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Sunday, May 8, 2016

SCC coming with some goodies!

One of my most frequent trading partners recently blessed my mail box with sweet cards.  Let's check it out!
 Willinghammer!  Can't figure out this new phone!  keeps turning the tables on me
 Super Cardinals Bundle-Including a Fitz #'D!
 The phone turns the tables on this scan again!  Bravos!
SCC slams the door shut on this trade package with a quartet from the bringer of rain!  Hard to showcase an Auburn card but so be it lol!  Loving that Stadium Club #'d card.

Thank you my friend I sincerely appreciate it!


  1. My phone does the same thing. My computer automatically rotates them to look good, but Blogger doesn't do the same. I've found a fix, but it's not the most friendly.
    1. Open the pics in a photo gallery or some other APP on your CPU
    2. Turn them all 90 degrees no matter if the orientation looks good or not
    3. Then go back and correctly rotate them so they look like right side up.
    That should do it! (Unless you're posting from your phone, then I'm not sure how to go about it.) Good luck!

    It's a pain, but for a guy like me (heavy on the OCD) it works.

  2. No problem buddy! I already have some more set aside for you now :)