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Monday, September 7, 2015

The 312th Directional Change of the Blog

Let me be the first to say that I have changed gears many times on this blog....Several times I have gone vacant here and other times implied that I was done blogging-ended up coming back.  I've said in the past I wasn't going to run crazy contests and giveaways but I always go back on that too.  I've said I wanted to steer away from being a "hey look at what I got" blog only to two posts later post a "hey look at what I got post".  I've been frantic at times with my posts and at times very unmotivated to write. I've said I wouldn't try to sell stuff on the blog and then I've done that too.   I don't think the blog will ever truly go away because I will never completely stop collecting.  But I have made a decision---I'm done being an accumulator.  So what will this mean?

Trading will draw to a crawl here.  I'm still going to keep my eyes open for Donaldson and Willingham cards but I won't be doing much trading to accumulate them.  I do have quite a few things put to the side that I will still be sending many of you over time but eventually the piles of trade ammo will dwindle.

Liquidation is beginning.  I have sent a first batch to COMC, another batch is pending, and another batch is waiting to be shipped.  Eventually I will probably sell some bulk on Ebay.  Most everything is going including quite a bit of PC-not everything but a lot.  Will be using the funds raised from this liquidation for some non cardboard spending and saving and also to fund my next endeavor.  You can check me out on COMC here COMC

Posting will also be limited because there won't be much to post about on a regular basis. I appreciate everyone that's helped out with the autograph project but I think I'm done with that beacause  I am beginning a new project-actually I've already begun it.  DESERT SHIELD 91 TOPPS PSA MINT OR BETTER SET.  There are a small niche of collectors that have tackled the beast and I'm joining that group. This decision will make me a hermit of sorts but that's ok.  It's quite daunting to look at prices and scarcity but its a great chase and one that will be an investment for the future. 

As always, I could change direction again.  I am the unpredictable JBF so who knows.   I still have a bundle of trade packages to post about it and then I will mainly be posting about my pursuit of the encased mint or better golden foil beauties from 1991.

Thank you to everyone that has ever read, commented, traded, sold, bought, bartered, or interacted with the jbf blog in any way.  Not going away just trimming down and changing direction.  Stay thirsty my friends!


  1. Wow! Good luck with your Desert Shield set build -- I know a guy here who has a decent amount of raw cards from that set that might be useful to you, so perhaps you might make your way over here sometime soon.

    In any case, don't be a stranger, and please keep us updated on the set's progress!

  2. Wow! That's quite a set to chase! Good luck with your quest. It sounds like a fun hunt!

  3. That is definitely a serious set to collect. I recently picked up a Griffey #790 and I am looking to pick up a Griffey #392 All-Star card.

  4. Good luck on that set quest, looking forward to following along.

  5. That will be a fun chase, one I will be coming back to check out when you post about it.

    Thanks for everything!

  6. Good luck! As long as you're still around, I'll still read and follow whatever format you choose. You could post cooking recipes and I'll still read.

  7. WoWzErs. I will be here awaiting any updates to this new endeavor.

  8. Wait. Are you still collecting autographs?