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Friday, February 19, 2016

A really nice card from Twitter

I have to admit that I'm not super active on Twitter.  I go through spells where I want to get it fired up but never can seem to stay interested.  Gotta throw a shout out to my buddy Sport Card Collectors who gave me the tip on this one.  A few tweets and DM's later and I had this one on the way to me
Quite a spiffy Donaldson #'d 3 out of 10.  Only my second Donaldson auto!  Very sweet.

Thanks again to SCC-maybe I should spend more time on twitter!


  1. That is cool. His stuff is pretty hot right now, especially the ones featuring him in the Jays uniform. You need to get his chrome rookie auto that features him as a catcher!

  2. No problem buddy. Glad I led you to it! I will keep my eyes peeled for ya