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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

War with Walk-Swinging for the Fences

It's been hard to sit on this for a few days but it just seemed right to do so.  Mr. Scott aka the great one, aka Bob Walk, is not adverse to sending anything in this war-that's already been established.

He promised a weapon of mass destruction was heading my way...and he delivered.

Let me just show and then I'll talk
 It's a Basic Cert-No big deal
 It's legit
 FEAST-Feast your eyes on the spoil of war that came from Morgantown
 This one was a jaw dropper for me.
Needless to say it's my first Hammer Auto and what a nice Saturday afternoon surprise to come home too!!  Great Scott!  Dude-I'm still in awe.  And then there's today-Today in Baseball History


1974 on this date courtesy of Al Downing came the record breaker from the bat of the Hammer.

I didn't have the pleasure of watching the Hammer in real time but I grew up on superstation TBS.  I remember at an early age my dad telling me that he was the legend-the guy.

I also remember my dad being irritated when you know who took the record.  It didn't resonate as strongly with me at the time but as I get a little older I respect the Hammer for what he did in that time and how he did it-WITH CLASS.

This is the singular nicest thing that just showed up in my mailbox  EVER.  Many Cheers Great Scott.  Congratulations on this anniversary day to you Mr. Aaron.

Only 3 more chapters to go in the War Diary with BOB WALK.  They will not be easy to forget.



  1. Wow! What an absolutely thoughtful package.
    The gauntlet has been thrown down yet again!

  2. I have the paperback version of that book, that I bought 23 years ago. I checked, but it's not a signed copy. This is a great, great gift ! I'll now sit back and continue enjoying the show

  3. This was my desperation hail mary. I had two unique items on my radar, but this one was by far my favorite. Glad it worked out and that you enjoyed it. The only bad thing about a book is displaying it.

  4. I read that book back when it came out -- it's an excellent read on top of having the autograph in it!