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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wacky round is Now Live. Lets get Wacky!

The time for the wacky round has arrived.  Here's the swerve, I will list 10 items.  Your pick is to be used to pick an item for another drafter.  IE Eric L has the first pick, he must select an item and gift it to another drafter and tell why they selected it for the other blogger....I will help keep track so everyone gets a wacky selection sent their way.  Here are the selections:

Boba Fett Figure(He will sell your ass down the river)
 1994 Canadian Dollar(Will buy you something in Canada)

Tampa Bay Lightning Puck(It's been through it)

Teena Marie Ultimate Hits(How can you go wrong here)
A Sun Silly Band(Don't tell my step daughter)
Kamala Uno Card(Draw 4 or I will unleash the Ugandan Headhunter)

Country Gravy Mix(Thats good stuff, I don't care where yer from)
No Picture Available because my camera just died
A Golf Ball-Titleist(My dog ate it)
Same as above-it's pretty tore up tho
Kroger Pin(You too can be an outrageous service champion)
It's a pin that say Kroger Outrageous Service Champion
A white tiger toy(If it was real-you would have tiger blood)
Has some blue paint on it, May have raided a smurf village

Don't forget there is also a bonus pick here, here is your draft order:

There is no draft order-First to get in gets to make the first pick. Number 2, Number 3 Etc.  Get Wacky

Here are the drafters if you need a list, I will try to highlight them as they receive their wacky pick.
Eric L    Hackenbush  Fuji   CCC Hiflew  Morgan SCB.net  Ryan  Potch   Matt  


  1. Since the Rockies are the closest team to the sun, I'll send hiflew the silly band. I hope it "brightens" your day! (I'll show myself the door.)

  2. Okay, I'm going to pick the country gravy for Morgan, because she's from the south and might be the only one here who knows how to fry chicken properly to use it. But then again, being in the south, she probably already has a perfect recipe.

  3. I send Hackenbush a Titleist golf ball...

    Because hacking in bushes is what I do when I go golfing.

  4. I'll send Cheap Card Collecting the Canadian dollar. Maybe one of his next tips for collecting cards cheaply will be "to win Canadian money in a blogger contest." However, all that gas to get to Canada to use it might be expensive!

    (I hope I didn't miss anyone who actually lives in Canada.)

  5. I will send Ryan G the Kamala card because he needs to be headhunted for assuming that I can't fry chicken too. I fry a mean bird.

    What else do you expect from a Kentucky boy?

  6. Loving this.

    Still left to give: Fuji,Eric L, CCC, Hackenbush, Potch

    Still left to receive: Fuji, Eric L, Potch, Matt, SCB.net

  7. Fuji has to get the Boba Fett figure. It'll look great next to his sports figures.

  8. Johnny, you have been tainted by Coors beer fumes permeating the thin air. Besides, you can't fry chicken at that altitude. (Hah!)

    Eric L: I was thinking exactly that. It feels right up his alley.

  9. From Hackenbush:
    I'll give Potch the Tiger. Maybe his daughter would like it if he can get the paint off of it.

  10. Still left to receive:

    Still left to give: Fuji, CCC, Potch

    Still left to receive: Eric L,SCB.net, Matt

  11. I'll give Eric L the Teena Marie Ultimate Hits since there are no mustaches or manupatches.I'm pretty sure it's the best gift anyways.

  12. I'll give Matt the Tampa Bay Lightning puck. It seems he has an interest in the sport, so it seems like a good fit. Then again, maybe he works at Kroger and I'm missing an opportunity. Oh well.

  13. WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!! I'm excited, for one, because of my love for hockey, and two, because I was fearful for that Teena Marie cd.

  14. I was surprised it was still around!

  15. That leaves Fuji to give and SCB.net to receive. Since only the Kroger pin remains, congrats to SCB.net. You win the Kroger pin and the Bonus pick. The final round....the mystery round will begin at some point this weekend.

  16. Woohoo! I am the Outrageous Service Champion!

  17. I always wondered how I ended up with the Boba Fett... thanks a million Eric. It's sitting on my shelf in my classroom.

    I apologize for not paying attention... hopefully SCB.net received something.