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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Opportunity 17 is closed

We are getting down to the nitty gritty. It's time to award opportunity 17!  This winner joins the following 16 that already have seats at my prestigious Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Giveaway Contest!
1.  Brian Conrad
2.  Lost Collector
3. Matt Pederson
4.   Chris Reed
5.  GCRL
6.  Wilson
7.  Dimwit
8. Josh D
9. Jafronius
10.  Backstop Cards
11. Spiegel
12. Fuji
13. Big Bern28
14.  Nick
15.  Richard Nebe Jr.
16.  Play at the Plate

And now #17

Congratulations and pop in now for your chance at one of the Final Four!  Opportunity 18 is now up for Grabs 

Monday, July 29, 2013

You snooze. You lose... Opportunities 14, 15, 16 Vanish

13 Seats have already been filled at the table.  Let's fill 14, 15, 16 shall we.  Top three get in.  Opportunity 17 will be solo and the opportunity is now open.  Congratulations to Brian, Matt, and AJ-you're in!

What's better than free bobblehead giveaway night?

The answer to me...not much.  I ventured out to Joe Davis Stadium this past Saturday evening to get in on the bobble madness.  The laughing and cringing that came from watching the three year olds rip the heads off their brand new bobblers was well worth the 8 buck cover.  The honoree was Stars Manager and MLB ALUM Darnell Coles.  The bobble had a few issues but it's complete and mine! My only regret of the night was not pulling the trigger on a couple of cracked bats in the team store.  One was former MLB'er Jason Jaramillo.
Before we made it out to the game I met with a buddy that's selling some baseball stuff that he's accumulated through the years.  I didn't know anything about Stan Hack and I'm also not named Richard.  But I couldn't pass this piece up!

Opportunity 11,12,13 go the way of the Dinosaur

It's time to give away three more opportunities for Clearinghouse Sweepstakes giveaway party here at jbfj.  We already have ten participants:

Josh D
Backstop Cards
Big Bern 28
Richard Nebe Jr.
Play at the Plate

Who takes the next three seats at the table??  Top three are in:

Only 8 Spots remain.  Who will snag those last eight seats at the prize winning table?  Join today if you want one of the final 8.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some retail therapy plus some housekeeping!

The latest opportunity in my sweepstakes opportunity is still available but not for much longer!

I'm also looking for a trader for my 73 Topps castaway. Please take it off my hands!

Now onto something else.  I found my self in Wally World today and had a weak moment.  Turned out to be a pretty decent weak moment!

Bought a Hanging 100 Card Repack and got this beauty!

Also found a discounted blaster and couldn't resist.

Pretty much what you would expect, but I did get a neat rookie
                                 Also managed to snag a hit!

I've been resisting 2013 Bowman for a while, just couldn't get into Puig Mania but decided to take a chance on one of the three pack deals. Did manage to pull a silver ice-I think that's what you call them anyway?

Also managed to pull this mini refractor.  Not too bad huh?

Paper Clip Time

I acquired this card on a hunch but it doesn't fit for me.  It was part of a Heritage Redemption pack and I succumbed to being in the moment.  Needless to say I took a bath on this one.  Looking to paperclip this one and see how great this card can truly be!  Who will take this miscut 1973 beauty off my hands.  Who will trade me a single card as an upgrade for Mr. Brinkman?!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Opportunity 8...9 & 10 Vanish

Good evening Brave Souls.  I'm here to award opportunities 8,9, and 10 to my Clearinghouse Sweepstakes Contest.  These peeps already have a seat at the table:

1.  Dimwit
2.  Josh D
3.  Jafronius
4.  Backstop Cards
5.  Spiegel
6.  Fuji
7.  Big Bern 28

Who will join them?  Top three get in the festivities:

Congratulations to the winners!  Only 11 Seats remain at the Big Kids Table.

This card is going to be available-

Enter away-You may not have long on this one?!  Opportunity 11 and maybe more is LIVE!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Period 5 Opportunity off the Board as well as Opportunity 6 & 7

It's time to award Opportunity 5 in my Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.  2 people will receive the unexpected as tonight I will hand out three seats at the table.  Joining Dimwit, Josh D, Jaffronius, and Backstop Cards will be.....
31 People signed up for Opportunity 5. Who will win Seat 8 at my giveaway table?  Here is another treat that will be up for grabs.


Patronizing a new shop

A new shop has opened within about 45 minutes of me.  I spent about an hour and about seventy bucks in there today.  It was kind of tough navigating around all of the Magic Players but I want to share some cool goodies I got all from the $1 bin!
 Could any Padre fan use this Golden Gem?
 Picked up any #'d card I could find including football.
 Going into Woody's pile?
 PC Black Gold
 Day Glow! Rangers Collectors?
 Very shiny
 Numbered to a cool 10000
 I remember when these were the BOSS
 Goes to Hot Corner if he wants it
 2 Hall of Famers who were Dominators.  Bossy Sticker
 Gold that I may have a home for
 Which Sox guy wants this one? # to 100
 As I said I bought anything #'d
 You can't tell but that's a Dale Murphy Phillies Hologram
 Bulger with the Saints. I never knew
 I like Chucky Atkins
 I know a Canseco guy that may want this
 Can't pass up vintage, even Hockey
 Night Owl-Do you need a Toy Cannon
 O vintage
 Steroid Project?
 Someone thought this was HTF. Worth a buck to me
 Would have rather had the 88 Rookies Edgar but o well
 When I was 10 I would have gone crazy for getting this one
 A Smoltz rookie!
 Biggio rookie. Yes Please
 Now it gets dicey....A Vern Fleming from 86-86 Fleer
 Had this on the back.
 Now to the dicey part. The owner says these are reprints and by these...
 Someone thought this was legit at one point
 I'm sure it's fake but couldn't take that chance
 Don't think this was supposed to be in the Dollar Bin
 Now here is where I spent some cash
 $35 to be exact
 But not for a Reggie Ball
 Sweet bag
 It's certified

And shaky Auto or not...It's all mine!

I will definitely be back to the shop as they are only partially set up.  Opportunity for my sweepstakes comes off the table this evening.