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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vacation Cardboard #15-6

Here is the third in a handful of posts to show off and say thanks for 25 super neat cards!  Many thanks to everyone that did trades and sent cards.  No duds in any of those trades. Just these 25 speak to me.

Let's kick up today with 10!

#15-Another Taylor Patch #d to 25 from Gary W
 #14 Freeman Hugs for everyone and this National Treasures beauty #'d 25 from Daniel W
 #13 Truly Luminous Rain Maker from Sport Card Collectors
 #12-I believe this is only my 2nd Bammer Auto of Mo Williams.  This one came from Brandon L
 #11-A BEAUTIFUL IP SILVER AUTO from Scott Orphan
 #10-Breaking into the Top 10 with some early Dirk.  Thanks to Tim B for this beauty!!
 #9-A Beautiful Blue Refractor Donaldson Rookie #'d to 199 from Tim B
 #8-One of my all time favorite Tiders. Not a whole lot Roy Rogers stuff out there.  This one comes from a magician who just keeps coming up with obscure Tide Stuff I don't have!!!  Doug C from Buckstore Cards!
 #7-Hall of Fame Tide IP Awesomeness courtesy of Todd L
 #6 -Hard to see the back so I didn't scan it but this is a SP Gum Stain from Gavin B!

Stay tuned for the top five coming soon!!!