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Saturday, September 15, 2018

What is AREA 40

A few folks have asked for more information on what I'm doing here with the blog.  Essentially the gist is as follows. 

I've decided that I will be exiting the hobby soon and that will coincide with my birthday next May which will be my 40th.  Waxing and waning interest have led to much introspection. After deliberations I have decided that I will focus my free time and resources toward other avenues. 
I did think it would be nice to have one big last fun day with cards and go wild one last time.

So I decided I would spend most of this year and early next year creating a horde of boxes and packs for that one big hurrah next year.  Once I have had that fun a couple of things will be happening.  There will be a great contest to guess how many hits I got to pull.  But more importantly will be the giving away of the hits.  Financially it wont be feasible to give away all the base a d I have identified a source to donate all the base cards to for charity.  There will be an opportunity to claim teams prior to my break next May. I reserve the right to keep up to 10 cards from the total break. Only if it's something that really speaks to me will I keep anything as I've been diluting my PC in several ways recently.  There will be contests along the way as well as updates on what I've added to my "pack stack". I thank everyone for coming along on this farewell journey and look
forward to spreading the love next May as I say goodbye.  To end today here is a picture of my current vault. Top shelf is loose packs on the left and cases on the right. Shelf two is all boxes I've shared so far and shelf three are boxes I've yet to share on the blog.
Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day. Safety wishes for all my friends on the East Coast guys and gals.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pack stackin time

Congratulations to JediJeff who has won last weeks contest.  It's time to put some more boxes in the AREA 40 vault.

 Topps CC has been on my radar since day 1. I finally got it for a good deal. There are monsters here and horrible duds.
 1 pack shot with a guaranteed hit in Fanfare
 Good ole Topps blaster. Why not?
Got to sprinkle in some Hockey when I can.

This weeks comment to win prize is a little different. It's time to release the cubes. That's all I will share at this time.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Time to update the pack stack jack

It's been a while. First let's congratulate good pal AJ from the Lost Collector who is the winner of my last contest!

Now let's see some additions

 A Wally World exclusive is now exclusive to my stack of boxes
 Should be a fun old school break from Topps here
One of the harder to find cheap TNA boxes! Maybe I'll strike gold.

There are some big additions to the pile in the coming weeks. I hope you will stay tuned!

For those who like to play my contests leave me a comment and be entered to win....