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Monday, September 21, 2015

UCF drops some cardboard

My buddy Brett is under the weather and I hope he's feeling better!  Want to say Thank you for some cards UCF sent my way

 Gary is always a great place to start
 Can never have too much Mascot Action!   Triple Play was one of my favorite sets
 Don't forget the Hammer
 Some Bravos love
 Early Chippah!!
He wrapped it up with this sweet Glavine Manupitch!  Get well soon and Thanks again Brett!

A Pile from Schwood

Still catching up on some recent goodies.  This haul came from my buddy Jeff aka Schwood!

 Woody sent a big pile of Les Expos!
 He didn't forget the Bravos
 Then he dropped the Willinghammer!
 A huge stack of Autos!!  The Acetate was probably my fave

Thanks again for all these great cards Woody!  A few more packages to showcase and then it's onward toward the next chapter.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Arpsmith visits my mailbox

Adam was kind enough to send some very nice cards my way recently!  Let's check it out!

 Hope all these Giants were duplicates!
 Some High End Autos
 My favorites were these Leaf Signatures!  Definitely putting these to the side for a possible run later on at the set!
Thanks for all the great cards Adam!

A 2 on 1 attack from an International Tag Team

I once warred with Bob Walk the Plank and he received assistance from his French ally the Card Papoy.  They are both true cardboard gentlemen and I recently received awesomeness from both fellas.

First up was this package from Kevin at the Card Papoy:
 A true rainbow of Bravos!!  Awesome mix!
 A stunning Minor autograph!
 Kevin always finishes his attacks with a Bieb.  This one is rockin a Braves Cap

Great Scott!!! Matthew strikes again!  This time he sent two gems for my growing Donaldson collection!!!
 The Topps Framed Donaldson is exquisite!! Love it!

Thank you both guys.  I will still keep you on my radar during my collecting transition...I'm never empty handed!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some goodies from a couple of Dodger buddies

It's time to share some of these maildays before I move onto the next phase here at the jbf blog.

Today lets look at some cardboard shared from a couple of Dodger faithful!

Oscar from Stealing Home came to the plate with these goodies:
 A little Tebow magic!  I wish he would've made it but hey some things just aren't meant to be.
 A nice mini relic
 Oscar contributed a couple of autos to the Auto project which I have decided to move on from!  Still nice ink though!
 This is one I know I'll be keepin!  Neshek always makes me smile!

Jim, aka GCRL, is no longer blogging but he is still trading and sending.  He dropped a nice load on me!
 A very nice selection of Bravos
 Some mascots!
 The Bringer of Rain!  I will still be on the lookout for his cards.  So if they need a home I'm still a taker as well as Josh Willinghams.
 The first pair of IP Autos
 Round 2

 Laying on the Dodger ink!
 Love the Leaf Signatures....One day I may chase this set!

 Loving these Braves Autos

 My fave was definitely the Belliard!

Thank you both gentlemen for this awesome selection!

Monday, September 7, 2015

The 312th Directional Change of the Blog

Let me be the first to say that I have changed gears many times on this blog....Several times I have gone vacant here and other times implied that I was done blogging-ended up coming back.  I've said in the past I wasn't going to run crazy contests and giveaways but I always go back on that too.  I've said I wanted to steer away from being a "hey look at what I got" blog only to two posts later post a "hey look at what I got post".  I've been frantic at times with my posts and at times very unmotivated to write. I've said I wouldn't try to sell stuff on the blog and then I've done that too.   I don't think the blog will ever truly go away because I will never completely stop collecting.  But I have made a decision---I'm done being an accumulator.  So what will this mean?

Trading will draw to a crawl here.  I'm still going to keep my eyes open for Donaldson and Willingham cards but I won't be doing much trading to accumulate them.  I do have quite a few things put to the side that I will still be sending many of you over time but eventually the piles of trade ammo will dwindle.

Liquidation is beginning.  I have sent a first batch to COMC, another batch is pending, and another batch is waiting to be shipped.  Eventually I will probably sell some bulk on Ebay.  Most everything is going including quite a bit of PC-not everything but a lot.  Will be using the funds raised from this liquidation for some non cardboard spending and saving and also to fund my next endeavor.  You can check me out on COMC here COMC

Posting will also be limited because there won't be much to post about on a regular basis. I appreciate everyone that's helped out with the autograph project but I think I'm done with that beacause  I am beginning a new project-actually I've already begun it.  DESERT SHIELD 91 TOPPS PSA MINT OR BETTER SET.  There are a small niche of collectors that have tackled the beast and I'm joining that group. This decision will make me a hermit of sorts but that's ok.  It's quite daunting to look at prices and scarcity but its a great chase and one that will be an investment for the future. 

As always, I could change direction again.  I am the unpredictable JBF so who knows.   I still have a bundle of trade packages to post about it and then I will mainly be posting about my pursuit of the encased mint or better golden foil beauties from 1991.

Thank you to everyone that has ever read, commented, traded, sold, bought, bartered, or interacted with the jbf blog in any way.  Not going away just trimming down and changing direction.  Stay thirsty my friends!

The top 5 from my Vacation

It's time to unveil the top five cards I received in trades from my vacation horde!  Thanks again to everyone that got deals done with me!

#5 is a beautiful mascot patch of Mr. Moon that came courtesy of UCF Brett and Uncle Tiny! Sweet!!!
 #4-I'm the Boogeyman and I'm comin to getcha!!!!  A badass autograph came from Todd L.  I'd love to know the story on this one!
 #3-My first ever clay card!  Very cool!  This one I believe came courtesy of Jon B from CCW
 #2-This is my first Donaldson auto and it came courtesy of my cardboard brother PTown Tom!  Thank you very much Tom!
 #1-A stunning 06/11 Autographed letter from the Willinghammer!  Many thanks to George D for this lovely card!

Thanks again to everyone for all the great cards!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vacation Cardboard #15-6

Here is the third in a handful of posts to show off and say thanks for 25 super neat cards!  Many thanks to everyone that did trades and sent cards.  No duds in any of those trades. Just these 25 speak to me.

Let's kick up today with 10!

#15-Another Taylor Patch #d to 25 from Gary W
 #14 Freeman Hugs for everyone and this National Treasures beauty #'d 25 from Daniel W
 #13 Truly Luminous Rain Maker from Sport Card Collectors
 #12-I believe this is only my 2nd Bammer Auto of Mo Williams.  This one came from Brandon L
 #11-A BEAUTIFUL IP SILVER AUTO from Scott Orphan
 #10-Breaking into the Top 10 with some early Dirk.  Thanks to Tim B for this beauty!!
 #9-A Beautiful Blue Refractor Donaldson Rookie #'d to 199 from Tim B
 #8-One of my all time favorite Tiders. Not a whole lot Roy Rogers stuff out there.  This one comes from a magician who just keeps coming up with obscure Tide Stuff I don't have!!!  Doug C from Buckstore Cards!
 #7-Hall of Fame Tide IP Awesomeness courtesy of Todd L
 #6 -Hard to see the back so I didn't scan it but this is a SP Gum Stain from Gavin B!

Stay tuned for the top five coming soon!!!