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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

7 for the Autograph Project from COMC

I did a little shopping on COMC.  I won't share much, eventually it will be shared by some of yous guys.  I did pick up some that struck my fancy for the auto binder.

 Stevie is a local guy that made it.  7750 were made of this autograph. I'm trying not to take a Pok√©mon approach on these-Gotta catch em all
 As a ten year old I thought the Barbarian was the toughest guy around.
 Nikita Koloff was a great bad guy and a great good guy-So rare
 I loved Hilbilly Jim-Always thought he would make a great heel
 Love Kamala-Gotta love Kamala
One of my top five all time favorites.  Maybe Tony will take me to Abdullah's House of Ribs/Chinese Food???

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Uncle Tiny hits me Big

Double shot of posts tonight as I'm falling behind the past week. 

I have been blessed to have an Uncle Tiny.  He finds and sends me great stuff.  He has even adopted my pal AJ.

 A trio from Mr. Football
 A super neat Bravo insert I had never seen
 I love cards of the Terminator.  I need to see if he has auto
 A beautiful sparkly stud RC
 This Gabbert is almost a Christmas Card at 11/25
 Tiny getting on the board with the autograph project
 I had mentioned that the Hawk was one of my favorites!  Tiny got me hooked up with this great card and......
BOOOOOOM-This beautiful signature is going in the mancave on the wall!

Thanks Tiny-You always make me smile

A Dimwit's reward

On my recent trip to Spanish Fort I picked up lot's of great cards.  You haven't seen any because a lot of them are earmarked for surprised attacks.  I enjoyed my visit as always with the guys from Big Hit and managed to pull a big hit for Sam of the Daily Dimwit.  I pulled a semi high end Craig Biggio and told the fellas it would be going to Sam.  Then I posted it to his twitter and after drooling he said he had something for me.  Now I'm drooling:
First I get bombed with a Hammer auto from the bard of BWTP then I receive this gem from SAM!

Life is good-Thanks my friend!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Every war needs a final battle

This has been quite an enjoyable tussle with Mr. Scott from Bob Walk the Plank.  We both slugged away. Like a fifteen round championship fight, I knew it wouldn't be over until the end of the last round.  I though I had the hammer but Great Scott dropped a hammer on me.  I went right and he went left. 

The strength and force I had been saving up for my final blow would have to be enough...or would it??  We both took one final swing and Walk enlisted foreign assistance from the French connection.

Feast your optical nerves on what Matt sent my way in the last act of war:
 Attacking one flank with shiny Braves Parallels
 Attack the other flank with a Willinghammer Autograph!!
 Full speed ahead with the main barrage-HIGH END BRAVES AUTOS-First Julio
 My first Dusty Baker Auto!  Boom
 I believe this is my third Glavine auto.  Each one I have gotten I have thought Holy Sh** I never thought I would have a Glavine Auto!
 I'm going to double and triple check but I believe this is my first Smoltzie Auto-----STUNNING
 This one is an absolute thing of beauty!!! Freeman is one of my Favorites and this is a stud card.
 Oh the Murph!  Always such a beautiful autograph.  Still screaming he should be in the hall!
  Matt finished it off with this blow below the belt.  I'm a sucker for this card.  I have three of them.  They sell surprising well on the bay due to Bama fans like myself who are rabid.  Jay Barker you are king!

Mr. Scott, Great Scott, Bob Walk you have many names.  You have been a worthy, cunning, and devastating adversary.  I'm honored by our battle and proud to have come out on top.  This was quite a final shot across the bow-Thank you to Matt and Kevin for this tag team effort!

My charges must rest for a while.  Where will we march next.  I will only take on a "VARSITY" squad.  Maybe the battle can be documented by CNN?  Perhaps it will be as easy as PEACHES and cream?  If Peabody can't tell where I'm going to march maybe SHERMAN can?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The waning days of war-Walk finds an alliance

Officially the war is over!  Today I received a final onslaught from the BWTP forces.  As I feared earlier, in this skirmish, Great Scott has acquired an alliance from an international force.  The Card Papoy is presided over by the uber generous Kevin.  I surmised that an earlier shot from Kevin was sent in defense of Walk but it was just Kevin being Kevin.  As it turned out Papoy was indeed in cahoots with Bob Walk.  The French Connection sent these armaments to Matt who then unfurled them onto my army:

 Double Vision!
 It appears that Kevin is going to prey on my weakness
 I was so excited when Edge came to the desert!
 The below card is actually a Quad Swatch with non Cards on the back
 Oh Leinart...what a shame
 Love that Ball Card!
 What a beautiful Snake!
 Now Kevin just isn't fighting fair
 Arizona Cardinals+Autograph Project=Major Fun Times
 Leonard Pope was a physical beast!  What a beautiful green Auto!
 The hits just keep on comin
 What a BEAUT!!!  This framed black mini auto with blue ink is a gem!
 John Skelton is one I was really pulling for-THAT LETTER IS STUNNING!
Thanks to Great Scott and especially to the Card Papoy for this super bevy of Cardinals hits!  #warishell #reinforcements

Stay tuned as Mr. Walk also took one last shot at my forces. ONE LARGE STUNNING SHOT

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A peek inside the laboratory of a mad man

I've been seeing quite a few organization/card room posts around the blogosphere lately.  In the past others have inquired about my process, some even suggested I have a printing press in my basement.  No such truth to that but I am proud of my space and for the first time in my 27 year cardboard career I'm very happy with my process.
 The space in which I work must put at peace. Hence the wall of SLU's
 My binder area needs some work but I know what's there and how to get to it
 I use these old tool/parts boxes to store my pc cards as I binder them
 This is one of my staging areas for sorting boxes
 I'm way behind on sorting

I use the dresser below to store my excess sheets, sleeves, top loaders and other supplies.

 The below area is where the real magic happens.  These are my individual trader boxes
It's a never ending struggle to stay organized but it's fun to try!

If you're in or around the M-Town,WV area in the coming days I apologize in advance for possible disruption of your normally scheduled USPS service.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

War with Walk-Swinging for the Fences

It's been hard to sit on this for a few days but it just seemed right to do so.  Mr. Scott aka the great one, aka Bob Walk, is not adverse to sending anything in this war-that's already been established.

He promised a weapon of mass destruction was heading my way...and he delivered.

Let me just show and then I'll talk
 It's a Basic Cert-No big deal
 It's legit
 FEAST-Feast your eyes on the spoil of war that came from Morgantown
 This one was a jaw dropper for me.
Needless to say it's my first Hammer Auto and what a nice Saturday afternoon surprise to come home too!!  Great Scott!  Dude-I'm still in awe.  And then there's today-Today in Baseball History


1974 on this date courtesy of Al Downing came the record breaker from the bat of the Hammer.

I didn't have the pleasure of watching the Hammer in real time but I grew up on superstation TBS.  I remember at an early age my dad telling me that he was the legend-the guy.

I also remember my dad being irritated when you know who took the record.  It didn't resonate as strongly with me at the time but as I get a little older I respect the Hammer for what he did in that time and how he did it-WITH CLASS.

This is the singular nicest thing that just showed up in my mailbox  EVER.  Many Cheers Great Scott.  Congratulations on this anniversary day to you Mr. Aaron.

Only 3 more chapters to go in the War Diary with BOB WALK.  They will not be easy to forget.