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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

World Cup of Trading WE HAVE A WINNER TOP 6 REVEAL

After so much deliberation I have arrived upon a final six and we have a winner.  I went from 11 to six in my deliberations and then went about ranking the top six.  By all means this was a tremendously difficult decision.  I have added everyone that competed in the WCOT to my final going away trading list. I have also added everyone that I had listed on my Willinghammer contest on that list as well.  I will be working to get something to everyone on that list in the next month or so.  Then for the future this blog will be going dark. I will share maildays on twitter but dont plan to blog or actively trade.  Some very close acquaintances will still occasionally see me pop up in their mailboxes from time to time.  So anyway here is the big finale!  From #6 to 1.  I will have the paypal prizes out at the beginning of the month.

#6. The Daily Dimwit

#5.  Bob Walk the Plank

#4.  SCC

#3.  The Lost Collector

#2.  James

#1.  ANGUS

I want to again say THANK YOU to everyone that participated and made this a very hard decision!  I also must say Thank You to everyone thats ever read, commented, traded, bought, sold, or even just chatted via email.  Happy Trails Buckeroos.  Be good to yourself and each other!

Wes aka jaybarkerfan 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

World Cup results not ready yet

Sorry to all but its been a crazy week and haven't been able to get the world cup finale post ready.  Not going to give a date that  i cant be sure i will be able to make. So lets just say Coming Soon!  Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

World Cup of Trading Update

Just wanted to reach in and let everyone know that I have reviewed the field and chosen the top 11.  From there i hope to have announcement for the top finishers reveal next week!  Probably on next Thursday and Friday.  The decision just to get the field cut in half was incredibly tough but i got it there.  Differentiation from numbers 5-17 were especially difficult and i want to say thank youto everyone but here are the final 11 alive for the top spots in no particular order

Tim B

Good Luck to everyone!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 22- John Miller

Today is the day to share the final of 22 entries into the World Cup of Trading courtesy of John Miller.  John decided he wanted to keep me in trading so he buried me lol.  He initially selected three cards.

He started out his return package with these beauties

He also sent this mass of cardboard
 A staggering pile
 Starting with some baseball. Joey Gallo anyone?
 I have O Pee Chee for days. Including my fave "NOW WITH" cards
 And I have the Leaf to boot
 Those Diamond Kings are sharp!
 Burn those tires
 Drop the puck
 Hoop it up
 The Power of the Warrior
 A huge fricken football stack. Twitter followers are going to love it
 All #ed
 All #ed
 Roll Tide Baby!!
 Gold Dix
Finishing it off with some Bama Ink

John really loaded up my trade coffers. And never fear. Even im not running crazy contests on my blog Im not completing getting out of the hobby.  Great job my friend!

Now the deliberation begins. 22 extremely great selections and this will be extremely tough.  All i can say is the winners will be announced in September.  I want to again say Thank You to everyone for all the great cards and all the fun on the blog over the years.  Good luck to everyone. After the WCOT is awarded i will wrap up the Willinghammer contest the blog will go dark except for occasional updates about my collection etc.

Friday, August 18, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 21- Greg Zakwin

Welcome to the next to last entry in the 2017 World Cup of Trading.  Todays entrant is Greg from PTSIA.  He sent a damn whopper.

He took these two off the board

Here us the return fire
The Bear and his mini me
Let the Willinghammer flow
A nice numbered bird
Another cool bird
An autograhed Bird of the Falcon variety
Some Mascot Fun
The Mavericks
Hot Ladies
Pretty sure Redus destroyed that baseball
Some IP auto gold
And another
And another. Israel reminds me of Borat
7 scrubs and a hammer
There is a storm a brewin
I followed the directions
Hot ink!
Oooh bella
RTR with this beauty
Maybe my best Maverick Auto ever
The final blow came courtesy of a Chicken.  Damn fine trade Greg!!  Thank you sir!

Next post will be the final entry from John.  Its a load!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 20- Tim B

Home stretch now sportsfans!  Only two more confirmed entries to share after today and just like the one I have to share today...ALL 3 ARE DOOZIES!

Today is all about my buddy Tim.  Tim only chose one card
Nice card but all he sent back was much much more...
 Who wouldn't love playin poker with these dudes!?
 Some sideways mascot fun
 Loving this Bulls Auto!
 Mad Dog
 Hammers still work sideways
 A gorgeous Josh
 Love the odd relics. This definitely works!
 Some TNA auto action!
 Get the table!
 Love me some Sasha
 Cant beat the Heartbreak Kid
 Can you smell what Tim is cookin?
An absolute beauty brings us to a finish.  Jolly good show sir!!  Thank you!