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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Pretty Big Redus Event

Cheers to everyone for jumping on board with the Super Traders.  Today, though, I want to share something special that has arrived here at the jaybarkerfan headquarters.

I've talked many times before about my Gary Redus collection and why I collect him.  Let's take a look at something I was lucky enough to pull together.

This is Redus Base Card from Tristar Obak
 This is the Redus Autograph from Obak.  I can't tell you how blown away when I found out that he had been included as an auto subject.
 These are the four printing plates for the base cards
And these are the four printing plates for the autograph cards
 At first I was skeptical that these might not be legitamite
But after doing some research I discovered that the printing plates were most likely not inserted into packs and these seemed like a go.  The only hold up was they were kind of pricey but the seller worked with me and finally these magical Redus'es have splashed down here!  Very glad to have them!

Thanks for reading! Have a Redusriffic Day!