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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Blog of 2012 voting is now open!

The best part is being nominated in my humble opinion. The voting is on the right hand side of my blog. It shall run for 10 days. Best of luck to all that were nominated.

Christmas Wrap Up Day 6-ROLL TIDE ROLL

The BCS Title Game is right around the corner but today I'm showcasing some BAMA cards I picked up during Christmas.
Demeco Ryans and DJ Hall Autos and Hoop Alumni MO and Mareo Graphs!!!

Classic Bama Coke and some brand new UD Bama Brilliance

Thanks to those that helped feed my Crimson Tide Fix!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day 5 Wrap Up-Why am I posting about Dieter Brock???

Why am I posting about Dieter Brock? Who is Dieter Brock?  I didn't know him until Christmas Day. What I do know is he is bound for my QB Anthology Album!  Along with a couple of other new QB's as well.  Thanks to all who sent me QB's this holiday!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 4 Wrap UP-Expos Anthology Edition

Many people added in Expos cards in packages to me this holiday season.  I was able to add  33 Cards to my Expos binder. THATS HUGE! Thanks to everyone that helped me out with this project.

Sneak peek at some vintage available in my trade bait draft!

Here's a look at some vintage available in my draft. Well loved for sure but very vintagey!

Trade Bait Draft will go on! Here are some sneak peaks!

There's been enough interest to go forward with another trade bait draft so lets start showing some of the cards available. $8 via paypal gift gets you a slot. Max of 3 slots per person. Paypal addy is lifebythedrop79@ yahoo dot com
A very cool shirt relic from the film 21 Grams-Sean Penn worn

Gordan Beckham Auto/Gaby Sanchez Auto/Marlon Byrd auto/Ty Wigginton Auto
Joe Benson Auto/Luis Lopez auto/Steve Rogers Auto/Shelden Williams Auto
Evan Longoria Jersey/Daisuke Matsuzaka Jersey /180/Richard Jefferson on Ball Auto
Kevin Cash Jersey/Michael Cuddyer Jersey/Mookie Wilson-Preston Wilson Jersey
Jerry Blevin Auto/Orlando Hudson Bat/21 Grams Shirt
Darin Erstad Jersey w/stripe/Paul Konerko Jersey/Andy Roddick Jersey/Juan Marichal Manupatch
Jeremy Bonderman Jersey/Carlos Guillen Jersey/Nomar Garciaparra Jersey/Cameron Maybin Bat

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up-Day 3- Willinghammer Edition

Looking at more of my Christmas treats. Next up is the Willinghammer!  Josh had a very good first half but not as good in the second. Didn't stop me from picking up a passel of #'d cards which are going in my ever-growing Willingham binder. Picked those up at COMC on Black Friday. The beautiful jersey in the scan didn't come via purchase. It was a gift from my buddy Spiegel!  Frickin' Awesome Bro.

Trade Bait Draft-$8 Per Slot-Please let me know if you're interested

Time to clear out some cards.  This one is going to be multisport. 40+ hits in the pool.  Going to be ten rounds. 20 slots available. Lowest cost I've run on a draft at $8 Per slot! Anyone can claim up to 3 spots.  Payment can be sent via paypal gift to lifebythedrop79@ yahoo dot com

Going to see if anyone is interested through Saturday. If no one is, I will go ahead and pull it off the table.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 Wrap UP-Day 2-1969 Topps Explosion

I am chasing the 1969 Topps set sort of... I originally set out to work on this set only via trades but I have found that to be very difficult sledding. I have recently decided that I will put some green into completing this set. So I hit up COMC on the black friday promotion and picked up a slew that I needed!  I need to get together a have or need list. In the meantime, if you have any 1969's that you don't need hit me up!

Trade Bait Draft Signups Now Open-Only $8 Per slot

Time to clear out some cards.  This one is going to be multisport. 40+ hits in the pool.  Going to be ten rounds. 20 slots available. Lowest cost I've run on a draft at $8 Per slot! Anyone can claim up to 3 spots.  Payment can be sent via paypal gift to lifebythedrop79@ yahoo dot com

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Multisport Trade Bait Draft-$8 Per Slot-19 Slots Available

Let's do it again! Trade Bait draft time. Multi sport this go around. 40 Hits in the pot. Vintage, Inserts, #'d cards and stars make up the remainder of the pool.

10 rounds in this one. My lowest cost for a trade bait draft. $8 Per Slot!   Let's fill it up. Anyone can claim up to 3 spots. Payment can be sent via paypal gift to lifebythedrop79 @ yahoo.com

Christmas Wrap Up-Day 1-Cardinals GU and Autos

I'm an Arizona Cardinal fan! Don't repeat that aloud.  I wouldn't want anyone to look at you like you've lost your marbles!  I always love to receive Cards GU and Auto's even if my team makes me want to slam my head into the wall sometimes. I picked up these beauts over Christmas. I believe these came courtesy of my buddies Spiegel and Fuji!  Happy Holidays and Thanks Gentleman!
All are great but woo hoo that Boston Auto is on card and it is awesome!

Wishing you a Redus-riffic Christmas!

Here's hoping the best for you and all your families this Christmas DAY!

I want to send out many thanks to my friends in the blogging and trading communities who helped me celebrate Christmas this year with great cards. I will try to showcase them as the days and weeks go by.  Until then, a special Merry Christmas to Spiegel, Zakwin, Brett, Negron, Whitney, Fuji, Uncle Moe, Average Joe Collector, Bo, and to anyone else whom I may have missed! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tune in later if you wish as I will be announcing an upcoming trade bait draft for all that are interested. Cost will be low at $8 a slot and there are gonna be some sweet goodies in the pot.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Blog of the Year!

Still a couple of days left to get in your nominations in for the Best Blog of 2012. Take a look at the comments on my original offering and see if any of your favorites still deserve a nod!

Free Card Friday Winner!

Free Card Friday is on holiday break this week but.....

Gotta announce a winner for last week, Drum Roll Please...............................................................................

Mariner 1

Congratulations! Shoot me your address and I will get these headed your way after the holiday!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

FREE CARD FRIDAY(ON SATURDAY) Extra Crispy Vintage Edition

Welcome to another episode of Free Card Friday(On Saturday Again)!  This week the giveaway is all vintage!  I love vintage, the crispier the better!  I am giving these three extra crispy pieces away this week. Just drop a comment if you would like to enter the fray. Signups will be open until 5PM Central Friday! Good Luck!

Sal Maglie 1958 Topps-This one of the "Barber " has seen better days but it still deserves love!
Wally Post-1955 Bowman-Rough but still awesome.
Blix Donnelly-1951 Bowman-Saved the best for last . How can you not be awesome with a name like BLIX!

Free Card Friday Winner Announced

Friday's are getting hectic! Sorry for missing my post yesterday. But I'm here to announce the winner from last weeks mysterious FREE CARD FRIDAY!

Drum Roll Please.........................................................................................................

The Diamond King!

Congratulations King. I will get your suprise out this week!

I will be back later today with the Free Card giveaway for this week!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Welcome to another episode of FCF. My camera is on the fritz again. So this weeks edition will be one shrouded in mystery.  I have three game used,baseball, cards which will be your prize this week.  Enter if you dare!!

Signups end Thursday at 5PM!

Good Luck

Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Card Friday Winner

Time to announce the winner from last weeks FREE CARD FRIDAY!

The winner is............


Pretty sure I have the  right address, I will get it out to you soon Mike.

Stay tuned for this weeks FCF!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 Blog of the Year- Nominations are now open!

Welcome to the Second Annual JBFJ Blog of the Year Award Poll.

Here are just a couple of rules.

Each reader may nominate one blog-it cannot be there own, it cannot be jbf's junk, you cannot nominate someone that nominated you, you cannot nominate someone that has already been nominated.

Nominations will be accepted until December 23 at 5PM Central.

The poll will be posted on or about Christmas Day! Voting will run until January 3rd at 5PM Central.

The Winning blog will receive a nice prize.
Blogs 2 and 3 will also receive a prize.
 The person that first nominated the first place winner will win a prize.
One random person that nominates someone will win a prize.

Last years Top 3
Night Owl-Winner
Wrigley Wax-Runner Up
Daily Dimwit-Second Runner Up

Free Card Friday(On Sunday)

Sorry for the delay this week. Lots going on-you know how it is!

This week 1 winner-4 cards-3 autos and 1 GU!

Good Luck to all...Entries will be allowed until Thursday at 5PM