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Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Chance to help select the most "significant" card of the Junk Wax Era

One last go round to give anyone a chance to share their top three most significant cards from 1987-1993.No right or wrong answers here folks.  Just looking to have some fun and spark some discussion! If you share your top 3 selections then I will enter you in a prize drawing.  Cmon and share your thoughts(As Dusty Rhodes would say)...if you will.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A 4 Card Envelope from 2x3 Heroes

Jeff, from 2x3 Heroes, was nice enough to send me an envelope this week.  Check out the vintage!

 Lovely Cubbies
From out of the shadows comes Taylor and Krug!

Thanks again Jeff!

A Night Owl Trade Package

When you have a package from the Night Owl in your mailbox, prepare for something awesome.  The last envelope I received was no different than any other one I have received from the Famous Owl.  Magnificent stuff ahead!

 O Vintage I love you so!
 Classic Vintage Brett
 A 61 Rookie!
 A true Gem. Blue Shiny Opening Day Willingham!
Thank you my nocturnal friend.  I will return the favor in the very near future!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

UCF has the goods!

My CCW Buddy, Brett aka UCF, continues to deliver the good stuff my way! Great stuff:

 Vintage Bravos!

 Classic 80's Magic
 Classic Skippers
 No matter how many times I see the Postage Stamp Bobby-I still love it!
 Cardinals Auto! Yes Please
Brett- Thanks again Bro!

A Hot Package from the Hot Corner

Pat, from Hot Corner Cards, blew my mailbox up with some vintage cardboard!  Check out this crazy mailday:

 A great table setter! When I saw Gus I knew that something special was lurking.
 Some Bravos
 O the vintage Awesomeness begins
 Pat knows what I like!
 Cardboard Gold

 Check out my Broglio
 Check out the Jim Jones shades on Duren!
 A beautiful Osteen!
 Lets finish it off with some COLOR TV!
Thanks Pat!

Got the Gibby and Friends ready to roll out in the next day or so. Hope you like the goodies I send your way!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Napkin Doon Delivers a Big Fun Bubble Mailer

My mailbox was infiltrated by the illustrious Napkin Doon!  He sent me some sheer awesome cardboard. Check it out!

 Always tempted but no I didn't consume the twenty plus year old gum!
 Far out Man!  Bravos
 Gettting Vintagey
 Every gold portrait card I get reminds me of the golden ticket!
 I've been Tolan'ed
 And Lindblad'ed
 Now we are getting awesome!
 Pure Beauty
 Not as vintage but still a gem!
Many thanks to you my friend!  Expect to see me in your box real soon!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ask and yea shall receive

My friend Adam, from the Arpsmith's Sportscard Obsession blog, recently offered up some silver slate redemption cards. I saw the Uggla and had to pop. He just sent it to me because he's just cool like that! But you know I will take good care of you bro!  Thanks again!

 He also threw in a couple of other cool Bravos!

If you missed it yesterday evening. I'm offering up team lots with a GU(Your team if I have it) and 2 #'d Cards for $6 Paypal. Trying to raise some fundage for an ebay splurge. Jump in and get some cards if you can spare the jack.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fund my Ebay War Chest-Get some Cards

I'm looking to make a splurge on the bay this week and I'm looking to build up some paypal to help fund that.  I'm offering card lots at $6 Paypal Gift Per.  For that you will get 100 Cards from your favorite team, 1 Random GU/Auto(Of your team if I have one), and 2 #'d cards(your team if I have them). 

Please help me out on this project if you can and let me send you some neat cards in exchange!

Paypal addy is lifebythedrop79@yahoo dot com

Monday, April 15, 2013

Help pick the MOST SIGNIFICANT card of the Junk Wax Era-1987-1993

A few days ago I asked my readership to help me pin down what years constitute junk wax.  In a close vote, we are going to go with 1987-1993. Don't want to step on toes with some other blogs that are doing something similar right now but I have actually wanted to do this for a while.  I want to have a tournament to crown the top 8 significant cards of the Junk Wax Era.  What significant means to me may not mean the same to you.  An 88 Donruss Steve Sax may be significant to you or it may be the Mo Rivera Rookie.  Not putting any restrictions on this one.  Taking all suggestions.  Looking for a top three from everyone that will participate.  Anyone that lists a top three in the comments will be entered in a prize drawing!

Please take a few moments and share your top three significant cards from the years of 1987-1993!! 

Look forward to seeing everyone's entries and then I will put together a bracket!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The blog world has only one Diamond King

The one and only Diamond King accepted my sell me a vintage blaster challenge. No need for a lot of setup. Simply the biggest and best vintage haul I've ever pulled in at once.

Kevin, you really out did yourself on this one my friend. I am very appreciative!