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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trade Bait Draft-$8 Per Slot-Please let me know if you're interested

Time to clear out some cards.  This one is going to be multisport. 40+ hits in the pool.  Going to be ten rounds. 20 slots available. Lowest cost I've run on a draft at $8 Per slot! Anyone can claim up to 3 spots.  Payment can be sent via paypal gift to lifebythedrop79@ yahoo dot com

Going to see if anyone is interested through Saturday. If no one is, I will go ahead and pull it off the table.


  1. I'm cutting back on my hobby budget in 2013, but I can afford $8. Count me in.

    1. Thanks Fuji. Shoot me a payment when you're ready.

    2. Sorry for the delay... was out of town, but sent my payment on Thursday or Friday.

  2. If there are still any spots left, I would be interested in claiming one.

  3. I'll bite! :-)
    Will send Paypal for one slot shortly.
    -Josh D.