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Friday, February 19, 2016

Receiving cards from one of the best

Another supertrader dropped a bubbler on me recently.  Any time I see a bubbler from the Ontario area I get a little giddy.  Douglas from Sportscards from the Dollar Store is what I would consider one of the specialists here in the trading realm.  His packages almost always should great depth and variety.  He attacks what you are looking for and always finds some great cardboard!  He didn't disappoint this go round either.  Check out these cards from a supertrader:

 I am the Bama Guy and I always find some goodies in the Canadian bubblers from Ontario.
 Again, targeting one of my key interests-BRAVOS Auto Action
 This is a beautiful Cardinals Jersey Auto!  Checkmate!
 DC always remembers that I have a Mavericks itch and here he scratches it with a lovely Dirk and a Mav I needed!
 Another beautiful Mav with this Ginormous Swatch!
DSC ends the bubbler with this beautiful graded signature.  He showcased this on his blog and indicated it might be coming my way.  I was excited.  It is beautiful in hand!

Thank you very much my friend!  I have one ready for you that will be going out soon. #supertraders