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Friday, February 19, 2016

Receiving cards from one of the best

Another supertrader dropped a bubbler on me recently.  Any time I see a bubbler from the Ontario area I get a little giddy.  Douglas from Sportscards from the Dollar Store is what I would consider one of the specialists here in the trading realm.  His packages almost always should great depth and variety.  He attacks what you are looking for and always finds some great cardboard!  He didn't disappoint this go round either.  Check out these cards from a supertrader:

 I am the Bama Guy and I always find some goodies in the Canadian bubblers from Ontario.
 Again, targeting one of my key interests-BRAVOS Auto Action
 This is a beautiful Cardinals Jersey Auto!  Checkmate!
 DC always remembers that I have a Mavericks itch and here he scratches it with a lovely Dirk and a Mav I needed!
 Another beautiful Mav with this Ginormous Swatch!
DSC ends the bubbler with this beautiful graded signature.  He showcased this on his blog and indicated it might be coming my way.  I was excited.  It is beautiful in hand!

Thank you very much my friend!  I have one ready for you that will be going out soon. #supertraders

A Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary introduction from a Super Trader

The band of supertraders is mostly a group that I'm already familiar with in trading terms.  I was drawn to invite Brian from Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary because of his affiliation with Great Scott aka Bob Walk the Plank  Bob's word is good as gold with me and he spoke kindly of Brian.  I was lucky enough to receive a "modest" PWE from my newest trading partner Brian.

 Brian started out modestly enough with a pair of Bravos
 Sweet! A nice Gypsy Queen Relic
 We may be moving past modesty and into showing off with this epic Stringfellow!
 OK we have officially blown past modesty with a 1951 Topps Bravo!!!!
 Senor Smoke IP Auto. Si Si Si
 Brian even did his research and dialed up the Crimson meter with this awesome auto!
Punching an exclamation point onto this modest package was an IP auto of the Willinghammer!!  BOOOOOOM

Brian-This was quite a nice PWE and I thank you sir!  Welcome to the supertraders group!!

A really nice card from Twitter

I have to admit that I'm not super active on Twitter.  I go through spells where I want to get it fired up but never can seem to stay interested.  Gotta throw a shout out to my buddy Sport Card Collectors who gave me the tip on this one.  A few tweets and DM's later and I had this one on the way to me
Quite a spiffy Donaldson #'d 3 out of 10.  Only my second Donaldson auto!  Very sweet.

Thanks again to SCC-maybe I should spend more time on twitter!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Supertrading with Jared from CMMDTO

Something tells me I'm going to need to pump up my efforts on getting cards showcased on the blog as I'm way behind.  Sorry if I've missed anyone-I'm still working through quite a few maildays.

Today I wanted to show off some cards I received from fellow supertrader Jared from Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out!
 Jared started it off with some Donaldson which always fires me up these days.
 He's also added to my vintage pile that I'm trying to focus on this year.  I needed them both for my binders.
Finally, what could end any mailday better than some Willinghammer Xfractor action!

Thanks so much for the cards my friend!  Looking forward to many more swaps in the future!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Outgoing mail alert

Make ready....


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesdays with Willingham courtesy of a Super Trader

I'm really excited to see all the buzz surrounding the Super Traders group!  Can't wait to see the maildays start coming in for everyone.

But today is Wednesday and it's time to showcase some new Willinghammer pickups.  These came courtesy of fellow supertrader Mr Great Scott aka Bob Walk the Plank.  Matthew is simply one of the best no matter what your criteria.  He wowed me with this one!

Great Scott started out innocently enough with just a Bowman cracked ice and then the insanity begins!
 My Willingham auto binder is going to be swelling!
 Love both of those dual autos and that leather has held its auto very nicely. Beautiful patch on that SPX
 This one is a very crisp and clean design
Simply a stunning amazing patch!!  Gorgeous! 

You've done it again my friend.  Now it's on me to even our score.  Luckily...I've been preparing.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Pretty Big Redus Event

Cheers to everyone for jumping on board with the Super Traders.  Today, though, I want to share something special that has arrived here at the jaybarkerfan headquarters.

I've talked many times before about my Gary Redus collection and why I collect him.  Let's take a look at something I was lucky enough to pull together.

This is Redus Base Card from Tristar Obak
 This is the Redus Autograph from Obak.  I can't tell you how blown away when I found out that he had been included as an auto subject.
 These are the four printing plates for the base cards
And these are the four printing plates for the autograph cards
 At first I was skeptical that these might not be legitamite
But after doing some research I discovered that the printing plates were most likely not inserted into packs and these seemed like a go.  The only hold up was they were kind of pricey but the seller worked with me and finally these magical Redus'es have splashed down here!  Very glad to have them!

Thanks for reading! Have a Redusriffic Day!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Willingham Wednesday on a Friday

Hope everyone is having a great week!  Missed my weekly Willingham post on Wednesday so I'm here to share another COMC Willinghammer Mailday. Enjoy!

 A pair of Polar Bear Autos
 4 More for my most plentiful Willingham set
 Nice Heroes Charcoal #'d to 50
 Double Vision
 JWill by the Letter
 A Very Nice Ultimate Dual Swatch with Pinstripes #'d to 35

Actually I also received my best Willingham mailday ever this week. It came courtesy of fellow SUPERTRADER Bob Walk(Shocker).  Matt always swings a heavy hammer.  Can't wait to share the kindness that he sent my way!

Be sure and get those SUPERTRADER addresses in to myself or PATP.  Until next time take it easy!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Supertraders Update

Good afternoon!  Brian from PATP has been kind enough to put together of all the Super Traders.  He needs quite a few addresses to compile this master list.  If you want you can email me at lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com with your up to date mailing address and I will get it to Brian.

Get ready for a great 2016-Big things ahead for the Super Traders!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Meet the Super Traders

For anyone that is ready to get to sending and trading here is the current list for the Super Traders Group.  If you need an introduction to anyone and are too shy to get in contact I'll help you make a connection.

Red Sox-Mark Hoyle
Yankees-Lost Collector
Rays-I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning
White Sox-2 by 3 Heroes
Blue Jays-Card Papoy via Bob Walk the Plank
Indians-Currently Unassigned
Tigers-A Cracked Bat
Royals-Currently Unassigned
Twins-Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary
Astros-The Daily Dimwit
Angels-The Angels in Order
Athletics-The Chronicles of San Jose Fuji
Mariners-Junior Junkie
Rangers-Play at the Plate
Marlins-Currently Unassigned
Mets-Sportscards from the Dollar Store
Phillies-Brad's Blog
Nationals-Brett Cooper
Cubs-Waiting till Next Year
Reds-Cardboard Clubhouse
Brewers-Off Hiatus Baseball Cards
Pirates-Bob Walk the Plank
Cardinals-Cards on Cards
Diamondbacks-Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out
Rockies-Infield Fly Rule
Dodgers-Night Owl Cards
Padres-The Underdog Card Collector
Giants-Arpsmith's SportCard Obsession

Let's have fun!