a single card scan, just let me know and I can probably get it for you!  Happy Drafting




  4. Zach Ryder Foil

  5. Triple H Platinum

  6. Brian Bliss Team Captain Foil

  7. Ascent of Man Ape

  8. Roy Williams Topps gold

  9. Carmelo Anthony Fleer

  10. Kenny Smith Topps Gold

  11. Kevin Johnson Supreme court

  12. John Carlson Chrome Rookie


  14. Terry Porter topps gold

  15. Chris Long Prime Time

  16. Ernie Wheelwright Spectrum rookie

  17. Lamar Woodley Bow Chrome Rookie

  18. Al Michaels
  19. Hester Dorsey Press Pass Blue




  1. Dutch goes with Thurman Munson PSA
    Curtis goes with Garrett Atkins Auto
    Josh takes Tim Tebow Press Pass

    Walter is up to pick

  2. sorry for the delay gents...just got home from traveling. I sent Wes an email, Jarred Burton letter E manupatch please

  3. i've been checking the last three days with no moement. Jay set a time limit dude!!

  4. Robert selects Jarred Burton Letter Manupatch
    Brad selects Earl Weaver Autograph
    Matt selects Hank Aaron Manupatch
    Kevin selects Wally Joyner Jersey
    Wicked is on the clock!

  5. Wicked Ortega brings up a good point about keeping this moving. After each pick you make, please send jaybarkerfan your top 10-to-20 choices from what remains. That way, when it comes back around to you, he will already know what you want.

    Brad -- you took my #2 choice! :-) Nice pick.

  6. we can trade later, i'm always open to different phillies cards

  7. The Weaver was my number one, as well. It's funny how so many of us had it at #1, yet the card ended up going at the fifth pick overall.

  8. Kevin selects Dwight Evans Bat Card
    Dan is on the clock!

  9. Dan should be back tonight he was out of town on the holiday, i'll shoot him a text to let him know

  10. Dan does not have access to the internet until tomorrow evening. To keep things moving along, he said that he will take the 1970 Topps Reggie Jackons graded card.

  11. Dan Selects Reggie Jackson Graded
    Brian selects #17 Jason Terry
    Brad selects Brian Roberts Triple Jersey
    Brian selects Craig Biggio Jersey
    Dutch selects Miguel Tejada Bazooka Blasts Bat
    Wicked is on the clock with the last pick of round 1 and first pick of round 2

  12. Yunesky Sanchez Bowman Sterling Magenta Plate 1/1

  13. Craig Biggio Keystone Combinations Jersey Mini

  14. Looks like Brian beat you to the Biggio.

  15. i think there were two Biggio relics

  16. My bad on the Biggio relic, i pick Adam Jones 2012 Gypsy Queen jersey

  17. I will update picks this evening. Heading to work.

  18. Dutch selects Adam Dunn Sterling Bat
    Brian selects Nolan Ryan Kellogs 3D
    Brad Curt Schilling Playoff Portraits Jersey
    Brian #70 Billy Martin Vintage
    Dan is up to bat

  19. Waiting on Dan's pick. I will be out of touch this weekend. I will be putting a time limit on this starting Monday to move this one along a little quicker. have a great weekend everyone!

  20. No pick from Dan. Starting a 12 hour limit for picks from here on out. Dan is on the clock

  21. Sorry, been away....i'll take the Harper Leather and Lumber auto (#3)...yes,i know it's jesse harper...

  22. Hey Wes, I'll take the Magglio Ordonez Timeless Treasures Bat. I know it's out of order on my list, but I'd rather have that if its OK.

  23. Dan goes with Harper Auto
    Diamond K goes with Ordonez Bat
    Wicked is up

  24. DK would you like me to pick up on your list or do you want to make another selection

  25. Ripken gq mini black, then back to the list!

  26. DK gets the Ripken Mini Black
    Matt takes the Jack Morris Rookie
    Brad takes the Rich Harden Chrome Jersey
    Robert is on the clock

  27. I'll take #44. Brad Radke Uniformity Jersey w/ Stripe thanks..

  28. Next on my list is:
    #92 - Vic Zucco

  29. I will take the 1971 Hoyt Wilhiem

  30. Robert takes Brad Radke Jersey
    Josh D takes Vic Zucco
    Curtis selects(87) Hoyt Wilhelm 71 Topps
    Dutch selects Chip Hale Auto

    Round 3
    Dutch Selects Tom Glavine Mini
    Curtis is on the clock

  31. 41. Byun Hyun Kim Global Swatches Jersey

  32. Curtis selects Byun Kim Jersey
    Josh selects Archie Manning vintage
    Robert is on the clock

  33. By the way, there is a picture missing for cards #121-129 (Trout through Betances). I think you had it in the "teasers", but not on this page.

  34. Time has passed Robert

    Brad selects Rollie Fingers Vintage
    Matt-Selects Hoyt Wilhelm Vintage
    Kevin selects Ken Harvey Diamond Kings Autograph
    Wicked is on the clock
    Robert is still available to come back in

  35. Nice, psyched about the rollie fingers, my first card of his and i got a nice autograph ball to put it next too!

  36. #60 George Scott.

    Wes, I sent you a list a few days ago....

  37. Replies
    1. Who is that with you in your profile picture, WickedOrtega?

  38. Robert goes with George Scott
    Wicked goes with the Chris Ford Rookie
    Kevin Danny's All Star's Vintage
    Dan is on the clock

  39. Nolan Ryan 1980 Topps (135)

  40. Dan takes Nolan Ryan 1980 Topps
    Brian takes Harry Chiti
    Brad takes N Suh graded rookie
    Brian takes Jim Brewer Vintage
    Dutch takes Mariano Rivera Strike Force
    Wicked is on the clock

  41. Sorry. 22 hours. Different time zone.

  42. We shall move on. Wicked may come back at any time
    Dutch selects Rob Bell Autograph
    Brian selects Billy Gardner Vintage
    Brad selects Tony Hunt Autograph
    Brian selects Lou Thornton 3D
    Dan is up to pick

  43. 4th Round going up.

    Kevin selects Hitting Area Vintage
    Wicked is on the clock

  44. Looks like the Pinson Hitting Area didn't get numbered. Hopefully this was my only numbering error.

    Freestyle picking today if you like. Heading to work.

  45. Since i'm 3rd i'll make a top 3 list for this pick:

    1. roy Halladay 2012 Topps Canary
    2. Freddy Garcia UD Jersey
    3. Jermaine O Neal UD Jersey

  46. Seeing as I'm up fourth, here are my picks in order..

    59. Joe Morgan
    56. Bubba Morton
    57. Earl Wilson
    58. Paul Popovich


  47. Kevin goes with Mickey Mantle Golden Greats
    Matt goes with Ken Griffey Jr. Coin
    Brad goes with Roy Halladay 2012 Topps Canary
    Robert goes with Joe Morgan Vintage
    Josh Deangelo Williams Spx Jersey
    Curtis is on the clock

  48. 136 Josh Gibson Origins of the game

  49. Curtis takes Gibson Origins
    Dutch takes Nolan Ryan 1991 Topps

    Round 5
    Dutch takes D. Betances 2012 Topps Canary
    Curtis is back on the clock

  50. With the 63rd overall pick, the Josh D's select:
    #32 - Marcell Dareus Jersey

    Presuming Robert and Brad's lists still hold....it looks like:
    Robert: Bubba Morton
    Brad: Freddy Garcia UD Jersey

    Viva Round 5!

  51. Curtis selects Eric Young 2012 Canary
    Josh D Selects Marcell Dareus Jersey
    Robert goes with Bubba Morton vintage
    Brad goes with Freddy Garcia Jersey
    Matt goes with Josh McCown Jersey
    Kevin goes with Cal Ripken Golden Greats

    Moving right along in round 5

    Wicked is on the clock

  52. Replies
    1. http://jaybarkerfan.blogspot.com/2012/05/move-is-complete-invitation.html

      20, according to this.

  53. Carlos Rogers topps DPP 2 Color Jersey

  54. 20 Rounds

    Wicked goes with Carlos Rogers Jersey
    Kevin goes with Albert Pujols Golden Greats
    Dan is on the clock

  55. Dan Takes Doc Halladay Mini
    Brian takes Larry Hisle Kellogs
    Brad takes Earl Wilson
    Brian takes Mark Teixeira Bazooka Red
    Dutch takes Capt Jack Glasscock Ginter
    Wicked is on the clock with last pick of 5 and first round of 6

  56. Dang! You beat me to the Hogan!

  57. Wicked takes Corvette Mini
    Wicked takes Hulk Hogan Chrome
    Dutch takes Al Weis Vintage
    Brian ARod Gallery
    Brad Patrick Willis Black Chrome Rookie
    Brian Gary Holman Rookie Cup Vintage
    Dan is on the clock

    Round 6 pumping

  58. Dan goes with Brett Hull Hologram
    Kevin goes with Evan Longoria Chrome Rookie
    Wicked is on the clock

  59. Its right at 24 Hours. We will press on. Wicked can come back at any time.
    Kevin goes with Mike Piazza Turbo Charged
    Matt goes with Adrian Peterson Hit Rookie
    Brad goes with Jeremy Maclin Rookie
    Robert is on the clock. I remember you saying you had sent a list a while back but I never got it.

  60. Based on Robert's comment at:
    June 12, 2012 11:15 AM
    It looks like he wants #58 - Paul Popovich

    I will take #93 - Garo Yepremian

    Rosenort's turn.

  61. Andrew McCutcheon 87 Topps Mini

  62. I will take card # 58 Paul Popovich


  63. Robert goes with Paul Popovich Vintage
    Josh goes with Garo Yapremian Vintage
    Curtis goes with Andrew McCutcheon 87 Topps Mini
    Dutch goes with Don Gross Vintage

    Round 7
    Dutch goes with Tom Sturdivant Vintage

    Curtis is back on the clock
    Wicked can still come back at any time

  64. Yes -- to the list! :-) Schottenheimer, please.

  65. Wicked comes back to take Stone Cold
    Robert takes Bill Lee Vintage
    Brad goes with Tommie Agee Traded
    Emailing Matt about a question with his pick...Then...

  66. Matt goes with HBK Heritage
    Kevin goes with Charlie Beamon vintage
    Wicked is on the clock

  67. Wicked goes with Dusty Rhodes XFractor
    Kevin goes with Arnie Portocarrero
    Dan is on the clock

  68. Robinson Cano 87 Topps mini from 2012 topps

  69. Dan goes with Robinson Cano 87 Mini
    Brian goes with Cubs Team Vintage
    Brad goes with Tommy John Vintage
    Brian goes with Etchebarren Prospects Vintage
    Dutch goes with Joe Moeller Vintage
    Wicked is up for last of 7th Round and First of 8th

  70. B17 Mini
    Marko Jaric Sterling Jersey

  71. Wicked goes with B17 Mini

    Into Round 8
    Wicked goes with Marko Jaric Sterling Jersey
    Dutch goes with Charlie Lau Vintage
    Brian goes with Reggie Jackson Home Run Legends
    Brad goes with Andre Dawson Flair Greats
    Brian goes with Frank Robinson Home Run Legends
    Dan is on the clock

  72. Dan selects Mike Ryan Vintage
    Kevin selects Larry Fitzgerald Refractor
    Wicked is on the clock

  73. Wicked goes with Mickie James Chrome
    Kevin goes with Nolan Ryan Gold Standard
    Matt goes with John Navarre Bowman Autograph
    Brad goes with Ken Griffey Game Time
    Robert goes with Jay Cutler Lucky 13 Rookie
    Josh goes with Jackie Joyner Kersee Cut Plug
    Curtis is on the clock

  74. Curtis goes with Ichiro 87 Mini
    Dutch Goes with George Brunet

    Round 9 Begins
    Dutch goes with Dave Revering
    Curtis is on the clock

  75. Walter Johnson Origins of the Game

  76. Josh goes with Chris Getz Topps Blue
    Robert goes with Walter Payton UD Masterpieces
    Brad goes with Roddy Piper Ginter
    Matt goes with Aaron Brooks Zenith
    Kevin Edgerrin James Refractor
    Wicked is on the clock

  77. Wicked goes with the Okur Jersey
    Kevin goes with Shaq's Bowmans Best Retro
    Dan is on the clock

  78. Al Kaline Heritage Flashback (156)

  79. Dan goes with Al Kaline Flashback
    Brian Zach Greinke 2012 Topps Red
    Brad Joe Klopfenstein Artifacts Autograph
    Brian Jose Altuve 2012 Topps Canary
    Dutch Tom Haller Vintage
    Wicked is up for the last of the 9th and first of the 10th

  80. lol....Marty Booker Private Stock Jersey

    Steve Nash Scoreboard Rookie

  81. I'm going on vacation this weekend -- trying to get as many rounds in as we can before I leave. :-)

    (I will send Wes a full list of picks before I go)

  82. Dutch goes with Len Gabrielson
    Brian Ernie Banks Home Run History
    Brad Deandre McDaniel Press Pass Autograph
    Brian Brandon MCcarthy Canary
    Dan is up

  83. Doug Henry Leaf Signature Auto

  84. Dan goes with Doug Henry Auto
    Kevin goes with Early Doucette Bowman Jersey
    Wicked is on the clock

  85. Thomas jones Star of the NFL Jersey

  86. Wicked goes with Thomas Jones Jersey
    Kevin goes with Termell Sledge Autograph
    Matt goes with Jermaine O Neal Jersey
    Brad goes with Jon Knott SPX Autograph
    Robert goes with Ernie Whitt Prospects
    Josh goes with Kelvin Herrera Topps Blue
    Curtis is on the clock

  87. Curtis goes with Todd Helton Revolution
    Dutch Goes with Russ Snider Vintage

    Round 11 Begins
    Dutch Goes with Ted Davidson Vintage
    Curtis is on the clock

  88. Laurence Maroney BCCG Score Rookie 10

  89. Curtis goes with the Maroney graded
    Josh Alexis Gomez Game time Rookie
    Robert Craig Kimbrell 87 Topps Mini
    Brad Paul Smith Icons Autograph
    Matt Dan Naulty Autograph
    Kevin Mike Trout Gold Futures
    Wicked is up in round 11

  90. Wicked goes with Chad Johnson Press Pass Rookie
    Kevin goes with Shawn Kemp Flair Hot Numbers
    Dan is on the clock

  91. Bradley Sullivan Chrome Auto (7)

  92. Dan goes with Bradley Sullivan Chrome Auto
    Brian goes with Nate Schierholtz Canary
    Brad goes with Marlon Barnes Jersey
    Brian goes with Jesus Guzman Canary
    Dutch goes with Paul Reuschel Vintage
    Wicked is up for last of 11th/first of 12th

  93. tim Hardaway Mini
    Juwan Howard Mini

  94. Dutch goes with Dave Rader Vintage
    Brian goes with Yuniel Escobar Topps Red
    Brad is on the clock

  95. Heres my next three in order:
    Andy Van Slyke SP die cut
    Dan Lefevour certified autograph
    Rickey Henderson Dream Team

  96. Brad goes with Andy Van Slyke Die Cut
    Brian goes with Josh Bell 2012 Topps Blue
    Dan is on the clock

  97. Dan goes Jim Thome EX
    Kevin goes with Albert Pujols 2012 Topps Heritage
    Wicked is on the clock

  98. Wicked goes with the Larry Johnson Star Pics
    Kevin goes with Ray Rice Star Rookie
    Matt goes with Jeff Van Camp Autograph
    Brad goes with Dan Lefevor Autograph
    Robert goes with Roy Halladay Leather and Lumber
    Josh goes with Gale Sayers Obak
    Curtis is up

  99. Dutch goes with Albert Belle HD

    Round 13 begins with
    Dutch goes with Barry Larkin HD

    Curtis is up

  100. Curtis goes with Strasburg Heritage
    Josh goes with booker T Washington
    Robert goes with Prince Fielder Exponential
    Brad goes with Ricky Henderson Dream Team
    Matt goes with Michael Johnson SPX Auto
    Kevin goes with Bill Stoneman Vintage
    Wicked is up

  101. Cedric Houston Donruss Classics Autograph

  102. My next in order:
    Sam Bradford Power Picks
    Chipper Jones topps Draft Pick
    Charles Barkley Finest
    Matt Forte Star Rookie
    Mickey Mantle HR Countdown

  103. Wicked goes with Ced Houston Auto
    Kevin is up, list has run out

  104. Still waiting emailing Kevin now. If no pick in the morning we will move one.

  105. Kevin takes Orien Greene Jersey
    Dan takes Andre Ethier 87 Topps Mini
    Brian takes Jason Vargas 2012 Topps Blue
    Brad takes Sam Bradford Power Picks
    Brian takes Juan Gonzalez Promo
    Dutch is up, need a new list bud

  106. I think he wants the "Sting" card....I loved him as part of The Police.

  107. Time has passed Dutch. Wicked is up for two picks

  108. Jay Bruce 2012 Topps Blue
    Ryan Zimmerman Heritage Mini Sticker

  109. Dutch is back up for two picks. Emailing him.

  110. Dutch goes with Ryan/Weaver TT(182)
    Dutch goes with Nomar Garciaparra Tools(170)
    Brian goes with Orioles Team Card Vintage
    Brad goes with Chipper Jones Topps Draft Pick
    Brian goes with Frank Francisco Rookie
    Dan goes with Derek Jeter Aurora
    Kevin goes with Woodrow Dantzler Jersey
    Continuing up the board Wicked is on the clock

  111. Wicked goes with Chris Webber Classic Rookie
    Kevin goes with Tom Santi Autograph
    Matt goes with Darrell Hackney Jersey
    Brad goes with Charles Barkley Finest
    Robert goes with brett Favre flight to 420
    Josh goes with Marconi Mini
    Curtis is up

  112. Mickey Mantle Home Run Legends

  113. Dutch Selects Dodgers Big 3 Heritage

    Next round going down
    Dutch selects Dante Bichette Coin
    Curtis on the clock

  114. Curtis goes with Mickey Mantle 2012 Topps
    Josh goes with Drew Brees(252)
    Robert goes with Matt Stafford Game Breakers
    Brad goes with Matt Forte Star Rookie
    Matt is up

  115. Time passed Matt
    Kevin goes with Ken Durett Vintage
    Wicked is back up and Matt can come back in at any time

  116. Time has passed Wicked and Matt. They can come back in at any time.

    Kevin goes with Mickey Vernon Archives
    Dan goes with Darwin Minds that Made that Future
    Brian goes with Roy Halladay Double Header Mini
    Brad goes with Mickey Mantle HR Countdown
    Brian goes with Roberto Alomar Double Header Mini
    Dutch goes with Willie Mays Home Run Legends
    Wicked is actually up for 3 picks

  117. Heading on. Matt still due 1 pick. Wicked 3
    Dutch is up need a new list or direction on picks bud

  118. my next list in order:
    Albert Pujols Home Run Legends
    Rickey Henderson Leaf Collections
    Ryan Braun Rookie Cup Chrome
    Pedro martinez Twin Bill
    Steve Young Legends

  119. Any mini from this point is fine with me !

  120. Given that all the "hits" are now taken and there are less than 100 cards left, can we speed up the process?

    Maybe cut down the time-limit to 4-6 hours, or say that anyone without a submitted preference list gets skipped until they submit their picks. It shouldn't be too hard for everyone to email/post a list of their preferences for what remains. Obviously they could come back in and make all their missed picks at anytime.

    My guess is that if anyone had their heart set on a particular card they have already taken it so they wouldn't be too broken-up if someone picked ahead of them. Maybe we can wrap this thing up before it is two months old. :-)

    -Josh D.

  121. Josh-I am going to take your suggestion. I will do my best to visit every six hours or so. Hopefully everyone that doesn't have current lists can peruse what's left and submit one so we can wrap this up.

    Dutch goes with Reed Johnson Mini
    Brian goes with Waverly Hills Mini
    Brad goes with Albert Pujols Home Run Legends
    Brian goes with Captain Charles Johnson
    Dan goes with MLK K Jr Heritage
    Kevin goes with Joe Dimaggio Gold Standard
    Wicked is up and has six hours. I will check before I go to bed.

  122. Moving on...

    Kevin goes with Terry Bradshaw Mini
    Wicked is back up. I will check again in the morn

  123. Actually Matt is up but Wicked is still due 4 Picks. Matt due 2

  124. Moving on
    Brad goes with Rickey Henderson Leaf Collections
    Robert is up. List is done
    Will check back for picks this afternoon

  125. Time has passed Robert .

    Josh goes with David Robinson Davids Best. 271
    Curtis is up

  126. Hi Wes, can you please use the list I emailed on July 16?

    I would prefer
    279. Eli manning Topps Magic
    for my Round 16 pick.

    -Josh D.

  127. No prob Josh. You might want to resend that list, I don't have it.

  128. I will go with
    Reggie Jackson Sportsflix


    Mike Piazza Characteristics if its there on the way back down

  129. Curtis goes with Reggie Jackson Sportsflix
    Dutch goes with Winchester Mystery House Mini
    Dutch goes with Fire eating Mini
    Curtis goes with Mike Piazza Characteristics
    Josh goes with Jay Strongbow Foil
    Robert is back on the clock. Will check in the morning

  130. I'll take 164. Derek Jeter Ginter

  131. Robert goes with Jeter Ginter/I believe you are still due a pick from earlier
    Brad goes with Ryan Braun Rookie Cup Chrome
    Matt is up, will check back in the morning

  132. No pick from Matt. He's due a few picks.

    Moving on to Kevin who goes with Herschel Walker Mini

    Wicked is up, will check back later this evening

  133. Time Passed

    Kevin goes with Karl Malone Finest
    Dan goes with Cuban Missile Crisis
    Brian goes with Toto Mini
    Brad goes with Pedro Martinez twin Bill
    Brian goes with Andrea Gail Mini
    Dutch goes with Manny Ramirez Standing O Mini
    Wicked is up. Will check again later today

  134. Dale Earnhardt
    Scott Steiner
    Kevin Garnett Classic Foil
    Gary Payton supreme Court
    Jason Terry Fleer Brilliants Rookie
    Jason terry Rookie

  135. Wickeds picks are in
    Dutch is up. Mini's are gone my friend. Need a pick

  136. Movin on from Dutch.
    Brian goes with Jim Thome OTG
    Brad goes with Steve Young Legends
    Brian goes with Fergie Jenkins Archives
    Dan goes with Jordan League Leaders
    Kevin goes with Gary Sheffield Coin
    Wicked is back up

  137. My next list:
    Walter Payton Team Leaders
    Sean Casey Sticktoitness
    Bryant Johnson Prestigious Pros
    David Robinson Topps Gold
    Christian Laettner Ultra Rookie
    Clyde Drexler Career Highlights

  138. Movin on?

    Brad's gonna get that Payton I had my eyes on. :-)

  139. I will be back in the morning. Just had a sec to pop in. Been covered up for the last couple of days.

  140. Kevin's list has expired as well. I'm going to try and get in touch with all participants today. I will be back tomorrow late night and will be finishing this. If I have lists then that will be much easier. If not, I will just assign cards.

  141. Not sure how many picks I have left, if any. I would take the Carlton Fisk Walkoffs and other than that random Baseball is fine, I will be on holidays starting Saturday so my availability will be limited.

  142. Wicked goes with Jason Terry EX Rookie
    Kevin goes with Nomar Garciaparra Batters.com
    Matt goes with Juan Encarnacion Unleashed
    Brad goes with Walter Payton Team Leaders
    Robert goes with Ascent of Man 220
    Josh goes with Ascent of Man(Right after Eric Wynalda)
    Curtis goes with Carlton Fisk Walkoffs
    Dutch goes with Mark Teixeira Walkoffs

  143. Round 19 and 20 tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!

  144. Dutch goes with Miguel Cabrera Superstar Celebration
    Curtis goes with Sean Casey Sticktoitness
    Josh goes with David Robinson's Best(271)
    Robert goes with Joe Morgan Golden Moments
    Brad goes with Bryant Johnson Prestigious Pros
    Matt goes with Ortiz/Martinez TT
    Kevin goes with 2012 Topps Cardinals Canary
    Wicked goes with Jose Reyes 2012 Heritage
    Kevin goes with Bailey Eckersley TT
    Dan goes with David Robinson Topps Gold
    Brian goes with Dirk Nowitski Team Heroes
    Brad goes with Christian Laettner Ultra Rookie
    Brian goes with Ken Caminiti Coin
    Dutch goes with Mo Vaughn Coin
    Wicked goes with Emmitt Smith Stadium Club Exclusive

    Round 20 in a while

  145. Round 20
    Wicked goes with Charles Barkley Rebound Kings
    Dutch goes with Antonio McDyess Slam
    Brian goes with Felix Jones Bowman Rookie
    Brad goes with Clyde Drexler Career Highlights
    Brian goes with La Gloirie ship
    Dan goes with Beth Phoenix Divas
    Kevin goes with James Worthy All Star Gold
    Wicked goes with Blaine Gabbert Press Pass Rookie
    Kevin goes with N damakong Suh Trophy Club
    Matt goes with Tim Hightower Rookie
    Brad goes with Taiwan Jones Rookie
    Robert goes with Early Doucett Prime time Players
    Josh goes with Triple Football Rookie
    Curtis goes with Alex Daigle Foil
    Dutch goes with Eric Wynalda Team Leaders

    I will be assigning the missed pick cards over the weekend and will mail all packages on Monday!