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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Supertraders Announcements

Good Morning to everyone.  Wanted to take the time to time to pass along some Super Trader business.  Firstly, I'm sure most have seen but Sam has stepped aside as the representative for the Astros.  This leaves them, Royals, Indians, and Marlins as open for representation. 

Also we have a change in a team representative.  I am stepping aside as the Braves team rep.  Simply stated I just am kind of disillusioned with the team right now and want to take a break from accumulating more Braves.  However, I have to also announce at this time that all your Braves can have a new home with John who is the dean of Johnny's Trading Spot.  Trust me if you haven't traded with John before he is first class top notch.

I will still be making mailings to Super Traders and I ask that you keep me in mind as I focus on the following collections:

Josh Willingham
Josh Donaldson
Gary Redus
Jay Barker
Benchwarmers Autos(The Hot Chick Kind)

Hope you have a great weekend!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Catching up with a trade package!

Been meaning to share these for a while!  A great hall from JWill of Catching up with Collecting Fame.

 A great selection of Braves including oldies, an auto, some shiny, and a numbered Warren!  Slid the nice mascot chip in there as well!
A great grouping of the Bringer of Rain!  Loving it-several I needed in there!
 Let's wrap this up with a great trio of Willinghammers!!!  This was a great package and I thank you very much!  Stay tuned for a Supertraders update this weekend. Post will probably be up Sunday morning.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Scott Orphan sendsme gold!

Wanted to share some cards I received recently from reader and trader Scott.  He dropped some awesome Braves on me!

 A sweet bundle of Bravos including that sweet sweet Blauser CC Gold Signature
The big gem was this Golden Big Cat.  Never seen this one before and now it's going into my CATacombs.  Lol see what I did there.

Thanks for the trade Scott!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

SCC coming with some goodies!

One of my most frequent trading partners recently blessed my mail box with sweet cards.  Let's check it out!
 Willinghammer!  Can't figure out this new phone!  keeps turning the tables on me
 Super Cardinals Bundle-Including a Fitz #'D!
 The phone turns the tables on this scan again!  Bravos!
SCC slams the door shut on this trade package with a quartet from the bringer of rain!  Hard to showcase an Auburn card but so be it lol!  Loving that Stadium Club #'d card.

Thank you my friend I sincerely appreciate it!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cards from Cooperstown

I have been trading with Brett from the new blog Cooperstown Exit 3:16 for quite a long time!  He is as solid as they come!  He was generous enough to recently send some cardboard my way:
Rebombed with a bombing calling card!  Touche Brett!
 A very nice set of Braves.  Something about that Chipper always makes me smile and love the rookie Smoltzie and #'d Murph!
 Roll Tide Roll Baby!
Brett!  Thanks for a great package my friend!  Keep on blogging!  Brett represents the Nationals and he is a great dude-Please feel free to check him out #supertraders

Some supertrader goodies from Julie

Wanted to take a few moments to say Thanks and show off some goodies sent to me by Julie from a Cracked Bat!

 The Willinghammer is always a great place to start!
 Some sideways Bravos ink
 Braves. Legends.Autos!  Tough season so far but these made me smile!
 Some sideways Willinghammers!
This is the STUD!!!  Numbered out of 11!  Awesome!

Thanks for the great mail Julie.  #SUPERTRADERS ROCK

Friday, May 6, 2016

Two words at a time post

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1955 topps

 Holy Bleep
Thank you!