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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Every war needs a final battle

This has been quite an enjoyable tussle with Mr. Scott from Bob Walk the Plank.  We both slugged away. Like a fifteen round championship fight, I knew it wouldn't be over until the end of the last round.  I though I had the hammer but Great Scott dropped a hammer on me.  I went right and he went left. 

The strength and force I had been saving up for my final blow would have to be enough...or would it??  We both took one final swing and Walk enlisted foreign assistance from the French connection.

Feast your optical nerves on what Matt sent my way in the last act of war:
 Attacking one flank with shiny Braves Parallels
 Attack the other flank with a Willinghammer Autograph!!
 Full speed ahead with the main barrage-HIGH END BRAVES AUTOS-First Julio
 My first Dusty Baker Auto!  Boom
 I believe this is my third Glavine auto.  Each one I have gotten I have thought Holy Sh** I never thought I would have a Glavine Auto!
 I'm going to double and triple check but I believe this is my first Smoltzie Auto-----STUNNING
 This one is an absolute thing of beauty!!! Freeman is one of my Favorites and this is a stud card.
 Oh the Murph!  Always such a beautiful autograph.  Still screaming he should be in the hall!
  Matt finished it off with this blow below the belt.  I'm a sucker for this card.  I have three of them.  They sell surprising well on the bay due to Bama fans like myself who are rabid.  Jay Barker you are king!

Mr. Scott, Great Scott, Bob Walk you have many names.  You have been a worthy, cunning, and devastating adversary.  I'm honored by our battle and proud to have come out on top.  This was quite a final shot across the bow-Thank you to Matt and Kevin for this tag team effort!

My charges must rest for a while.  Where will we march next.  I will only take on a "VARSITY" squad.  Maybe the battle can be documented by CNN?  Perhaps it will be as easy as PEACHES and cream?  If Peabody can't tell where I'm going to march maybe SHERMAN can?


  1. Pretty nice last set of punches by Matt!

  2. You two are completely nuts and it's been such a blast (...full of envy) to enjoy your public war. Phenomenal stuff, throughout!

  3. Hey, if you're coming to the ATL for a Braves game, let me know -- it would be a great excuse for me to go to a game to meet up with you and see some baseball!

    1. Otherwise, I'd imagine the folks here in ATL would take none-to-kindly to another Sherman's march!

    2. Oh my. May God have mercy on your postman.

    3. I'll warn the citizens and the civil servants!