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Monday, February 1, 2016

Meet the Super Traders

For anyone that is ready to get to sending and trading here is the current list for the Super Traders Group.  If you need an introduction to anyone and are too shy to get in contact I'll help you make a connection.

Red Sox-Mark Hoyle
Yankees-Lost Collector
Rays-I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning
White Sox-2 by 3 Heroes
Blue Jays-Card Papoy via Bob Walk the Plank
Indians-Currently Unassigned
Tigers-A Cracked Bat
Royals-Currently Unassigned
Twins-Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary
Astros-The Daily Dimwit
Angels-The Angels in Order
Athletics-The Chronicles of San Jose Fuji
Mariners-Junior Junkie
Rangers-Play at the Plate
Marlins-Currently Unassigned
Mets-Sportscards from the Dollar Store
Phillies-Brad's Blog
Nationals-Brett Cooper
Cubs-Waiting till Next Year
Reds-Cardboard Clubhouse
Brewers-Off Hiatus Baseball Cards
Pirates-Bob Walk the Plank
Cardinals-Cards on Cards
Diamondbacks-Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out
Rockies-Infield Fly Rule
Dodgers-Night Owl Cards
Padres-The Underdog Card Collector
Giants-Arpsmith's SportCard Obsession

Let's have fun!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    Have you considered Infield Fly Rule for the Rockies?

  2. I second that, Infield Fly Rule would be great addition to the group!

  3. Royals and Randoms was my first thought for KC.

    1. He has other pursuits at this time but has offered an alternative!

  4. Too bad the Reds were scooped up immediately! This looks like a fun group!

  5. Infield Fly Rule - he would be great in this group.

  6. Thanks for posting the list. I'll have a post up about the group soon.

  7. Well look at me, I'm part of the group after all ! I have no idea how this works, but I'm in ! (and there are a lot of people in that list I already send all my cards to anyway)

  8. Hey Super Traders---I don't have all your addresses so send me an email with yours please. Maybe Wes could do a group send to give out all the addresses for the group.

  9. Great idea by PATP. I've traded with a bunch of the guys and gals but not all. As of this coming Thursday I will be on vaca for a couple weeks. Will be back and ready to trade shortly after.

  10. Wes, I started a spreadsheet with teams/blog names/names/addresses. If people will send me their addresses I'd be happy to share it with everyone if they don't mind.

  11. Though I will be watching from the sidelines, I look forward to it.

  12. Heck, I might want that list to send cards out to even though I'm not looking for much in the way of baseball. At least this will tell me who I can reach out to.