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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

AREA 40 update time!

I've finally gotten caught up on getting prize mail out for Jeff, AJ, and SCC.  Now a winner for my last post. Drum roll please...congrats to the owner of a baseball mystery cube TONY L.   I will get it out to you next time I hit the PO.

But for now here are some new boxes for the May break...

 3 boxes of this wasnt cheap but the first TNA is worth the shot
 Maybe an early printing plate from epix will fall out of here for the group!
 Can't pass some neat hockey up
 This T206 should be an awesome break!
 Hoping for something amazing from TENacious!
Finally a little blaster that could be huge!

Thanks for following along! Comment this week to be entered for a cube of basketball ball from my collection.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Back to the pack stack

Congratulations to the winner of my last contest SportCardCollectors who won one of my mixed sport cubes.  The cubes are the way I have decided to spread out the remainder of collection that I am getting rid of.  These have some really nice stuff inside.
Now it's time to get back to adding to the AREA 40 pile.  I have some really nice ones to showcase this time.
 This is pretty much the holy grail of boxing boxes and I finally found a decent deal!
 Could have something amazing inside or not. Time will tell
 Some crazy patches in heads up plus a bobble in every box
 Longshot but Jeter cosigner was in these
 Found a good deal on a hobby world of sports to add to my earlier retail WOS box
 Embossed had the first Hogan relics and elusive WCW autos
Also the chance at pulling an auto here. Some of them are huge finds

Thanks for checking me out today.  I will pick a winner from all the commenters for this post and they will receive a baseball cube!  Have a great day.