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Friday, May 31, 2013

I don't always receive cards from Brad's Blog...

But when I do they are pretty much awesome!

Benevolent Brad took the time to send a bubbler my way recently and wow did he hit my sweet spot.

 Some minis to start off the haul
 I love that Brewers Patch!
 The only Redus certified Auto that I'm aware of(other than a Leaf generic cut).  There is a /200 version of which I have 7, a /50, a /25, a /5, and I believe a 1/1.  Which one did Brad lay on me?

Brad, thanks for a great haul!  May the cardboard birds of paradise drop Phillies on your door step very soon!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post 400- Regaining Focus

It's been one of those months.  Many of the blogging brethren out there can sympathize.  But the funk that I've found myself in is starting to pass.  Some time for reflection has left me thinking about the simpler things in relation to our hobby.  Why do I collect? Why do I trade?  Why do I blog?  A couple of packs that came my way from Napkin Doon made things come into focus.  As I perused the packs no super refractory triple colored patch #'d to 1/1 fell out of the stacks but what did emerge got my juices flowing.  It makes me think why I still collect after twenty seven years.  It also makes it crystal clear why I participate and trade in this community.  Its relaxing. It's rewarding. Its fun.  I see junk but I see possibilities. On what coincidently is my 400th post, let me share how my brain works.

 I remember one of the first shows that I ever set up a tiny table at to try and showcase my wares.  I remember all the conversations that transpired as the customers perused my cards. I still remember to this day a guy telling me that Paul Coleman was the next Bo Jackson. I engaged with him and said no way-there's never gonna be another BO!  All these years later I found Paul and when I looked at the back the first tagline is:  "Built along the lines of Royal's Bo Jackson, Paul is strong and hits for good power.  Guess Topps was wrong and so was that guy. But I still remember that convo to this day.
 I think about how much I admired Jim Abbott when this rookie crown card popped in front of me.  I was still trying to play baseball at this time and I had so much respect for his determination.
 I see Mike Smith and I think- How did I not see Mike Smith in 1990 when I was busting packs?  Who is Mike Smith? Who the hell is Mike Smith?  I've got to learn more about Mike Smith.  I'm drawn to cards like this, journeymen that I'm not familiar with intrigue me.  This is one of the sub collections of my horde that I've never recognized before.  We all have these sub collections.  This makes me think of Nick from Dime Boxes and how he has so many interests.  I think that's why so many people are drawn to his blog.  It's so eclectic.
 I see Rick Cerone and I think of one of trade forum buddies-Schwood.  Could he possibly need this card?  I don't need to just file Rick away-I need to start a new pile for Woody!
 I see Bert and I think about the pile of Glavines and Blylevens that I have been saving for the Dutch Card Guy for so long. I need to get those packaged and headed his way.
 I see Gibby and I think about the World Series Homer but then I think Dodgers.  I then start thinking about all the Dodger bloggers that I swap cards with here in the blogosphere. This is the anguish I encounter whenever I find a cool Dodger card-which one of my buddies is gonna get this one?!  Decisions are hard.
 I see Brad Wellman and think of Josh D.  Who else collects Royals?  I see it and immediately think Josh D.  He probably doesn't need Wellman and that's not even the point.  It's just the thoughts that cross my mind when I'm sorting cards-the lightbulbs that go off.
Finally, I see Luis Aguayo, that makes me think of AJ.  When I think Yankees-I think the Lost Collector-I just do.
Sort of a rambling post but I just kind of felt inspired to get this one out there.  I hope this rings true with many of you.  This is why I blog, trade, send mystery packages, trade, and most importantly why I keep coming back to collecting.  Cards never let me down-they are always out there waiting for me.  Talking to me, inspiring me, and relaxing me.
With that-Focus Regained

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Taking a step to the side for a while

First of all, I want to thank Oscar from Stealing Home and the Zman from Underdog Card Collector for recent mailings to me.  I especially want to thank Tom from 'Next Year for a package I will quite frankly never forget.

Also wanted to let everyone know that I have mailed out everyone's packages that bought team lots from me last week. Hope you all enjoy!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be stepping aside for a while here on jbf junk. Just some life issues and it's time for a little more of my focus to be elsewhere for  a while. Not sure how long the absence will be but I will still periodically be checking in on all of your great blogs.  Will probably be sending out some PWE's as well. 

Until the next time my friends, may all of your cards be vintage and all of your travels be safe.