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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Patronizing a new shop

A new shop has opened within about 45 minutes of me.  I spent about an hour and about seventy bucks in there today.  It was kind of tough navigating around all of the Magic Players but I want to share some cool goodies I got all from the $1 bin!
 Could any Padre fan use this Golden Gem?
 Picked up any #'d card I could find including football.
 Going into Woody's pile?
 PC Black Gold
 Day Glow! Rangers Collectors?
 Very shiny
 Numbered to a cool 10000
 I remember when these were the BOSS
 Goes to Hot Corner if he wants it
 2 Hall of Famers who were Dominators.  Bossy Sticker
 Gold that I may have a home for
 Which Sox guy wants this one? # to 100
 As I said I bought anything #'d
 You can't tell but that's a Dale Murphy Phillies Hologram
 Bulger with the Saints. I never knew
 I like Chucky Atkins
 I know a Canseco guy that may want this
 Can't pass up vintage, even Hockey
 Night Owl-Do you need a Toy Cannon
 O vintage
 Steroid Project?
 Someone thought this was HTF. Worth a buck to me
 Would have rather had the 88 Rookies Edgar but o well
 When I was 10 I would have gone crazy for getting this one
 A Smoltz rookie!
 Biggio rookie. Yes Please
 Now it gets dicey....A Vern Fleming from 86-86 Fleer
 Had this on the back.
 Now to the dicey part. The owner says these are reprints and by these...
 Someone thought this was legit at one point
 I'm sure it's fake but couldn't take that chance
 Don't think this was supposed to be in the Dollar Bin
 Now here is where I spent some cash
 $35 to be exact
 But not for a Reggie Ball
 Sweet bag
 It's certified

And shaky Auto or not...It's all mine!

I will definitely be back to the shop as they are only partially set up.  Opportunity for my sweepstakes comes off the table this evening.



  1. Nice pickups! Napkin Doon like Hank Blakock.

    Great auto'd Spahn ball!

  2. Nice pickups! If Night Owl doesn't need it, I'd love to work something out for that Hostess Jimmy Wynn if you'd like.

  3. Good stuff. I have a toy cannon of my own, so deal away with Nick if you want.

  4. A Frank Thomas autograph for a buck? Superb. Nice Spahn ball too!