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Friday, October 28, 2011

Like fun? Want some cheap fun?

Tomahawk Chopping is running a tradebait draft which I think will be a lot of fun!  And it's only $15 bucks, drop on by and tell him jbf sent ya!  Wow, I've never referred to myself as jbf-sweet.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trade post-Thanks to Spankee

Big thanks to Spankee!  Received my end of a trade today-Some Josh Willingham goodies for the binder:

Just as important to me is the fact that I picked up my Spankee badge for this trade! Love it!  Thanks again!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some more traders: Rangers/Mets/Yankees/Dodgers

Think I know who will jump on these...Let's trade!

Jason Giambi 2003 UD Honor Roll Deans List White Swatch DL-JG
Jay Payton 2001 UD Subway Series GU Black Swatch SS-JP
Kevin Brown 2001 Private Stock GU Gear White Swatch 90
Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom Ticket TS-87 059/110

The more gu I pick up, the more I see chipping on corners.  Even when I pull from packs there is usually chipping. No different hear but still four nice cards.  Looking for Braves or anything from my player needs.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lets trade...Some new things for you...maybe

While thinking on all things blogging today, I decided I'm not doing enough of the main thing that is the reason I started this blogging journey. Trading!  My first MAJOR contest is winding down so lets try some trading.  I'm looking for Braves, AZ Cardinals, anything in my signature, or maybe anything.  I'm easy like Sunday morning.  Here's some new pickups that you may be interested in.....

A sick football patch:

Willis McGahee 2007 UD Ultimate Game Patch 4 Color UGP-WM 78/99
Some football-couple of signatures and a jersey:

Willie Davis 2011 Press Pass Saturday Signatures SS-WD2
Antonio Freeman 2011 Press Pass Saturday Signatures SS-AF
Mike Kafka 2010 Press Pass Game Day Gear GDG-MK 02/99

Some baseball....a jersey card and a bat card
Alex Rios 2007 UD Series 2 Game Materials Jersey UD-AR
Eric Davis 2005 Donruss Champions Impressions Bat Card 58
 Some more baseball...a jersey...future HOF'er...The Doctor is in....
Roy Halladay 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Destined for History Jersey DHM-RH
Finally...A card with a tiny dot of fabric that has touched a stunning starlet....Three words for ya....
Jessica Clair Biel Pop Cards White Fabric Card #1


Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Mystery Round is Live!!!!

Well here we go with the Mystery Round.  Hopefully there are some great items in here that everyone will enjoy.  Sorry the digital camera is D.O.A.  so we are going without pictures at this point:

Here is the all important draft order
1.  Matt-#11 Jordan Swagerty Team USA Jersey
2.  scb.net-#16 Marion Barber 2011 End Zone Icons Patch
3.  hiflew-#2 Erick Dampier Dress Code Jersey
4.  Matt-#7 Kurt Angle TNA Xtreme Memorabilia(LOCKED)
5.  potch-#13 Willie Brown Saturday Signatures Auto(LOCKED)
6.  Fuji-#9 Ronnie Belliard Bowman Sterling Bat Card
7.  hackenbush-#10 Jamal Lewis Absolute 2 Color Patch
8.  CCC-#18 Jonny Ash Tristar Autograph
9.  CCC-#4 2003 Net Pro International Series Complete Set
10. Matt-#1 Oceans Twelve DVD
11.  CC#21 Monte Irvin 1954 Red Man All Stars(LOCKED)
12.  potch#6 Eddie Lebaron 2011 Obak Autograph(LOCKED)
13.  scb.net-#8 Mike Thomas 2009 Prestige Auto(LOCKED)
14.  Fuji-#19 Sammy Sosa Sweet Spot Jersey Card with Stripe(LOCKED)
15.  Morgan-#20-1938 Flower Studies Tobacco Card
16.  Fuji-#5 Charley Trippi 8x10 Autographed Inscribed with HOF 68
17.  Eric L-Jason Schmidt and Scott Rolen Coins
18.  Ryan G.-#3 Jamie Bergman Benchwarmers Autograph(LOCKED)
19.  Matt-#14 Jessica Alba Pop Cards Event Worn Memorabilia(LOCKED)
20.   CCC#17 James Casey Autograph
21.  scb.net 

Matt, please start us off by picking a #1-21 so that I may reveal prize 1. Time Limit of twelve hours is still going to be in effect!  Have fun!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Final Round of the 100th Blog Post Draft Party-Mystery Round-Prelims

I sincerely hope all have had a blast. Thank you again to everyone that has read or reads my blog. The time has come for the final round of my contest...The Mystery Round.

Here's how it's gonna work...
There are 21 prizes in this final round. Each will start as a mystery with simply a # 1-21 attached

Each player has one pick in this round
Fuji has two bonus picks, Matt has 3 bonus picks, CCC has 3 bonus picks, Potch has 1, and SCB.net has two
I will post a draft order at some point over the weekend and we will then begin
After the order is revealed, whomever has the first pick will select a # and that prize will be revealed.
#2 will have an opportunity to steal that prize or select their own. 
It will continue this way throughout the draft. Each prize can only be stolen once.  If you steal it, then its yours.  The person that lost that prize may then select a new number or steal another prize.

Let me know if there are any questions??? The Mystery begins over the weekend---------

Please go ahead and start emailing me your mailing addys please.   lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wacky round is Now Live. Lets get Wacky!

The time for the wacky round has arrived.  Here's the swerve, I will list 10 items.  Your pick is to be used to pick an item for another drafter.  IE Eric L has the first pick, he must select an item and gift it to another drafter and tell why they selected it for the other blogger....I will help keep track so everyone gets a wacky selection sent their way.  Here are the selections:

Boba Fett Figure(He will sell your ass down the river)
 1994 Canadian Dollar(Will buy you something in Canada)

Tampa Bay Lightning Puck(It's been through it)

Teena Marie Ultimate Hits(How can you go wrong here)
A Sun Silly Band(Don't tell my step daughter)
Kamala Uno Card(Draw 4 or I will unleash the Ugandan Headhunter)

Country Gravy Mix(Thats good stuff, I don't care where yer from)
No Picture Available because my camera just died
A Golf Ball-Titleist(My dog ate it)
Same as above-it's pretty tore up tho
Kroger Pin(You too can be an outrageous service champion)
It's a pin that say Kroger Outrageous Service Champion
A white tiger toy(If it was real-you would have tiger blood)
Has some blue paint on it, May have raided a smurf village

Don't forget there is also a bonus pick here, here is your draft order:

There is no draft order-First to get in gets to make the first pick. Number 2, Number 3 Etc.  Get Wacky

Here are the drafters if you need a list, I will try to highlight them as they receive their wacky pick.
Eric L    Hackenbush  Fuji   CCC Hiflew  Morgan SCB.net  Ryan  Potch   Matt  

Sunday, October 2, 2011